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Power Of The Horde

I have been playing WoW for some time now, and i am trying to stimulate thoughts and/or arguments for other players as well as anyone else who wants to drop in. If you read a post, comment on it, cause i need input to make better topics.

Author: WoWownsall


Posted by jmahoney Wednesday March 12 2008 at 11:05PM
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Well, Howdy. This is my first post here, so i'll try to make it good. My topic is fads entering games. Today, I logged onto world of warcraft to discover that my guild had everal new members. One f them was named "Emocow" I just about filled my undershorts. It's not that I have idealogical differences. Well, I do. But that's not the point. If you want to cut yourself, or listen to heavy metal music, or slap a happy face sticker on everything, that's your thing. But don't bring your fads into the games you play with others. I petitioned the removal of this player from our guild (not because of the name) due to the problems it was causing in our day to day gaming. Try doing a Kara raid with a whiny 11 year old doped up on riddalin thiking that life sucks. It's hard. I sat through a grindingly slow 4 and a half hours on voice chat with a kid. Orating poetry. Crying. Sad poetry. It was harsh, but it's not just problems with this little emo fad. I've grouped with guys that had their metallica so loud over the headset that I had to take my headphones off. I've had to deal with optimistic little people going on about "At least I didn't pull the elites over there too". I've had enough of fads coming into a FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAME. Well, let's see some poss, cause I have a bet riding on whether or not I can beat my friends posts. Happy Trails


EDIT: Don't gripe about emos, gripe about fads in games. If emo is the fad you're griping about, go ahead, but keep it game related.

Hrothmund writes:

I'm at a loss here. What to type? First, there is this thing called tolerance and an other one called understanding, oh and one called diversity. You might also go with something called patience, its a new thing that's just come out and I hear it works wonders. Yes, I do realize the obvious sarcastic tone of your post, don't get me wrong here.

When you play an MMO, you are most likely associating with a much more diverse range of individuals when compared to your daily life. Deal with it. Do you really think people should go out of their way to fit certain socials norm while engaging in an activity that they've spend money on to relax. I don't. If you can't deal with social diversity, I suggest trying a single player game.

Thu Mar 13 2008 6:59AM Report
chrisleko writes:

I hate to say it, but if you don't like someone, don't talk to them.  WoW has 10 million people playing, odds are that you can find someone else to play with.

Tolerate their actions, I'm sure they tolerate your smug-ness.

I don't see how listening to music and having a dumb name in a character is a "fad".  Music too loud = rude, as them to turn it down.  Dumb names = it's a GAME!  Smile and play!  :)



Thu Mar 13 2008 2:50PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

Can I gripe about you?  It doesn't sound like you're exactly a treat to play with.  Emocow is probably better off finding a guild with more tolerant members.

Thu Mar 13 2008 3:37PM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

honestly... my guild on wow although a lot further then kara... has several 10-13 year olds... our main tank  is 11and our rogue + shaman class leaders are both 12 year olds that are brothers and honestly, theyre a lot better then some of the old kids, and yea they do whine a lot but who cares? it's skill that matters.. and yea it's annoying but pfft..

Thu Mar 13 2008 4:58PM Report
WoWownsall writes:

holy ballz folks. This is supposed to be constructive. If you want to insult people, go play rune scape. What Jamie is going at here is that the fads are becoming a problem. He doesn't have anything against these people, but the whining and loud music take away from the game. And Hrothmund, that much sarcasm isn't good for you bud. My eyes bled when i read that sentence.

Thu Mar 13 2008 7:34PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Nobody really insulted the OP here. I deal with the same issues myself, nbody likes whiny emo kids on vent complaining, but hey, what can you do? I don't like our receptionist either, still I flash a smile her way every morning. That's life.

To be honest, I'd get frustrated if my guild consisted of bland group of Joe Average clones.

Fri Mar 14 2008 7:36AM Report
pvpsale writes:

Fri Mar 14 2008 11:27AM Report writes:
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