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Stardate 5: Teaming... what a difference a good one makes.

Posted by Wondereric Monday March 31 2008 at 10:37AM
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I have to admit that most of my MMO career I have been timid at best to join pick up teams but lately with so many of my friends moving to other games and after moving to a new server, I've been somewhat forced to do it.  Which is good for me.  (am i the only one that is shy in real like and in cyber life?)  

So, I've had the fortune of playing with two really awesome teams the last couple of weeks of playing.  It's quite a treat to acutally play with a good team.  One that lacks the drama of someone dropping out cause they aren't the leader, didn't get their way or no one is listening to their idea of strategy.   A team where everyone knows their strengths and plays them well and knows everyone elses strengths and allows them to do them well also.  It is quite a different experience and has made the game much more enjoyable for me. 

I guess that's what I've been doing wrong all this time!    So anyway I'm going to go find a good team to play with!

Hexxeity writes:

I've always said, the best part about CoH is the ease with which you can find a team -- and also the way they made it easy for teammates to understand and play their roles well.  (Until Trick Arrow came along, anyway.)

Enjoying teams in other games takes a bit more planning and effort, but it can be done.  I recently joined a group of great people who wanted to dedicate a group of WoW characters to always play together, and it's working out pretty well.  There were some major hurdles at first, but now we are all having a lot of fun every time we play together.

Even so, if more games made pickup groups as appealing as CoH does, I bet WoW would have a lot more competition!

Mon Mar 31 2008 5:13PM Report
Anofalye writes:

Good teams are good.  Bad teams are great (unless they broke).


See, there is very little things as thrilling as making a team better, or making a team works when it would fails normally.  First, some peoples in the group realize it right away, and you can get some rubbing in the right direction.  Some will realize it much later and become better players.  And some have very bad lives and may never improve in MMOs, but they are getting a blast from a successfull group in their long progression of hard times.


Some MMOs players have serious disabilities, and God forbid that I ever refuse to group them.  MY performance is VERY important to me, my character must rocks and all, for the benefit of my group.  My group?  They are who they are and if they enjoy the company, this is all which matter.


If I join a "bad group" and we wipe a LOT.  I will be angry at ME, and at MY characters and how weak and puny they are.  Failure is not acceptable and there is 1 part of the group on which I can work, this is me.  I am full of ego and bad emotions, but I try to somehow, mixt that so it is pleasant and nice for almost everyone­.


Will I complain about heals been too slow?  Hopefully never, I mean, I will realize that the heals are sparses, but it is not for me to say why they are, I have to adapt and figure a way.  If the group is way too strong, then I will be reckless so we get more XP and create RISK!  :P


CoX is awesome on this, and short of the RSF (and a few other), I can usually always compensate for any group...and some of my "friends" compensate a lot better than I do.  :)  1 for example understand me and do pretty much what I do, but a LOT he feedbacks me a LOT.  And this is great, I become a slightly better player.

Mon Mar 31 2008 6:22PM Report
Kuji-Kiri writes:

I've always ran Relentless Missions with teams no matter what the the ATs it is comprised of. I find dying to be the best of these games. Mainly because it is so hard to do so. Succeeding in suicidal mishs is what I'm good at.

Mon Mar 31 2008 8:36PM Report
teraflop122 writes:

I don't know. Despite being an Empathy/Archer defender with all the heals, and all the heals pimped out to the extreme, finding teams at 25-30 became nearly impossible. Then when I found a team there'd be another healer, or a wanna-be-healer (ahem, controller), to compete with. How am I supposed to save the day when some moron's running around with their pitifully weak heals set to autocast? 

Mon Mar 31 2008 11:09PM Report
Wondereric writes:

Anofalye- I totally agree.... I think that is why I avoided teaming so long... because I would put a lot of pressure on myself to save everyone... I never played a healer either!  I don't like getting yelled at... but lately that has all changed for me.  I'm playing in teams and a healer or two.  Even a buffer! ack! 

As for suicidal missions.. haha  I don't mind a few of those here and there...  Most of the time I cause it.. haha... As a tank if you jump in before your team is ready... well it can be a mess... a fun mess... but  a mess! haha

Tue Apr 01 2008 8:26AM Report writes:
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