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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall

Skills system

Posted by WoWownsall Saturday August 18 2007 at 10:38PM
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In almost all MMOs, there are multiple skills a character can learn. Sometimes there are limits, but what really works. When you limit a character to 2 or 3 skills, this can make players more dependant on each other and therefore help develop  a good Player to player economy. It also make some things screw up. Take for example WoW. An Elixer of minor agility is a minor and simple potion, cheap to make, but sells for a gold each because they are used in a few recipes from other skills. If you let characters take all skills, like Runescape, you get losers who spend every waking hour maxing out their skills, and they are like super characters. But, this also makes things like Iron bars priced more reasonable, because everyone can make them, so nobody buys them for lts because they can buy them cheaper elsewhere. So, I want to know what my readers think. Leave some comments with your opinions on the matter.

Does Gender matter to you?

Posted by WoWownsall Friday August 17 2007 at 11:08AM
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    Alright, I recently entered a forum post discussing whether or not there is a major difference in men 's and women's play styles, and whether one gets more respect/special treatment just because of gender. I see it every day in WoW, in my guild, there are about 15 level 70's "epiced" out. about 12 of them are male players. When they talk in our guild chat about raiding something, Almost always they pick the guys over the girls. Why? They say because the Girl's are not equipped properly for raiding. That's a bunch of crap. I know this because our guild has a monthly tournament to assign new ranks past officer. People dual round robin style until there are only two left, and then the winner is second in command for the month. For the last 3 months, one of the girls has been second in command. Back in my ugh... I hate typing it... Runescape days, i rolled up a male character, and before i got past level 10 (this was still in RS1) There was this girl way lower level than me who followed me around and hit on me. It took forever to get away, but that's majorly what turned me off the game (that and the 5 pixel graphics) So for people who say that in their game/realm there is not special treatment going on, I say get out there in to the game and watch the chat. I bet you'll see lots of it

That's all folks!


Posted by WoWownsall Tuesday August 14 2007 at 12:02PM
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    Alright, so today I logged in, and at level 40, i still don't have a guild. Sure, i have been offered a spot in guilds, but i just don't see the point. When i sit down to play, a party of my close friends in real life is the closest to cooperative play i get (not a big BG player) So when i saw a few other articles all worshipping the guild system, i decided to get my words in. I don't like guilds. They are just a group of people who have a private chat channel for themselves. I have only been in a few guilds on past characters. My 37 tauren druid (shandani on lightninghoof) is in the best guild i have ever been in, Warcloud. I have a level 9 character (twink in the making) also in warcloud. But my level 40 character (Xaveron on Anub'Arak) has never been in a guild because there are way more bad guilds than good ones. Take Lost Ones on Lightninghoof for example. They are a good guild, but one guy, Ashu, was given power to promote, demote, and kick players in the guild. One day i log in, and i am not in the guild. I open up a whisper with him and say "Hey, i am not in the guild, did I annoy someone?" and all i get is "no, i just didn't like you". You can find a bad egg anywhere, but in a videogame? With guilds, The only reason i have ever been in a guild is to mooch stuff. When i get a higher level though, i am expected to give back. My play style may be different, but i like to level as much and as fast as possible and grind for cash for gear i need. I see something in the auction house for 10 gold, i don't carry that much on me. I go and grind a few minutes (10-25) and bang, I have it. Guilds are a waste of time. High levels show off their stuff, low levels ask for help and gear, and if you don't give in, you are christened a knob or a moron and are exiled from everyone who is in the guild. They cause more problems then they solve.

P.S. Leave more comments, i need input to improve my posts!

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