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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#3: Riding CU's Hype Train

Posted by Tierless Thursday April 18 2013 at 10:53PM
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I like hype. There, I said it. I enjoy the excitement, the what ifs, the maybes, and the I hopes. I love following games from announcement to launch and I love seeing the news trickle out. I have come to realize I spend more time stalking games that I do playing them. That isn’t a choice. Back when I played SWG I rarely touched a forum, because that game was fun and never felt repetitive. Sadly the “next gen” MMOs these days are about as deep as a hobbits bathwater resulting in driving hordes ;) of players to the forums.

Some companies like to flood out the hype, WAR did an amazing job at this. Some companies like to keep everything locked tight until it’s close to launch (ESO is an example), other games keep a tight lock because things are going very very bad (SWTOR anytone?). Rarely have I found a game that was extremely transparent, receptive to the players feedback, and, this is a big one, produced anti-hype. Yes, anti-hype. MJ is NOT hyping. So far he keeps warning, denying, and telling people to get off his lawn while he waves his cane at them. Lets take an HONEST look at MJ’s “hype”

PVE would get me piles of backers, we will have 0 leveling from PVE, and 0 gameplay balanced around PVE, and he does not care if lots of people want it, it will not be a PVE game.

Some people are concerned about lack of progress due to limited playtime. “What if we can’t be as uber as people who put in more effort” MJ “Frankly, I don’t care, too bad” Man, what hype! “Not everyone gets a damn trophy, deal with it” Me ;)

Is it a sandbox, lots of people want one. No, it has some sandbox things but it’s not a true sandbox. Can you feel the hype now?

Can I solo, I like to solo, lots of people do. You can, but it will be harder for you. HYPAMANIA!

MAN! So much hype from MJ! The hype is from us, the backers, people like me that live for the hope that they might get a new mmo that isn’t made to reward people for failing. A new MMO that is made for US not ME. Dangit, not everyone is Luke, I just wanna be Lars again!

So far Camelot Unchained has set the bar for working with it’s fans. After all it takes a community to build an MMO amiright? I assume many of the more corporate companies are loling at the idea that, get this, a guy making a game for some people, listens to those people, and makes the game that they want! Hilarious right? Take TOR for example, everyone wanted SWG with some WOW mixed in, but the company heads knew that SWGWOW was what we “thought” we wanted, but what we really wanted was WOW with light sabers. I won’t say which approach I think is better, just kidding, after all what is the internet without firm opinions on controversial subjects? MJ’s is, but with one very serious clause, MJ has to be smart enough to figure out which people to listen to, and which to ignore. He has to be the ultimate filter. If he isn’t we end up with silly things like personal stories full of cut scenes that we were told we wanted but in reality we all skipped within 15 parsecs of playing the game.

Back to happier thoughts. I believe MJ has been in the MMO game long enough to know when to listen and when to ignore. When to agree, when to fight. When to push, and when to nudge. As for questioning his dedication or trust, he puts as much time into the forums and Kickstarter comments as the most dedicated followers. He appears to be pulling 10 hour days, going home, then getting back on the chat channels, but he isn’t promoting or hyping. He is asking, I honestly can’t remember the last time a company head lowered himself to our levels and actually asked our opinions on something. To most of them were just dollar signs. So MJ, and I honestly believe this, were a community. A real community that he enjoys talking to and more importantly, listening to. Leave it to the ever fickle MMO fans to reward a guy trying to help them by trolling him and his game. /golf clap Gee I wonder why more industry people don’t ask our opinions?

Camelot Unchained might be good, or bad, or nothing at all, but no matter the outcome I know, at this point, I’m having a blast. I’m entertained. I’m getting more enjoyment out of the CU ride than any MMO since Darkfall, and SWG before that. I’m on the CU ride, are you? Or are you standing next to the ride talking to your friends about if it’s as fun as it looks? My whole life I was the guy waiting, watching, talking, so this one time, I decided to buy a ticket and I’m enjoying the ride.


Oldskoo writes: I'm on board and have been since day 1. It's not hype if you can back it up. Mr. Jacobs is responsible for the best RvR MMO's to date. I'm ready for a new one. Thu Apr 18 2013 11:28PM Report
Ratatosl writes: Amen. Fri Apr 19 2013 12:02AM Report
Tierless writes: I agree, just look at the programming and concepts they have done in 2 weeks, TWO WEEKS! Imagine if they have 2 years. Fri Apr 19 2013 12:03AM Report
Excession writes:

It is easy to type a lot of shite in a blog, or on a forum, telling prospective customers what they want to hear, because you want some cash from them.

MJ has done exactly that, nothing more.

The people that wanted to hear it, have thrown cash in his direction via KS, based on nothing but ideas.

Once MJ and the rest of the dev's actually start trying to take those idea's, and turn them into a game, it may very well be a different story due to various limitations that appear as the coding starts.

Let's hope you are still loving the hype when that happens and the idea's you paid for do not make it into the game.

Fri Apr 19 2013 1:27PM Report
wordiz writes: Hype is good for the industry. Without hype they wouldn't make us games. Good article, better point. Mon Apr 22 2013 2:25AM Report
znaiika writes:

I hope you people can understand what is "the" brain wash is.

Jump aboard hype train people and head to your end, because you will be disappointed big time.

Who cares anyway, right?.

You only have his word, and several years.

Wed Apr 24 2013 6:05PM Report
nationalcity writes: *yawn* Wed Apr 24 2013 6:10PM Report writes:
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