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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#1: Nerf Crafters!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday April 16 2013 at 11:05AM
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Mark Jacobs isn’t understating when he says he wants to try some BSC ideas. Implementing a crafter class that is defenseless, but the class that creates the war devices, the traps, the bridges, the CU-TV (I 25cented that one fyi, u like?), WOW (no pun intended). Builders went from “he plays a crafter, he doesn’t like to come with” to “hey, can you re-log as your crafter and come with?” and even more interesting, “target the crafter!”. It’s like that awkward shy girl that wears baggy clothes just walked into the dance wearing a hot outfit with a rockin bod that no-one realized she had before.

Prior to hearing the crafter info I had no desire to play one. I loved that CU would create a symbiotic relationship between the crafters and the fighters, but I don’t play crafters. I don’t like to. Too many details. Not my style. I’m more of a motivator type, I’m great with ideas, but figuring them out is for the people that are smarter and much more patient than I am.

“traps, siege weapons, CU-TV, traps, bridges, watching the traps”   :O

Suddenly this “Combat Builder” was much more appealing to a guy like myself. Take a stroll down memory lane with me for a second. I’m sure many of you remember a little N64 game called...Goldeneye? (if you don’t remember it you're younger than me and I hate you for being young while I am old so please stop reading and go away) In Goldeneye I would run rampant with proximity mines. I got a little too effective so I wasn’t allowed to use them, I had to go with timed mines :( but it didn’t matter. I was evil with those little black circles of doom. I wouldn’t put them in the typical places like doorways, thats lame. I liked to place them in spots that would give the other players an “experience”. (apparently I was a groundbreaker in player made content) “Oh, your gonna go into the bathroom stall for some reason? Beware the toilet paper dispenser!”

So as you can see the idea of setting traps to mess with people, then watching the chaos I created unfold on CU-TV makes my heart beat just a little faster. I always enjoy beating my foes, I plan to thoroughly enjoy burning their corpses, but mayhaps I shall enjoy watching them fall for my traps even more? Oh such choices.

Long strange story short, it’s about damn time someone found a way to up the game for crafters. Finally a crafter class that may appeal to people other than accountants and IRS employees. Never before in an MMO have I seen such a dichotomy in one class. I think I know a good way to sum it up...

“What do you do in MMORPGs?”

“By day I craft, make stuff, especially cool looking stuff, I like to color it and then place it around my shop for display. Then at night my guild escorts me into The Depths so I can live out my fantasy of being John Rambo by laying numerous traps that maim, hurt, and kill my opponents. Did I mention my shop got voted best decor on the server, man I love decor.”


Definitely changes the way people view crafters a bit doesn’t it? writes:
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