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30 Something Gamers....Hello? Am I alone here?

I have been a gamer for a long time. Probably longer than some of you have lived. But just because I am concidered "Old" by a large group doesn't mean I am alone or few in numbers. This blog is a call to those "Old" gamers out there!

Author: NobleNerd

Gone are the Days of RPG

Posted by NobleNerd Sunday March 16 2008 at 5:27PM
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There was a day when you could spend time playing a RPG game. You would spend minutes to even hours to build a character you later would expand and change to watch it grow into an identity of its own. It seems long past are those days of real RPG game play. Lately with the birth of MMO's "Cookie Cutter" game play role playing games have gradually become a letter addon to the latest release of a game that becomes less like rgp and more a mindless grind fest of leveling or gathering the latest stats and armor to be the best at a poorly designed pvp system. There is little adventuring to most MMOs and with many I have played and tested there is little to nothing of a storyline. What storyline and background there is to some games seems more like and after thought. There use to be a time where the story plot was the very thing that drew you into the the game world and progressed the interaction of the characters.

To date there seems to be few MMOs that have continued this idea.

As I have played what some label them as "MMORPG" I have found myself enjoying most and for a few, playing longer than a few weeks, but there have been only 1% (if that) of these so called rpg style  games that actually keep me coming back because I wanted to see where the story progressed from where I left it. In fact the one game I still play that does seem to incorporate a storyline plot is LOTRO. For the most part I feel like my character is involved in a adventure that impacts my world.

For me, if I am going to put more time and money into something I would like to have something more than a game that leaves me grinding away endlessly at mobs for item drops and reputation that only produces an end result of trying to be king for a few days in a pvp fest of wasted time! Don't take this wrong here. I love pvping and have spent alot of time with fps games like Halo, but if you are going to label your MMO with those 3 little letters at the end THEN please offer a real role playing experience for the many out there that like to get more out of a game than a great ego feed trying to be the best pker in the game!


Just a kid at heart....

Posted by NobleNerd Tuesday March 11 2008 at 6:47PM
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When I was a kid, about 12 yrs old, I remember the first big explosion in the world of gaming. It came out from a company called Atari and it was something new and creative called a console. Up until then the only real gaming was done on a computer that few could afford or by saving up your allowance or chore money to have some quarters for the local arcade. My brother-in-law bought an Atari along with Space Invaders and we spent the next 48 hrs taking turns to see who could get to the end and beat the reigning high score king. Those were the days! It was something new and never seen before and it made a little kids heart overflow with excitement! Ever since my Atari days I have been a gamer looking for the next great adventure, the next great challenge to overcome and if good enough get a little recognition from your peers when your high score stood at the top for maybe (if lucky) a week or a month.

I have played games from the rpg to the fps style. I have bought my share of console games and units along with spending thousands of dollars over the years on the next best computer and accesories. I find myself more a fan of the rpg style of gaming and have sought to find the next best game that offered the indepth adventure that would take me away from my world for a few hours. But..... many games have failed to fulfill this emptiness and a few have risen to the top.

In my years of gaming I have played a huge amount of games with a wide variety of people. I have found myself playing head to head with some buddies shouting back and forth to each other over who was gona win the round. I have been inside many dark light rooms with only the lights from the video game units to guide your path, pounding out a victory on the latest game everyone was playing. I find myself in the past few years playing with my nephews or the age equivalent on games that they usually beat me at, but it's more the game play and having fun with them than winning anymore.

So I have asked myself lately, "Am I getting to old to play games?" Should I give it up and do what some call "Growing up" or is there others out there that can understand where I'm coming from and offer their input also? If there are some "Old Time" gamers out there I would love to hear from you.

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