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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

Kickstarter Proves PT Barnum was right.

Posted by Tierless Sunday April 14 2013 at 10:51PM
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“Wait, so you give them your money, and HOPE they use it for what they say they will?”


“Thats just crazy, who would do that?”

“Thousands of gamers already have.”

“LOL what a bunch of newbs, I’d never do something like that”

...or so I thought, and kept thinking. I kept thinking it as I went to Kickstarter for the first time, signed up and waited for Camelot Unchained to show up in the search. I must have typed it in a dozen times now, “it’s time WTF is going on” I think to myself, eyes wide, neck strained, fingers hovering in position. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, this is what my genre has come to I guess, sad, but all I have left is hope. Speaking of, I hope I get my tier before they sell out!”

And like that I became a backer of Camelot Unchained. I’m a skeptic by nature. I don’t trust anything, especially something as dangerous as a human. Hope, faith, luck, I crave not these things. Logic, fact, results, these are the mechanisms that I live by. So how did I go from “lol newbs” to OMFGFHAHFKAFH hurry up and let me throw my money at you! I heard about Kickstarter, thought it was silly, and within a few weeks ended up a backer. What could make me change my stance so drastically, and so quickly?

Enter Mark Jacobs. I didn’t know much about Jacobs other than he made a game that was called “the next WOW” and the only WOW factor in it was that I couldn’t bring myself to play anything past level 20. Truthfully I was never a huge WOW fan, I just wanted a good PVP game with some depth and customization options and it according to the charismatic british guy and his 2 partners it sounded like I would get them (you fooled me once).

Long sad story short, WAR left a bad taste in my mouth. While interwebbing I saw some of his comments about the genre needing to take risks, RVR, putting stuff in that might turn people away, and “niche”. To be honest, it sounded good. I thought I’d do a little more research. What I found made me feel bad for the guy, and respect him. He built a company from the ground up, his baby, and had it torn from his arms and dismantled. (I think I related to him since thats how I feel about myself and this genre lol) I searched a little harder expecting to see him slamming the company and the people around him for botching WAR. Time and time again he would be asked to tell his side of the story. It seemed like everyone wanted  the dirt, and MJ never gave it to them. That is where my respect came from.

I came to the conclusion that (as he will tell you) he made some bad choices, as did a lot of people, and WAR fell short. I’m human, I’m good at my job, and I still mess up, because we all mess up. I can accept that. I didn’t have any animosity toward him so I decided I’d listen to what he had to say. (FYI the animosity I had for the WAR marketing and pr guys still exists, yes I know they were good at their jobs, that’s how they got me to buy it right? I agree, but that doesn’t mean I forgive, not yet!).

I started out a cautious skeptic but every one of his damned Foundation Principals drew me in closer. They were literally everything that so many of us had been begging for since WOW shifted the genre. I struggled with the idea. How do I give money to a stranger in exchange for a bunch of promises and no gameplay? It just didn’t make logical sense to me, then it hit me.

CU is more than a new MMO, if it succeeds it’s a paradigm shift in MMO development. On top of that, and this is really what it came down to, I am having a blast being part of this ride! Waiting for updates, forum posts, interviews, vids, etc. It’s exciting. Every time a new MMO is announced I ghost it, and eat up the new bits, and because of Jacob’s hands on approach we have more access, more info, more transparency, and more noted opinion than any MMO in history. It’s a blast! I’m having more fun with it than playing any current mmos, and for once my opinion might just help make this MMO better. I can’t pass up being part of this experiment, so I agreed to fund CU and make this blog to document the history as it unfolds. Fund, lose or draw, I’m entertained by this journey and once a long long time ago before I became old and bitter thats what I played MMO’s for, entertainment.
Pridein writes: Well said, Tierless. Thanks for taking the time to blog your thoughts. Sun Apr 14 2013 10:56PM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks. I'm just calling it like it is from my pov. Mon Apr 15 2013 12:27AM Report
deadpool_25 writes: Word. Mon Apr 15 2013 1:13AM Report writes:
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