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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#5: Lego my Minecraft Art Gallery!

Posted by Tierless Monday April 22 2013 at 2:41PM
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Building cells a few pieces at a time and hand building a house 1 square at a time (unless your friend helps) will never work! This is a MMO, no one wants to spend all their time playing with building blocks, they want to kill and fight. A game made around a building sandbox will never grab an audience!

Wait, wait a sec, Minecraft you say? Legos you say? Look at my post history about the next successful mmo combining Minecraft with the gameplay of current mmos you say? Yes, yes indeed! Camelot Unchained and Mark Jacobs have their finger on the pulse of this genre, much like so many of the players that come to this website. We see the shift, we see where it’s going and we ask for our MMOs to shift with it!

Unfortunately most of our mmos are more focused on charging us for everything in a game, even after we buy the game. I suppose it’s our fault, we kept calling them themeparks, so now they are acting like real themeparks. They charge you at the gate, then charge you for everything inside the park. $5 for a cup of ice, welcome to corporate MMOmerica but before I go too deeply down my oft preached devolved genre rant I’ll get back to happier things like Legos! (expect more on Devolved MMOs in a later blog)

This building system is possibly the most free reign we have seen in an MMO, EVER. UO had a very free one. SWG had a fantastic decor system, but the houses were pre-fab. Archage looks like it has a pretty fun system that reminds me directly of a modern UO. But this ambitious minecraft/lego/mmo hybrid might just be the most delicious slice of MMO construction pie crafting fans have ever tasted.

I’m sure we will see some interesting buildings (most likely many a penis building if I know my MMO pals well enough) and a pile of structures that awe and inspire the same way the stuff in Minecraft does. And just like the Romans, I can tell you that the more time a project took, the more inspiring it is, the more someone will want to burn it down and build their own version, a superior version, to re-write the history in their favor and wave their e-peen as they scream from the highest peaks, “we pwned you and burned your house down, LTP noobs, LTP”.

Risk vs Reward, boon vs bane, life with consequences, whatever you want to call it, the CU building system takes crafting and WARing to a level, the likes of which we have never seen in an MMO. People LOVE to PVP even though most of the current MMOs give them little to no reason to. Now add in that they are defending valuable resources that they depend on to create the weapons that help them continue to PVP, AND the homes they built, the shops they visit, the art they created, the house with lake front property they spent all that gold on, and you have MMO PVP the likes of which we have never seen before!

Some people, weird crazy people that prefer online society over their own, people like Skaios (a guild leader from my SWG days) actually prefer having cool ingame stuff to real world stuff. Actually, yeah, I’ll use him as my example here. You see, Skaios feels like this; in real life Skaios might be, oh I dunno, part of an art collective. That collective has a gallery space, and every 2 months they put on an art opening featuring art that they, and the community made. It’s a beautiful thing but despite how beautiful it is, Skaios can’t help but think back to an art gallery from his past. One from a galaxy far far away on a server named Bria, in a game called SWG. He can’t help but think to himself, “I love this real world gallery, but I’d give it up in an instant to have my virtual gallery back again”.

That is obviously an extreme example with a player that clearly has issues connecting with or rather confusing the real world with a virtual one. Trust me, he is hell to party with. If someone passes out he tries to “loot their stuff”. It’s pretty embarrassing. I’d say he probably has some social insecurities (but you didn’t hear it from me).

Why the long dramatic example? I’ll tell you why, because it drives my point home. If you are like Skaios, and I think many of us are, then you are just about, or equally, or even more attached to your virtual possessions than your real ones. In the real world when our possessions are threatened we want to strike out in anger, fear, hate, and vengeance to protect our the virtual world...WE CAN! That is why CU, if it funds, will not fail. That is why EVE online has grown every single year since it’s launch, and that is why you better think twice before you burn down my lake front gallery, hell hath no fury like that of an art collector that just watched his perfectly (and I mean OCD PERFECTLY) laid out gallery burn to the ground! Did I say my gallery, I mean, Skaios’s...


gylnne writes: I think for the very first time in MMO history we may have a crafter class you can be proud of who makes an impact on the world they live in. Mon Apr 22 2013 2:46PM Report
Edany writes: Great write up. If this game doesn't fund, I will spend the rest of my forum trolling days telling everyone who complains about another mmo to kindly crawl back in their cave as they will never have the right to complain about a tired mmo again since they lacked the balls / intelligence / and foresight to back what could be a ground-shattering breakthrough for mmos. Mon Apr 22 2013 2:55PM Report
Laeesh writes: welldone! =) Mon Apr 22 2013 2:57PM Report
Laeesh writes: welldone! =) Mon Apr 22 2013 2:57PM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks for the comments, appreciate them. Mon Apr 22 2013 3:14PM Report writes:
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