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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: TierlessTime

(CRAP. I CAN'T GET THIS TO FORMAT CORRECTLY. *SIGH* I'll KEEP TRYING. Adding indents since it keeps taking out my blank lines.)

     This is a cut-and-paste from the Off Topic Forum. This is the "director's cut", after I took out the comment that someone must be grouchy because they can't legally buy porn yet, but before I cut the PS-to-the-PS. Maybe I should have stuck with the porn-buying bit. That was a pretty funny line.
     What can I say? I don't take criticism well before coffee, and particularly not being told to "Open my mind" by someone who has jumped to entirely the wrong conclusion.
     But I  really do have a point to make in this entry beyond  rehashing a forum post.  Nonetheless, I am reposting this thing anyway as background material.  I'll get to the REAL entry in a moment, after the horizontal line following the post in question, if you want to skip ahead of the class:

Originally posted by Godliest


Originally posted by neschria
I'd want to start a semi-casual, adults-only, non-mandatory raiding guild, with optional light roleplay. And who would I want to help me build this guild? Hrrrmmmm... Anyone who would choose to be in the same guild as me after reading my posts.


     I would certainly not want to join the guild of a narrow-minded creator who believes that every person at the same age will be like the rest. That every person beneath 18 (?) will react the same to problems and act immature, is that logical? No. Just as not every person beneath the age of 18 looks the same.

     Yes, I'm really irritated at people harassing someones age for the simple reason of not understanding that every player they meet that immature is a person beneath 18 years. I've met many different people that all were under the age of 18 and very a lot more mature than some of the 18+. Open up your mind.

     If you come across one person in Iraq who is a terrorist, does that mean that every person in Iraq is terrorists? NO! You can't always put people in different categories and expect them to act according to the rest of the category. If you meet a person that's immature you can put him in the category "immature", but that doesn't necessary mean he should also be put in the category "18-". I'm sorry to say that the worlds isn't so simple.


     Hey, I just don't want someone's parents bitching at me when they walk by and see repeated use of the F-word  and references to genital anatomy in one chat box of guild text. It's not a maturity issue.

     (EDIT: Perhaps I should have specified "adult only (DUE TO  EXTREMELY CRASS, VULGAR LANGUAGE AND HUMOR IN GUILDCHAT)" but I didn't really expect anyone to go leaping to conclusions and freak out. Sheesh. I've been reprimanded more than once for inappropriate humor, along with some of my favorite guildies-- in once case,  just for suggesting that Innoruuk (EQ1 evil god) might be gay-- so I am dead set against censoring guild chat.  I know as a parent that I would want my kids in a clean chat guild... But I don't want to be in a guild with my kids either. I am grouped with them CONSTANTLY in real life. )

     (EDIT: Post script to the post script:  "I would certainly not want to join the guild of a narrow-minded creator".  That was so very mature, right there. I know I like to go directly to the ad hominem arguement right away when I have a point to make. I definitely increases credibility. You should stick with that tactic.... Or maybe save the personal attacks for the PS to the PS.  ((Hey... If I can't laugh at myself... Well, I think I am hilarious, so that wouldn't happen.)))


 Now For The REAL Entry:



     I have 6 kids. Their ages are 18, 16, 15, 10, 8, and 2. I have to try to be a half-way-decent role model ALL THE EFFING TIME, and there are times when I just don't want to do that. I play MMORPGs as personal entertainment away from the kids. I don't play to be a babysitter. I am not looking for a wholesome family environment. I want to let my hair down and relax. I don't want to watch my language or refrain from telling dirty jokes. I understand that some people find bad language and bawdy humor revolting and would never want to be around that kind of vulgarity... but that's ok. I don't want to be in a guild with them EITHER.

     When I played with my eldest two when they were younger, they weren't guilded and the alts I played with them weren't either. WTF does a 10 year old need with a guild? If they are playing enough to raid, they are playing TOO MUCH.  I never let my kids play without me at all before they were 14, so there was no issue of them needing to get groups with strangers. It wasn't going to happen.

     When my daughter, now 15 but then 8, got cussed at in EQ1 by someone for not replying to tells (and that was the only reason-- she wasn't KSing or spamming him with group invites or any of the other annoying things that little kids do when left to their own devices), my husband stepped in and told the person to stop cussing at our kid, that she wasn't allowed to talk to strangers. Then this random person cussed my husband out for letting a kid play "an adult game".  It's just a cold, hard FACT that there are a lot of kids playing MMORPGs, so I am tolerant of weird behavior in newbie areas, and I am extremely well-mannered in all public channels. I am not badly behaved across the board. If I send a tell to ANY stranger, I am very careful not to offend. I know that there are not just kids and teenagers, but a lot of sensitive adults too, out there in whatever virtual world I am in.

     I have met a lot of interesting, cool teenagers online. I don't hate teenagers. I love the company of my three oldest children. We have a lot of fun together. I still don't want to be in a guild with them. I have to be at least semi-parental some of the time and draw some lines indicating what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. Sending mixed messages is almost worse than sending no messages at all, so I have to hold the line, even if it really isn't that big a deal to me. I already know my kids cuss and swear and tell dirty jokes with their friends. There's a line between what happens privately between friends, what happens within a family, and what happens in public. I know that, and I want THEM to know that too. Out of respect for other parents, I don't want to expose their kids to things they wouldn't approve of, so to be blunt, I don't want to be in a guild with their kids.

     My mom tells me dirty jokes now and sometimes I even hear her use profanities, but I am 36. It took many years to get to that point. I had 5 kids before that point.

     I consider guilds to be a private environment, a sort of online club. I've been in several different guilds in several different games over the years. I want to be in the kind of guild where I can joke around with people and not have to worry that someone's mommy is going to get mad. writes:
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