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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: TierlessTime

#75 A Day in the life in SWG Part I

Posted by TierlessTime Wednesday January 22 2014 at 11:03PM
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Enough already! After going through both er, the hundrerrr, thousands, yes, thousands of requests I have decided to explain what a day in the life of SWG was and why I still rave about it like a teenage girl over Justin Bieber.

First off, yes I know the combat was a hot mess, really weird, que based, borked and just plain old nonsensical at times, fortunately I barely ever did any combat, but before you turn away be aware that I never crafted either...

So if I didn’t combat, and I didn’t craft, and I wasn’t a dancer saying “hun” to people for easy cash, WTF did I do?

Lets que some good memory lane music and I’ll share with you what it was like on a backwood desert planet in a galaxy far far away...

(wipes tears from eyes)

When I started playing SWG life was a bit less...crowded. I had this thing called “free time”, and lots of it. If it was a day that I didn’t work, or Uni, or workout I would wake up around noon, drink a boost for breakfast and park myself at the computer. With a mini fridge full of soda and a drawer full of snacks I didn’t get up again unless it was for bio and even then sometimes I just let it go...ok I’m lying, but only about the bio part.

“Get to the story already jackass”

Alright, alright! My first character was a combat character geared for solo PVE. I was a master TKM, master 2 handed swordsman, and some other stuff. I used this character to acquire (grind for) rare and unique things and run my guild. Like with most combat toons after a while I was a bit bored (grinding, yeash). That was when I bought a second account and started my alt. I was always into cool clothing so I was going to make him a clothier. I got to work doing the grind by using the resources (moneys) from my main. I was fortunate enough to get a fantastic shop location on the hill right outside of Anchorhead. My alt was leveled just enough to have vendors and make very basic clothing. That is when I peaked. I never acquired XP with that character again (other than vendor selling XP)!

My alt was meant to be a sort of smuggler/dealer of fine goods. He wore a dress suit and carried a pistol, but had rarely ever used it. Swoops were faster but I preferred to ride in a red and white X-31 Landspeeder because it looked better. I used him to drive around checking vendors for good prices on rare items. My goal was to build an art gallery in game. If I came across a really good deal I would buy it/them and put them in my own vendors for slightly more cash. I knew the convenience of my location would get me some sales since at this time in SWG you could not buy an item and have it appear in your inventory, you HAD to go pick it up. Never underestimate the value of convenience, just ask apple.

Part of the reason I would drive from shop to shop was to see the creative decor. I LOVED seeing how inventive players were. I rarely left Tatooine because I simply prefered that planet to the rest. Once in a great while I would go to Naboo and shop around Theed but it just never felt like home the way that Tat did.

I always kept my eye out for good deals and cool clothing. The only thing I loved more than creative decor was creative clothing. I was an absolute fiend for well made/colored clothes. A good designer could take an unassuming item and make it incredible if matched and colored correctly. I’ll NEVER forget the Dr. Dress. That thing colored correctly just screamed uber Sith Lord!

Every day I would log on, get in my car and start going from shop to shop. It was explore at it’s finest! When I came across an impressive place I would message the owner and ask them about it, who did it, if it was them, their thought process, etc. At the time I was just being a fan, what I didn’t realize was that I was forming a distinct catalog of knowledge and a network of skilled creative players. It wasn’t a plan, but much like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption, being a “man that knows how to get things” in SWG would work out far better than I could have ever imagined...


Sevala writes:

Best game ever...pre-cu.

May Sony always be kicked in the nuts for ruining this game.

Mon Jan 27 2014 1:25PM Report writes:
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