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Simply want to talk about games, in a neutral light, the pros, the cons, and of course toss in my own personal opinion, right or wrong doesn't matter, because I don't see it as such.

Author: WolfClaws

ShadowRun... 'nuff said chummer.

Posted by WolfClaws Wednesday May 14 2008 at 2:37PM
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Symbol of Shadowrun in a Die


Ok, I am on a roll with this blog thing.  So I am going to continue with another entry.

This time, I want to talk about ShadowRun.  For those of you who do not know what SR is... Allow me the pleasure  to be the first to enlighten you.

Before I begin, it is NOT the game released last year for Xbox 360 and PC.  That is a great game in it's own right, but it isn't ShadowRun.  Not by a longshot.

SR takes place in the future, about 80 years from now.  Well it does now I think.  The world has been jacked up by natural disasters, Megacorperations forming and countries taking a backseat to politics of Megacorps and nations that were formed within their borders.  What nations?  Well, the Native-Americans finally got some land back, and hold a prominant amount south of Seatle, the Elves have their around near there as well and pretty much own Ireland.  Along with other natural inhabitants.

Elves?  Did I say elves?  Yes.  But never trust and elf.  There was a virus that broke out Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome or VITAS.  It rewrote the individual's DNA and changed them very painfully into something.  Most became Elves, Orks (yes that is spelled correctly), Dwarves, while some turned into Trolls, fewer into Gouls, and rarer yet Wendigos, and other humanoid monstrousities.  Animals turned into other creatures as well... along with the emergance of Dragons.  Dragons are rare, and few are actually recognized by society as a citizen.  Some are even heads of Corporations and have jobs within, but never deal with a dragon and never turn your eyes from one.

With this happening, there was a Ghost dance conducted by the Native Americans that is rumored and believed to have brought magic into the world and disrupted the non-redman enough for them to reclaim their lands.  With magic came about the mages who bent those forces to their will and those who lived in harmony with their land, be it a forest, swamp, sewer, city or whatever, and these shamans were equally as powerful and rare.  All mages are rare, and if you have a mage as a friend, you are in great shape.

Keep in mind, this is the future.  You have VTOL aircraft, complex weaponry to include hand held railguns, and cybernetics.  Yes, this is where the term Street Samurai came from.  These warriors have so much meat taken out of their body and replaced by the cyberware that they are faster, quicker, stronger and can see and shoot with deadly accuracy.

Cyberware didn't only enhance the physical attributes of the person, but it also enhanced their perception.  Have you ever loved your car so much that you wish you could talk with it?  Well in Shadowrun ,you can.  These people are known as Riggers.  They interface directly with their vehicles, be it an aircraft, unmanned drones, car, van, whatever.  And some powerful weaponry could be attached to these drones.

On the flip side, you had a computer internet like nothing you have ever seen before, where you could actually jack in and see what happens inside.  The Matrix.  And no, nothing to do with the movies, this came before the movies.  Enter the Decker.  The decker is a hacker extrordinaire who prides themselves in breaking into security systems within the Matrix by defeating ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures).  These can be deadly to the Decker, fry their brain, their cyberdeck, or trace the owners of the system to his meat and have a team terminate or capture him on the spot, defenseless while in the Matrix.

Wow, that is a lot of info isn't it?

Where is this coming from?  Well, I got a bug crawling up my butt and ordered a ShadowRun novel, started reading it and ate it up fast.  Then I started to look around for more ShadowRun.  Why?  Duh, because the world is so expansive, and so many different layers of things that could happen.  Deckers hacking through the Matrix, battling deadly computer programs or other Deckers.  Riggers fighting remotely alongside their comrades.  Street Samurai moving with an inhuman quickness and laying waste to anything they want dead or disabled.  Mages shifting their vision to enter the Astral plane highly vulnerable, but able to see what things truely are, and shift themselves back into their bodies and cast spells or conduct rituals of summoning or whatnot...

Oh , but you don't know what a ShadowRunner is do you?  Everyone is issued a System Identification Number or SIN in the future.  There are some individuals that do work that the MegaCorps don't want traced back to them.  Some want to steal information, others to kidnap another company's worker, or you are extracting a worker because they wish to defect, and all sorts of other things.  These Runners do not have a SIN, and live in the shadows waiting for a Mr Johnson (the guy who is paying to have them do the Run) to need some work done.

Anyhow, this tabletop game isn't really printing anything anymore.  Everything is virtual as far as sourcebooks and whatnot, and with MicroSoft trying to maintain a grip on the IP, only to have it slip through their fingers, it made things all that more difficult for this game to thrive like it should.

I have even gone as far as contacting the current owner of the IP about my thoughts on a MMO for ShadowRun.  Haven't heard anything at all back them... Not surprised.


Anyhow, what are your thoughts on ShadowRun?


Some novels you could read if you are interested.  Most are out of print but still good reads

Gnomig writes:

Yes, a Shadowrun MMO wold have the potential to break WoW's neck. Why?

Magic, SciFi, Fantasy in a crazy but very interesting mix. Endless possibilities in terms of character creation and gameplay. I'd love it... but it will never happen. *sigh*

Wed May 14 2008 2:58PM Report
Mahni writes:

On the flip side, you had a computer internet like nothing you have ever seen before, where you could actually jack in and see what happens inside.  The Matrix.  And no, nothing to do with the movies, this came before the movies.


Cyberpunk was around before Shadowrun - I'd recommend early William Gibson or Rudy Rucker if you enjoyed the Shadowrun novels.  Also, I loved the Shadowrun RPG at the time - a nice mash up of cyberpunk and high fantasy.

Wed May 14 2008 3:05PM Report
digitalbacon writes:

I was very sad when i found out that the ShadowRun that was being released was not an RPG, but was a watered-down FPS >.< 

I have been wanting to see SR as a MMO ever since i played my first (EQ - day 1 of live).  The SR world is extremely in depth, has a great setting, cool equip, and an original take on magic and technology mash-up.. hell, i can even get over the fact that it would have elves and dwarves. ;)

I would love to see shadowrun as an MMO.

Wed May 14 2008 3:07PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Yes I remember reading Gibson when I was in College.  I first found Shadowrun Second edition in high school :P  Gibson was cool, but I like what SR did to refine it :D

Wed May 14 2008 3:13PM Report
grimfall writes:

Rifts anyone?

Wed May 14 2008 3:55PM Report
Jimmy_Scythe writes:

Yeah, I remember playing Shadowrun with a bunch of my friends a half a lifetime ago. There were even a few really great MUDs for it back in the day. Currently there's ...

This is a straight up circlemud that will probably be closest to what your used to as an MMORPG player.

Shadowrun: Seattle MUSH. This is a straight up RP game with few hardcoded rules. This will probably give you the Shadowrun experience that you want if you're interested in reliving some of the moments from the novels.

Other than that, there really isn't anywhere to get your Shadowrun fix. There may be a few forum games going on, but that's about it.

Wed May 14 2008 4:06PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

I loved the Shadowrun RPG.  It was one of the first pen-and-paper RPGs with a magic system that made any sense and didn't require some convoluted line of BS to explain away the stupid mechanics.

I would play a Shadowrun MMOG in a heartbeat, provided a competent studio did the development.  The whole setting was practically tailor-made for the MMO genre.

Wed May 14 2008 4:24PM Report
bachanam writes:

  • The SEGA version of shadowrun was amazing, sneaking in through backdoors into a corporate computer network or entering through a physical node inside an actual corp building, attacking or tricking or sneaking past the ICE that guard different nodes, breaking into data nodes and downloading important stuff to sell on the black market or give to your johnson for a job, helping teams entering a corp by hacking in and shutting down the power or turning off the security systems or unlocking doors, getting enhancements like the priest (dolph lungren) in johnny pneunomic, or like the op guy said and do shaman magic stuff, some of the jobs were really fun, it goes from running packages to killing targets to hacking systems to retrieving personnel, all in an underground underworld super-tech lowlife world. The SEGA shadowrun in my mind is in a whole different league than any other contract-based game ever made.

    I would love to play a shadowrun MMO, especially if you could play all sides, in terms of being a shadowrunner, to being a johnson, to working for a corp or the cops, to running a corp etc.

  • Wed May 14 2008 6:32PM Report
    Binny45 writes:

    Dude, get a petition going, and count me IN! I've been SCREAMING for a Shadowrun MMO for years.

    Wed May 14 2008 9:30PM Report
    WolfClaws writes:

    Tell you what... if you can get all your friends, and their friends to post here pro SR.... I'll contact the IP holders and show them this blog... Then we'll see what happens.

    Wed May 14 2008 9:37PM Report
    Tatum writes:

    Ive always thought that Shadowrun would make a perfect MMO setting.  Would translate MUCH better than most of the other settings that get butchered and stuffed into the MMO format.

    Another thought Ive had, how cool would it be to have a GTA version of Shadowrun?  Basically, just GTA in the Shadowrun setting with all the RPG elements.  Would be the greatest single player game of all time =D

    Thu May 15 2008 10:47PM Report
    WolfClaws writes:

    You mean a sandbox?

    Yeah I suppose so, but remember that the purpose of Shadowrun is to do Runs, so just going and jacking a car and being chased by Lone Star forces might not be... ooh an Ork jacking a car LMAO... sorry just had that image pop in my brain.

    Unfortunatly I don't have the technical side experience, but concept-wise and including matrix/astral/rigger worlds, I think I have the perfect balance of solo and groupage, and how to execute said tasks, tastefully and in the spirit of the IP.  But, I would need the backing of a few million dollars, the IP, and a kickbutt developer team...

    If anything else, just a video game that can add other runners ad hoc... or even allow people to develop their own worlds, like NWN and NWN2 did and The first Vampire Masquerade game did.

    Fri May 16 2008 9:38AM Report
    WolfClaws writes:

    This has not been forgotten,, and I wish I had the millions of dollars to fund this MMO, cause I would get 'er done in a heartbeat.

    Fri Sep 12 2008 9:35AM Report writes:
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