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the Lonely Altar

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

Random Randomness

Posted by neschria Thursday June 14 2007 at 11:08AM
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Topic #1: EQ1 Yesterday and Today

I think EQ1 lost some of its soul when NPC factions largely became meaningless. PoK and Guild Hall have made it easy to travel without faction work. Even in places where it might still matter, there are relatively painless fixes. After killing enough caimans for the gnome in Ro, even my dark elf SK can walk up to the paladin patrols in Freeport and give them a big ol' /hug. That didn't take weeks of killing like the old days-- a few hours, and I've been forgiven for my dastardly deeds. And the kicker is that there's no downside; it is all positive faction across all the factions in Freeport.


I think that there could have been a better implementation so that changing factions wouldn't be a matter of slaughtering the right mobs til you hit the magic number or rinse-and-repeat questing, but that's forgiveable for the time when the game was released.  At least there was some sort of small scale dynamic play for each individual character as they worked on faction or tried to sneak around or outrun guards who would kill them. It wasn't a cookie cutter experience from one character to another. Often, you had to make a decision about whether doing something was worth the faction hit. Now, through much of the game, the decisions are either made for you, or they are a complete no-brainer. I think it might be possible to do something more now, but that seems an idea that's mostly abandoned.


These days, on regular servers, nearly everyone starts in Gloomingdeep and then goes on to Crescent Reach, so everyone from high elf paladins to troll shadow knights are sharing the same space from level 1. This is necessary, in this day of low population, so that people are consolidated into the same zones in order to occasionally see someone else in the game at the lower levels. This doesn't mean I can't lament the loss of part of the soul of Norrath, however.



Topic #2: Odd Hobbies

It is much easier to explain to people who invent languages as a hobby that you play MMORPGs than it is to explain to your guildies that you invent languages when you're not playing whatever game you play.



Topic #3: My dark secrets (personal stuff)

I recently posted a picture in The Pub on (yet another) thread about males playing females. The fat guy in the inset part of that picture is my husband. No, he doesn't always look that manic, and he's let his hair grow back in... what there is of it, anyway. We're about as different as two people can be, though, so we're looking into buying a duplex so that our children can live with both of us without us actually living together. (Go ahead and laugh. I do. LOL.)



I am taking photos of my daughter's carebears. You know they are going to show up here with captions sooner or later.

The mouth hanging open seemed to suggest that my poor ratonga was shocked by something. (Pawla on Najena, if you want to look me up. Level 23 inquisitor... )



Once upon a time, I played a male necromancer in EQ1, a follower of Bertoxxulous. I did this little sketch of him at the time. He was bald and had a goatee in the game, but he didn't look quite so wasted. I figure worshipping the Plaguebringer isn't good for your health. Yes, I can point out a thousand things wrong with this picture, and it was never finished... but it made me happy anyway:

Papa_Sody writes: Was it the "this guy plays this chick" pic? One of my favorites. But hey, if'n I'm gonna spend hours watching my avatar run around, it may as well be eye candy... Fri Jun 22 2007 8:15PM Report writes:
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