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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog...

Posted by Wondereric Sunday March 9 2008 at 10:17AM
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with a message about Alt-itis.  

Yes Alt-itis.  It's a serious disease.  

Hi my name is Eric and I am an Alt-aholic.  Whenever I've grown bored or overwhelmed with a character, or it's just a day that I don't want to play a lot, I’ll create a new character.   Sometimes when I'm at work and I get bored I just think about a story or concept for a new character.  I have a serious problem.    In the past week I have created 4 new alts.  I haven't played them past level 3... but I made them.  Whilst, my level 44, 38, 35, 28, and 27 characters all sit neglected.   It's sad really.   Maybe I have commitment problems, or completion problems...

There needs to be a support group for this sort of thing. 


zymurgeist writes:

Maybe the game just sucks and can't hold your interest.  Maybe, no probably, the leveling process is a grind instead of an adventure. Seriously if you're that far along in the leveling process and finishing doesn't interest you odds are you're looking at more of the same only slower.

Sun Mar 09 2008 3:20PM Report
Wondereric writes:

Nah... it's more like there is so much to do and so many other character sets to try that if I know it's going to be a while to the next level or no one is on that I enjoy playing with... I usually play something that I can see something happening quickly.   Or something soloable.  The game for sure has my interest I've been playing for 4 years. 

Sun Mar 09 2008 3:37PM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

any game.. and no intent to harm on this... that you play for 4 years and only reach 44 on, cant possibly too much of an attention grabber... takes about a month to hit 70 on wow, 3-4 months to get around 70ish on lineage2, a day to hit 20 on gw, and it's just a matter of focus, you can always check up on adult ADD, maybe you have a iner issue with focusing for longer then a few hours ..

Sun Mar 09 2008 4:44PM Report
Wondereric writes:

I don't think it's the game I think it's me.   I never made it past 45 on WoW... got bored... I made it to 20 on GW... but then lost interest...  Played many many many other games and usually lose interest pretty quick.  So, acutally I think the fact that I've played this game for so long and I have so many high level characters... made not level 50s but at least half way...  (and you don't even know how many I have deleted...)  Well I think that says a lot about the game... maybe I need ADD meds!?

Mon Mar 10 2008 6:33AM Report writes:
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