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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#76 A Day in the life in SWG Part II

Posted by Tierless Friday January 24 2014 at 8:44AM
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Since I had stopped leveling my professions beyond my basic vendors and since I never did any combat I had several hilarious occurrences with this character. I can’t tell you how many times I would be chatting away about something with a shop owner when a womp rat (basically a newb zone lvl mob) would aggro me and nearly kill me. Mid conversation you would just see me bolt away, a character in some of the most expensive clothing holding an expensive weapon, running for his life from a newb mob! Often the other player would one shot it, lol, and tell me to level. I’d just lol and say it kept things more exciting for me.

Without intending to I was barely touching my max level character for my lowb alt! I did enough to keep things in my guild on the up and up. I would re-log if I was needed or if a friend wanted to do something, but most of the time I was shopping and talking about shops, decor, clothing, and any other gossip that might be heard in the Mos Eisley cantina. I became a fan of running two clients and leaving my alt in the cantina when I was on my main doing guild stuff. It was a good place to hear the latest rumors about the devs, the long promised combat fix, bug fixes, the war, the best crafters, etc.

Over time I had acquired a vast network of people, knew lots of stuff about lots of players, and could find just about anything anyone wanted in any shop on the planet! My friends had become so annoyed with me always playing my alt they kept telling me to level him since I liked him so much. When I would try to explain what I did with my day they looked at me like I was crazy. “ don’t even kill stuff, how is that fun?” was usually the question. To them I was wasting my time, my money, and my characters potential. IMO I was thoroughly entertained, which is why I game right? I don’t play for gear or levels, I play for entertainment! Hence my name, Tierless, friend given in WOW since I never leveled and never acquired any tiered armor. I just alted and grinded for odd stuff I thought looked cool lol.

When I was in the cantina (which was often) I started paying more attention to the buy and sell spam and chat . I had grown fond of image designers and spent a lot of time, and money, playing with different looks. I kept seeing things like WTB guild hall 250k PST. I’d think to myself “if they would just look around a bit they would know the merchant with the cool book shelf fireplace up by the Tusken fort sales his for 180k”. Suddenly it hit me like the hilt of a saber to the back of the head! OMFG I know where all of this stuff is and I love traveling to get it. I could sell them travel convenience! One /tell later I was on a 30 minute round trip to deliver a Guild Hall that I purchased for 180K and was selling for 230K! What, I figured he would appreciate the slight deal and maybe use me in the future because of it! It also guaranteed me the sale. How many players would lowball themselves when they didn’t have to lol?

I didn’t think about it back then but I think it helped that I maintained a kind of RP persona inspired by Henry Hill from the movie Goodfellas. Hill seemed like a guy that always knew how to get things and had a substantial network of connections so it just made sense to me. I wouldn’t say I truly RPed I just spoke/typed in a unique way, dressed in a unique way, and carried myself in a certain way (I always tipped EVERYONE that took the time to offer up some information very well), lol, ok, so maybe that is RP! In my opinion it ended up making interacting with me a bit more memorable and entertaining for the other player. I mean, that is why we play MMOs right? To have social stuff mixed in with other stuff in the pursuit of being entertained.

It was a beautiful thing. I could make money just by doing the unique thing I enjoyed doing. I didn’t HAVE to grind rancors or group missions or do any PVP OR PVE! I could just keep on my quest for cool stuff for my gallery and make sales along the way, perfect! I decided to try my hand at being a SWG deliver driver. writes:
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