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Stardate... uh.. 2... yeah I'm just going with it.

Posted by Wondereric Tuesday January 15 2008 at 9:54AM
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So I've been playing COx regularly again.  Some of my old wonderful SG has returned too.  Which is very very nice!  but I'm looking for a second SG to join.  I realized I just love the game.  I love flying around and smashing things.  

Anyway, in other exciting COx news, after 4 + years of playing I finally hit the 40s!  Yes my friends I'm a level 41 Energy/Energy blaster... and I took force mastery as my epic... why you might ask?  For no other reason than back story.   Yes I think I've become one of those MMO players, with the story and I might even be labeled an RPGer...  My character is Zaphon... he's a fallen angel trying to get redemption to get back into heaven.   Energy/Energy seemed right... cause it was all bright and lighty... (is lighty a word.. well I guess it is now)... He has stealth, invs and phase cause well it sorta fit right... going in and out of another demension or something... and then Force Mastery because an angel is all protecty and stuff... right?   I think the long hours at work and then on the game are starting to affect my brain.  (though some of you might be thinking what brain....)

In other WonderEric news... Age of Conan caught my eye... I saw a gameplay trailer on G4... I think that any game where you get to cut someones head off in a brutal barbaric manner is tops in my book!   So Age of Conan folks.. pick me as your new Beta tester!  I'm a natural finder of things that are wrong. 

One last thing non-game related... a funny story if I do say so myself... I keep getting yahoo message spam... So I decided to see if there was really someone on there... Here is what resulted:

[14:48] "spammer": HI
[14:48] "spammer":  <ding>
[14:48] "spammer":  OK
[16:15] wondereric:  hello...
[08:43] "spammer":  HI
[08:43] wondereric:  hola
[08:44] "spammer":  HI
[08:44] "spammer":   <ding>
[08:44] wondereric:  hi ding back... who is this?
[08:45] "spammer":  AM "GENERIC GIRLS NAME" U ?
[08:46] "spammer":  <ding>
[08:46] wondereric:  "GENERIC GIRLS NAME" ...  i'm Eric... WonderEric... the only male ever excepted by the mystic mythological Amazon race.  I've been trained by them secretly for years... but they have sent me here to fight crime.
[08:46] "spammer":  WHAT CRIME ?
[08:47] "spammer":  All of it... anything from murderers to internet spam.  and I'm not interested in your webcam or anything else you might be trying to sell me.
[08:47] "spammer": OK

I haven't heard from "spammer"  since. 

Take that internet spammer!!!!! 

Stardate... uh.. 1?

Posted by Wondereric Wednesday January 9 2008 at 11:13AM
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Yeah ok so I don't know stardates and all that stuff.  Does that make me less of a Trek fan?  I don't think so... But I digress.  I'm going to start my first blog with the games I'm playing and the ones that I am looking forward to testing out. 

Games I play:

City of Heroes/Villains.... I love this game.  I've been playing it since closed beta.  I wish I had more time to play.  I'm an alt-a-holic because I've had about 25 characters over the course of the years and I just made level 40 on my highest character.   I play mostly on Triumph now... but do have one character on Virtue.   Ok so anyway... that's COx..  (which is so dirty...or maybe it’s just my mind that is…)


Guild Wars- Yeah ok so I got it... but I don't play it that much... but I would if I had friends... that played.. I mean I have friends… really... I do...

Looking forward to:

Star Trek Online:  Don't screw it up.  pwease!   

Aion: looks fun... graphics are good.... and WINGS are pretty!

Stargate worlds:  I'm a sucker for a good stargate... weee

Games that caused me a rash:

World of Warcraft:  I don't even know what to say... I played it ... the rash hurt. 

Tabula Rasa:  Not so much a rash as a intense burn.  If I tried it again It might not be so bad.  It just didn't hold my ADHD in check.

Lord of the Rings Online:  Call me a purist... or maybe I just didn't give it a good enough chance... maybe it was the killing Lute of power that really killed it for me...  or maybe I didn't have the graphics up high enough?

Star Wars Galaxies:  I really wanted to love this game.  I didn't... should I try again?  who knows.  probably won't.

Eve Online:  No rash... I just don't think I'm smart enough.   hahaha

I think that is all for now.  All the other games I've tried aren't worth the mention.  really they aren't. 



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