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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#83 A Splash in the Pond: It takes a village, to raise an MMO.

Posted by Tierless Saturday February 8 2014 at 9:24PM
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YES! YES! YES! Oh yes, the times they HAVE CHANGED! Now maybe more than ever before a community can gather enough e-power to make, or break a game. (cough monoclegate cough) Ironically EVE is both the worst and best example of what a community can do for a game. The metagame, emergent content, the mods, the apps, the add-ons, podcasts, the community sites, the social gatherings, the CSM, the cons! I can’t recall another time in MMO history where the community could contribute to the enhancement of the game beyond the game in so many ways. Just thinking about it I get so excited that I...I...I!!! SWORD OF MMORPGS GIVE ME GAME BEYOND GAME! Hooooooooo! sry...

Camelot Unchained has the beginnings of what this blogger thinks could end up being one heck of an MMORPG community. We have already achieved an e-miracle. After all these months I can say the CU community has managed to maintain being one of the few bright spots in the long black cloak that is the internet. Yes in 2014 simply being a constructive place on the internet is an achievement.

Like all things we might stumble, we might fall, but eventually we will join CU in the sun...whatever that means. I’m not really sure, I just loved that quote from Man of Steel so I forced it in /shrug. I’d like to drop a couple names that have been shining examples of everything that is righteous with the outermost sphere of MMO content (the outer one being the fan made sphere). First up, he rocks a robe but don’t mistake him for a Jedi (it’s a well known fact the jedi wear t-shirts with his picture on them), call him what you want but don’t you dare call him a TDD or a Viking, the one, the only, Friar Jon!

What makes Friar-J so special? Other than possibly being Xenophobic the good Friar has the inn without sin, the Friar’s Boon What is TFB? As is usually the case Friar Jon says it far better than I ever could. “Welcome to The Friar’s Boon, a place of calm respite and restoration in a world torn asunder by the cataclysmic Piercing of the Veil. May this stop in your journey give you pause and peace. The proprietor of The Boon, Friar Jon, works here to fulfill his vows in service of the travelers and adventurers who wander through the doors.” But wait, there’s more! “This site is a player created fan site for Camelot Unchained. The Friar’s Boon is a dream, based on what is possible with the development of the game and what the gaming community can bring to the game as player created content. Welcome!” What more can I say? I don’t plan to play an Arthurian, but a guy like Friar Jon makes me wanna. One man, one mission, one heck of a chunk of content made to enhance the Camelot Unchained experience for Arthurians! (TDD, Vikings, and Droids are not welcome).

Next up, when they aren’t milking dragons (don’t ask), drinking a few brews, and rockin out with CSE staff on their podcast these two cats are putting their free time into gaming...when they aren’t doing that Xirrin and Gondram are working on the The Opposition What is The Opposition? Glad you asked! I, or at least someone in a mask claiming to be me, has a bit of inside info on this one...From what I can muster The Opposition is the “common ground” of Camelot Unchained. We may fight all day, but at 5pm when we punch out and put (most of) our realm pide behind us we can head to The Opposition for all things CU. The Opposition site is a fantastic resource for a wide array of Camelot Unchained goodness. Xirrin and Gondram have done a heckuva job gathering and CREATING as much content as their time allows. Emphasis on CREATING. IMO most people think it, they do it.

Not too long ago the three MMOers above were regular fans just like you and I. Then one day they decided to take a step back and assess their skill set and how they could utilize it to create content for an MMO they loved. They might not have had money. But upon self reflection they realized what they did have were a very particular set of skills; skills they had acquired over very long MMO careers. Skills that make them a beacon of light for people in their MMO communities. What skills do you have? writes:
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