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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#85 Emergent Contention; From UO to DayZ to RUST

Posted by Tierless Tuesday February 11 2014 at 11:15AM
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First DayZ now over a million fans have purchased RUST since sales started in mid-December. DO YOU HEAR US NOW MMO INC!!! FPSs are making a killing by doing what UO did 20 years ago meanwhile you keep giving us hand holding garbage! Imagine if you would have had the guts to challenge us instead of baby us. Imagine if you didn’t sacrifice backbone for perceived easy dollars. Instead you tried to clone WOW, failed, and became even more spinless. The genre became reactive instead of proactive. You react to trends, WOW clone, Minecraft, Free to Play, Paid Alpha, Kickstart, LOL.

Never underestimate the power of not giving a ****. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and be unafraid to piss a few people off. Its called making art. But instead you make an average product designed to appeal to EVERYONE in effect watering it down to bore EVERYONE then rely on BS marketing to get the buys. Hype, release, rack up cash, stop really supporting game after a few downloadable patches. That is the console non MMO strategy, and I’m sure its a good short term cash grab, but there is no reason, other than corporate perception, that MMOs can’t MAINTAIN long term again. IMO the trick is, gasp, making a world to live in!

It’s so weird...I...I mean...I guess the thousands of MMO players on hundreds of sites across the vast ocean of the interwebs all asking of the same thing...actually want that thing! CRAZY! Companies need to realize that between the smartphone and social media the “niche internet fans” became EVERYONE. Sure we still have niches among us but several common denominators have emerged and trying to brush it off as the “hardcore niche e-crowd” is silly, especially when your industry is based on the E!

I hate have to do this kind of blog. I have more fun with the happy stuff. I’d love to wear a rainbow every day, and tell the world that everythings ok. I’d love to wake up tomorrow, see the times have changed, and never have to do another Emergent Contention blog again! I don’t want to be frustrated with my favorite hobby. You can make that happen MMO Inc. All you have to do is find that backbone that gave us crazy things like 4 hour raids, XP loss on death, consequences and a chaotic world to fail in, utilize modern technology, and (and this is the hard one) put risky ahead of profit again! If you aren’t willing I understand. Investors be crazy! Fortunately thanks to crowdfunding small studios have the means to do what you aren’t willing and I am more than happy to invest in a game I can live in for a few years rather than one I can beat in a few days.

Time for another round of Tierless Tropes; What's with “xobdnas” in your blog address? That is sandbox spelled backward which at the time I thought was clever, but it turns out is just really hard to remember, or spell or, say...When you make an MMORPG blog it takes your name and slaps it into the address. The day I made mine my forum name was Xobdnas. I made the vow not to change it until the industry started producing sandboxy games again. Well, thanks to several factors it looked like it was finally happening so I changed my name (literally like a day after I started the blog). End result is, most peoples blog address has their name in it, mine has Xobdnas (which after years of using I can still never just spell out). I should probably msg someone about getting that updated somehow... writes:
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