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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#8: I'm a contradicting sellout and CSE has to do what I say!

Posted by Tierless Sunday April 28 2013 at 12:39PM
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Recently a MMORPG poster that I have a lot of respect for reminded me about something I wrote about TES on 6-6-12.

“I'd love to say I'm happy but I don't trust smirks, smiles, and coy responses from company heads. We had plenty of them from the WAR and SWTOR heads and look how that turned out. When I see it in game, I'll believe it.

I'm ok with parks but without sandbox elements and SOME forced social interaction this will just be another clone that gets a big launch response then goes ftp in a few short months. How can I say that having seen so little, because it's following the EXACT same path as WAR and SWTOR.

Step 1. CG trailers with no gameplay and lots of "innovative" promises.

Step 2. Promise more and more but show nothing.

Step 3. Talk about how you didn't try to make a WOW clone (despite it being one) then talk about how you expect to get many WOW players (despite not "trying" to appeal the them) and talk about how your MMO will have 5-10 mill subs at launch.

Step 4. Talk about 1 innovative feature that has already been done (WAR-PVP!!!, SWTOR-STORY!!!) and claim to have done it better or for the first time.

Step 5. Fend off rumors of beta players hating the game, promise more but still show nothing.

Step 6. Launch, flop, blame the Avengers 2 movie (SWTOR actually did this with Avengers 1).

Step 7. Fire people. Go ftp and claim it's the correct model for the current state of the industry.

Step 8. After a few years close said MMO and blame the economy (never yourself).

Lets see if they right the ship or continue down this path.”

On one hand, I think I’m (sadly) pretty spot on for poor TES. On the other hand, it looks like I sold out for Cu doesn’t it? Steve jobs was the soul of Apple, MJ was the Soul of Mythic. Mythic made WAR, I made an example out of WAR, “WTF Tierless you fanatic fanboy of contradiction, I’m confuzzled? You say you don’t trust anyone, you are a realist, a man of logic, science, and facts and here you are going “BSC” for an idea on paper, a few vlogs, and some concept art! I’m never ever reading your silly ramblings again and I’ll troll you blogs til the day the veil opens up and transforms me into a demonic rage monster at which point I will hunt you down and slap the contradiction out of you mraaaaaaa!!!”....

...Ok maybe that isn’t EXACTLY what you're thinking, but give me a chance to explain just incase it is.

Thats all true but I think most people haven’t figured out why I would throw my life philosophy away for CSE. Well, to quote a good character in a bad movie “Want to know the secret to winning? Creative sportsmanship. In other words... One has to rig the game.” I figured out the rig, wanna know my secret? CSE HAS TO DO WHAT I SAY! Hell, CSE has to do what YOU say too (if you play it)! I’ll elaborate.

People keep saying “how do we know CSE will do what they say they are going to? How can we trust them” I can go into the whole philosophy behind MJ and CU. I could talk about how I think MJ is making this art for pure reasons, from a pure place, for love and the desire to play a fun game with a niche but still make a living at it without the stress of mass market BS blah blah blah. But all of that is debatable. I wanna go with a factual, proven, 100% logical business reason....

They have to. With 30-50k subs, we matter. We have a symbiotic relationship with CSE. They need us to remain in business, we need them to give us the game no one else will. Even the mighty EVE Online with 500k subs has had to pull a 180 and change up it’s plans when subs took a sudden dive due to some decisions the fans decided weren’t in the best interest of the game. Thats 500k, when your market is substantially smaller, 50k, it becomes even more important to maintain a close, trusted, transparent relationship with your customers.

“But Tierless, I don’t want to play a game ran by us, were crazy, fickle, and can’t agree on anything, have you read these forums?”

I completely agree. But we will not “run” CU. Don’t be delusional, at the end of the day this baby belongs to MJ and Andy, but we are the nanny that will raise it. The big decisions will always be made by the parents, but because the nanny spends most of their time with the child, the child will undoubtedly grow up with significant influences from the nanny ;)

It’s a boon and bane relationship. It’s symbiotic. It’s interesting as hell, and it’s worked great for CCP (a company that I respect and admire despite not even playing EVE). It’s the kind of relationship that requires someone like MJ to pull off successfully. He has to be the ultimate filter. He has to balance what we want, with what he envisions, with what is best for the game, and what is best for all of us in the long run (even if we don’t always agree up front). It’s a helluva job, but if I had to pick one guy in the industry to pull it off it would be MJ.

Hmm, thats interesting. I just looked at my post history again, I never realized this, but after literally years of ghosting this site I was finally driven to post for the very first time, I wrote this “Quality over quantity. I agree with the cuts, and appreciate the honesty with which they were announced to us.” I wrote that in response to this:

WAR telling us they had to cut content to make the launch date, everyone freaked out and lashed out at Mythic but I saw it as a logical solution and I appreciated that they were honest about it. Maybe I haven’t sold out as much as I thought. It looks like if you're honest with me, I’ll be honest with you (for better or worse) but if you give me that respect, you won’t ever lose mine.

gylnne writes: Please do me and the world a favor and write a book with your rantings in it.:) It would sell millions. Sun Apr 28 2013 8:51PM Report
ReeseFlamelocks writes: Actions speak louder than words or conjecture. I have yet to see anything tangibly worthy come from the CU PR machine that warrants a donation. There is zero evidence that would illustrate that MJ and his crew will listen to the community. Half the time the community is paradoxically opposed and confused itself, so even if he did, what is that really worth anyway? Mon Apr 29 2013 5:56AM Report
Tierless writes:

Hi Resse, 

Thanks for reading. You might not be aware but on the kickstarter Jacobs has been a regualr, and has posted several ideas, asked for our opinions, then changed, added, or removed said ideas. It's a nice feeling.

Mon Apr 29 2013 9:21AM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks Glynne, I shall cal it "Tierless Rants" wait for the next blog, its about some lovely customer support I got by Microsoft. Mon Apr 29 2013 9:23AM Report
Alienami writes:

I am willing to take a chance to have a good PVP game again, or good MMORPG for that matter. I donated just after the first week at $50, I am now a $250 Lifetime subscription backer. I plan to be as involved as possible and ensure this is a timeless game, one of those MMOs that never dies, that everyone talks about and always comes back to. 


So, take a chance on kickstarting a game... $25 will get you the game and allow you to have a say in its creation. How many of you pre-ordered crappy $60 games? How many of you ordered those expensive crappy collecters editions of crappy games? Think about it... Can you still not bring yourself to roll the dice on a game that wants to free itself from the puppet strings of Publishers like EA, a company votest the worst company in USA twice in a row? A game that wants to listen to its players not only after creation but before anything is set in stone? Really, think about it..


Also, MJ updated the KS page regarding PVE, there will be PVE content, just no XP or loot from it other than crafting materials, to ensure killing players is what people will want to do for many reasons, including leveling up. 


Mon Apr 29 2013 9:24AM Report
meddyck writes: I love the basic concept of a 3 realm RvR game with no PvE or loot drops. I'm not completely sold on some of the design decisions revealed during Kickstarter such as the heavy emphasis on crafting and building. But I would still like to see the game get made and have a chance to give my input during the development process. That's why I'm backing it despite Mark's role in DAOC's TOA xpac and WAR and my reservations about CU's design. Mon Apr 29 2013 9:39AM Report
Vutar writes: I think the majority of those claiming "there is nothing to warrant spending money on this" completely miss the point. This game is not in development yet. Of course there is nothing concrete. It is basically an idea, a game that could be created with our input and support. Normally at this point someone with an idea is going to investors like EA trying to get money from them. Instead, CSE is going to the players themselves for that money. Mon Apr 29 2013 9:39AM Report
Maric writes: We had an awesome last 24 hours hitting 1.6 million and breaking the crucial 10k backer ceiling.  I think  people are beginning to realize that if they want a true RvR game, they will never get one from Blizzard or Zenimax. Mon Apr 29 2013 9:43AM Report
Tierless writes: Welcome to the Warr Forever club. Since we will probably be with CU the longest I decided were kinda like the protective secret societ in game, like the Iluminati. Welcome to the ranks! Mon Apr 29 2013 10:34AM Report writes:
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