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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#11 The Times They Are A Changin; A Hole in the Veil

Posted by Tierless Thursday May 2 2013 at 9:11PM
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Did you feel that? I felt it. I think a lot of you did too. Most of the time things change slowly and no one really notices until they look back in reflection. Once in awhile history leaves us an exclamation point that speaks directly to the change of an era. The Berlin wall coming down, ABC canceling TGIF, WOW launching, Simon leaving American Idol, and now Camelot Unchained. Yes indeed, sometimes the writing is vague and mysterious, and sometimes its written boldly on the wall, or in this case, on the Kickstarter comments wall ;)

We did it, all of us. I’ll admit my view of people isn’t the best. I’ve seen a lot of the dark side and I’m a news junkie, sadly those two factors sort of go hand in hand these days. I truly did not expect what I saw happen with Camelot Unchained. I watched a few posters on this site morph into a few thousand posters on the KS morph into (at this moment) 14,873 strangers that came together for one common goal. We put our trust, and our money in the hands of a man that was practically blacklisted from the genre all for the hope that he makes the game so many of us have been asking for since November 23, 2004 when our genre shifted away from the old school niche into the mainstream.

Anyone who doubts Mark Jacobs passion, drive, and honesty, please watch his emotional “funded” speech, followed by skipping sleep for an entire night (despite a month of late nights and long shifts) to interact with backers on the KS chat and (this is the good part) ask our opinions on some ideas, which he then adjust as per our request. Hell, I couldn’t stay awake if I had tried, and here is Mark Jacobs filming ANOTHER thank you after a 24 hour marathon of CUing! That guy still knows how to grind out a level! (Now he needs to learn how to avoid my Veil Stalker! In time Jacobs, all in good Time...;) Speaking of, I don't see BSC stealth on the stretch goals, I suppose thats because its...stealthed (cocks eyebrow).

So what does this mean for the genre? THAT WOW’s DAYS ARE NUMBERED!...I kid, I kid. This humble blogger feels that we just saw a teeny tiny hole in the veil that is the status quo. CU funding sends a message to all the grizzled old devs that miss making playable art rather than revolving cash shops! The kind that liked making worlds to live in! The kind with calzones made from extra deep dish pizza! The kind that are just crazy enough to brave uncertainty, but just sane enough to pull it off! It tells them “hey, you should check this out broski and/or broskette, why don’t you do that, people love your games, your fans are even crazier than DAOC’s, why do you need to sign away your creative soul and rely on some umbrella corp to fund your dream game?” That sounds pretty cool right? Well, in the words of Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson, “we’ll see”. If any of the KS games crash and burn this whole social experiment could disappear in an instant. I certainly hope they all develop well and ship to the projected success that they aspired to. Variety is good for gaming, this is a way for us to get more of it.

I don’t truly hate corporations, more like I hate how the corporate structure often results in the sacrifice of quality in order to increase profits. I understand where they are coming from. They have investors, investors want to see stock go up or they go away. So with piles of rich people glaring at your every move, do you A. Pile money into the riskiest original game concept possible? or B. Pile money into the safest bet you can make knowing even if the game sinks that due to the IP you will move enough boxes to call it a success even if you see a mass exodus of players 3 months after launch and end up free to play faster than the Falcon on a Kessel run. It’s a bad system, one that the industry, and frankly the country might do well to get creative with; see Nordic Countries. Those Vikings were great at pillaging, and apparently even better at avoiding financial catastrophe through revolutionary creative ideas...weird, I think I just described CCP to a T.

Back to us. WE ROCK, self high fives all around. No one person did this, no group of people did it either. It takes a community to raise an MMO, and raise we did. We blew right past the 2mill onto a couple of stretch goals-including archers (thank god I love my twangy twangs). So what does this mean? Taking a page from Max Lucado (In the Eye of the Storm); The Old Man and the White Horse, “no one knows” but I think I already got the price of the box out of the game. You can put a price on entertainment, but you can’t put a price on the numerous moments that all of us shared together over the last month here on MMORPG and in the KS comments section. Sorrow, sickness, drama, scandal, levity, creativity, cooperation, and even a birth just to name a few! It’s been a hullva ride, and this was just the beginning! I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years that I think about it, hopefully a new computer, in all my CUcitement I seem to have forgotten that little detail...

I wanna take some type and thank for putting up with us; yes I mean both the web mods and the frequent forumers (even the ones that forum PVPed with us, I love/hate you guys!). It was that gave CU a home when it was just a concept on paper, noone should forget that. The forum mods were doing the best they could with an absolutely insane situation. I’ve been a member here for a long long time and I’ve never seen anything like it! I also wanna thank and congratulate CSE and Mark Jacobs. Thanks for reminding the industry that honesty, transparency and (here comes that CRAZY idea gain) listening to the people that love the product you're making can still work lol. Lastly I want to thank the CU community. I had a moment where I was feeling pretty low and it was inspiring to see so many people that I’ve never even met do there best to pick me up, dust me off, and ask what server/faction I planed to they can (some day) put a bounty on my head, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, because this is CU, bounties are just one of the many reasons we threw our moneys at our screens, this is known.

(Disappears into the Veil)

Mkilbride writes:



Herm herm code code.


The consumers.

Thu May 02 2013 9:13PM Report
andolyne writes:

Nicely done mate.  Well written.  Let's hope CSE and MJ deliver now, it's gonna be a fun few years.

Fri May 03 2013 12:54AM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. This one was from the heart. Fri May 03 2013 10:02AM Report
supergfunk writes: Nice blog, enjoyed the read!  I can't wait to get in those backers forums and start interacting w/ everyone again! Fri May 03 2013 1:07PM Report
gylnne writes:

I am one of those who chose to take this trip with Tierless and thousands of others. And one thing I have found interesting is  how different people from different backgrounds and belief systems can come together in a comment section of a site and actually come to know each other a bit.

I agree Tierless many of us have been waiting for this for a very long time. A few years back my hope was awaken somewhat when I heard the rumor of DAOC 2. Even after it didn't happen I still had a glimmer of hope it could someday.

But when I heard Mark had left Mythic/EA that last glimmer pretty much died.  I figured he was through with MMO's for good.

So I think it is very fitting that it has come full circle and Mark is now back to how he created history the first time, own his own, with a small team of hungry young people.

May they found the inspiration to repeat history again.:)

Fri May 03 2013 7:20PM Report
Tierless writes: Well said Glynne, thanks for the comment. Fri May 03 2013 8:04PM Report
Pala writes: Let's hope so, since AO nothig has really worked for me. EvE and AoC coming the closest but the newness wore off quicky and nothing... Mon May 06 2013 4:36AM Report writes:
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