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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#2: 2 Ways to Die (Relms)

Posted by Tierless Wednesday April 17 2013 at 3:12PM
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I’ve been saving this one for when we finally have the 3 realms revealed. Well, I can’t wait any longer. Unfortunately we don’t have enough info on them to delve deeper. I’ll have to save that for another day. Instead I’ll talk about the concept art.

1. TDD. If I were a young lad again I would play a TDD, period. It wouldn’t even be a consideration. I glanced at them and instantly thought they were everything I ever liked about the pro wrestler The Undertaker combined with a Zabrak, which equals perhaps the single coolest thing in the entire known universe. If they have an animation where they gore you with their head horns I swear I’ll double my donation! That is the way innocent young me would have viewed them. But sadly that me died long long ago when I evolved into the bitter vet that is the current me. Current me feels that this is a very uber looking race, but the early armor was a bit to full body suit/space suit. It needs some armor breaks, some skin showing through, some wear and tear. This is a war zone after all, things are never pristine in war. Google “the effects of the 100 years war” if you don’t believe me. Other than that, I love it. I had no desire to play a TDD but this concept might have swayed me if for no reason other than to say “Rest....In....Peace” as I burn the corpses of my enemies.

2. Viking. If I were a young lad I’d have no interest in the viking because I would already have decided to make a TDD named The Phenom (Undertakers Nickname ;) lol. But again, I’m old and disgruntled now days so here we go. She looked a bit to barbie ski lodge for me. I expected to see a battle hardened warrior and I got more of a cute girl in fancy cloths. Her axe has deffinetely seen war, but somehow her clothing hasn’t. I would like her to look dangerous and tough, the result of a hard life with little comfort. I expect Viking women to be able to out drink me, out fight me, and out you know where I was going with that. This one looked more like she could out shop me. Ok that was a little harsh. I loved the TDD concept, I just like this concept. It’s ok, not bad, not great, just ok. It didn’t feel as unique or as developed as the TDD. The colors did not bother me, it was the lack toughness that I expect from a people like the Vikings. Excellent for a start, but it needs to be refined more and taken to a tougher more developed place.

I’m aware these are both the first concepts and I expect them to change quite a bit over time, I’m even excited for it. Both of them are a very good starting place.

I mentioned it above but the reality is that war is hard for everyone. I even expect the people that decide to live in the safe zones will feel the pains of war in some way. During war things are not pristine, they are worn, damaged, rugged, and used. Even structures and building specs change for war. Look up Israel’s building specs. Look up Spartas way of life. I know this is fantasy, but that doesn’t mean we can suspend the belief of repercussions of war. It’s like my friend says, respect the source material, respect the laws of the world that it exists in. We don’t know much about that world yet, but we know it’s a world is a massive trirelm war, so I think it’s only fitting that we see that war reflected through the characters that live it. writes:
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