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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

Guild Making

Posted by WoWownsall Wednesday December 19 2007 at 7:10PM
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Well, today i read a comment on a previous post, and noticed that i too am one of the minority who are guildless. Not entirely though. I am in a guild, <I Walked Into A Door> those hordies on lightninghoof should know it or it's leader Fold. Anyway, its a for fun guild, no formal ranks, and not a whole lot of help with things. With guilds, you get huge multi realm ones like <straw Hat Pirates>, still large, but one realm guilds, like         <Whoopass Dealer>, and small one realm guilds, like <Blood Lords>.  I find it hard to start guilds, because everyone who is interested in joining a guild is either at endgame looking for a raid guild, or is levels 1-10 on a free trial, and leave after it's up. This, combined with the fact there are so many guilds on high population and high priced servers such as mine (lightninghoof) makes it near impossible to create a guild. Recently, a couple of my buddies got the game after i referred it, and we all started playing together. We would like a small guild, just for the 4 of us, with a tabard unique to us, so we can go and play as a group. Problem is, you need 10 signatures for a charter to be finalized, and so many people only sign charters if you pay them. What are your opinions of the WoW guild making system?

Raid instances and all powerful items

Posted by WoWownsall Saturday December 15 2007 at 6:41PM
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    Today i logged on to see some 70 level hunter shouting from the rooftops "I got a ______" The item's name was in orange text, something I never saw before. In my curiosity, i right clicked it to check the stats, and it has immense amounts of DPS, as well as creating it's own arrows, 200 at a time, with a 30 sec cooldown. Now, i asked "Where did you get that" he says raids and left it at that. Some other 70 said they could only be used in a certain raid instance. I wondered, "what is the point of that?". lets take a look back in time, shall we?

Before the burning crusade, they had 5 man instances levels 15-60. Those were fun, you didn't spend hours making a huge raid, and loot was easier to divide. Then the level 60s complained, and they got things like onyxia's lair, molten core, etc. That was really cool, because when you do the same 5 man instance over and over again, it gets boring. Now, there are 10 man level 70 raid instances like zul aman. I was just wondering: Why? Why do we need to make things so challenging that we need special ultra powerful gear just to do it.

What are your thoughts on this.


Posted by WoWownsall Thursday December 6 2007 at 6:49PM
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Howdy everyone, sorry for the lapse in posts. Power source on my computer died, and it cost $350 to replace it and a few other parts it killed while dieing. Anyway, i would like to bring up the ever present topic, of ganking. Now, there are three sides to this. There's the end-game players who are bored, and eat lowbies for fun. There and the mid levels who pvp the lower mid levels in the same zone (me at 44 ganking a couple of 33s in stranglethorn vale) and then, there's the gankee. Now, i will not deny that ganking can be entertaining and a good stress reliever, but it gets irritating when you get slaughtered doing a quest, fishing, or gathering. In mid levels, what i hate, is when i am killing a couple of mobs i pulled, and some guy 10 levels lower than me tries to kill me while i am already fighting mobs. Now, i usually hit my cower, which drops the threat on at least one mob, which promptly kills the lowbie, but that's now the point. That's a technique I like to call, Creepinating. I made this post as an arguement starter, so it will be ended openly, and please post your comments about it. What is you point of view on Ganking?

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