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WWII Online: Battleground Europe News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: BenJ30

WWII Online Development Roadmap

Posted by XOOM-CRS Saturday August 1 2015 at 12:48PM
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It is finally here, the new WWII Online development roadmap for the remainder of 1.34, onwards to 1.35 and the Steam release! We’ll walk you through the top level view of what’s going on here at Cornered Rat Software, with some fixes and new weapons that are being developed. This is probably the biggest update I have ever written, it’s going to take awhile to knock through the list but it really shows you an entire view of what’s coming.

We’re on our way to have a great year - WOOT! The team at CRS is very excited to be able to share these notes with you. We’re opening the doors a little wider than we have in the past because we want you to know that we mean business and a full fledged effort is happening as we speak.


YOU, can help all of these initiatives move faster and provide us with the fuel to do more by becoming a HERO BUILDER. It has never been a better time to HERO UP and back CRS.

As a hero you will receive a free towing account, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers. Are you ready to help make this game better?



Version 1.34.11 (Next Game Update Readme)

Our next patch is about to hit BETA and we’ll be inviting players to get involved to get a first look and hunt for any outstanding bugs. 1.34.11 will include several new features which include:


Infantry Class & Weapons Updates

  • All Sniper classes receive pistol
  • US ATR class introduced
  • US Mortar class introduced
  • Tiger tank turret traverse speed increased

New Vehicle Classes for USA

  • US Stuart
  • US Vickers Light Tank
  • US Daimler Armored Car
  • US Light AA gun (20mm)
  • US Bedford Truck
  • US Morris Truck
  • (US Laffly removed)

User Interface

  • Active battles tab
  • New infantry weapon class screenshots
  • Updated credits, includes Squad Funders
  • Several new “Did you know” tips
  • New menu music for Allies and Axis
  • Updated copyright to 2015
  • Added Luger to SMG loadout text info


  • PC patch manager back online
  • MAC key mapper now recognizes joystick properly
  • MAC application icon
  • MAC version number
  • FB Damage threshold increased by 2.5 times

S! To our brothers who have passed. The following have been added to the WWII Online Memorial (RIP):

Georg "GeorgH" H, Karen "Frank35" Sylte, Patrick "Icux" Carns, Ivan "Johan250" Telleria, Carl "Howie622" Howarth, Mike "RailRD" Perrier, Dale Stelgard Hopkinson, James "Carolina" Simpson, Augustus “Goof” Pope and Jim “Jeep” Leonard.

Version 1.34.12

We anticipate we will be doing at least one more point release on the 1.34 code base. This will allow us to add any other fixes and features that might be ready while we’re preparing for release on 1.35. During this patch we will attempt to fulfill all remaining Indiegogo campaign promises.


We’ve already been talking about the “ACTIVE BATTLES TAB” which will debut in 1.34.11, but as we start to think about re-working our existing UI (user interface) and making it really easy for new guys to get into the most likely situation to find action, we need something a little more “to the point.”

We’re thinking at the moment of placing this new “button” at the bottom of the active battles tab, which will be replacing the brigade roster as the “default” tab you see upon loading into the game. As far as how it works, we want the soldier to simply click the button, and it will do all the work in finding the most populated brigade —> mission —> FRU Y/N? —> Select weapon —> Spawn. And there they are, boots on deck in the best probable fight the system can offer them.

One thing we’re thinking about right now is how to set up a users preferences, so they can select what their priority unit to spawn would be, and other filters a user might be able to custom tailor to their interests.

All of this UI work and increasing simplicity in terms of LOCATING battle (not game play itself) is all preparation for a great Steam release. In general we have a lot of users joining the game who experience a steep learning curve (we were all there at one point), so we’re making a big point to clean that up as much as we can.

Version 1.34.xx

Depending on how quickly 1.34.12 is released there may be another update or two in 1.34, this will be dependent on several other moving parts. We’ll be creating more game updates more frequently than we have historically, to get fixes and other features in your hands faster, as they are tested and polished.

Version 1.35

Our big goal is to get on 1.35. There are a lot of great solutions in regards to host / server improvements, like improved infantry death lag, multi-crewing and increased server capacity. We anticipate in the next 6-8 months (if all goes well) we’ll be able to get on the 1.35 code base, and we’ll need lots of community members to help us test this thoroughly!

Another task we are working on which is really important, is to have a roll-back ability on our releases / updates. Releasing 1.35 is a pretty risky endeavor at said moment, which is why we’re not rushing it and trying to complete these items listed for 1.34.11/12+. The reason it’s relatively risky is the code base must be tested and examined so the new team can get more familiar with it, because most of the fixes were conducted by the legacy team and never went live (as we know).

That said, initial observation gives us great encouragement. We have fixed a long standing issue that prevented the current player base to participate on the BETA server, so when it’s time (and starting with the above 1.34) we can open the door to who ever is selected.

In the case of 1.35, we will likely run a mock campaign and drive all traffic from the normal campaign to this server so we can have a really good case study and make sure all cylinders are firing appropriately.


Release on Steam

Once 1.35 has been achieved, we will be doing everything we can to increase server maximum capacity. We anticipate a major flood of users and will be prepared with at least two game servers, 1) dedicated to the standard campaign, 2) dedicated for specific 2-3 day special events. Our preliminary ideas include requiring at least a 75% fill rate on server 1 before server 2 can be accessible.

Focusing all soldiers being in a single server is our primary goal, but we need to be realistic and prepare for worst case scenario situations. Now would also be a good time to say we will not be a 100% Steam game, if you have an account with us right now, you will not need to sign up on Steam.

Specific release date will be determined after 1.35 is secure and we’ve made progress on server capacity. As we transition from 1.34 —> 1.35 we will automatically obtain double the space for users, but we really need to do more. Can you think of 6+ AO’s happening? WOOOOT!

Visit our Steam and favorite us by clicking here.



The 3D art was completed by VOLCOL sometime ago, however these weapons have been sitting on a shelf waiting to get rigged, animated, sounds produced and handed off to a programmer to get the ballistics and data in order. I am pleased to report to you that this weapon is currently being rigged and animated, and the sound is also being produced. Once they are game-ready we will also increase the rate of fire for the Lee-Enfield as planned.

Click images for more detailed view. On the left is the French Mas40, on the right is the German Gewehr41.

Pictured Gewehr41 with a brand new rig which controls the animations. This is the beginning stages of our plan to improve rigs and animations for all characters and weapons in WWII Online. Click image to see more detail.


We’re very excited to announce that the Sten Gun will be making its way into WWII Online. This iconic weapon is part of a plan to introduce more variants of a similar class of weapon to the game. This will allow us to offer more value for specific subscriptions and add some new flavor onto the battlefield.

High poly version of the Sten MK II submachine gun. UV map and texture is the next step. Click image for more detail.


Everyone knows the grease gun, right? This is also in production and is in the 3D art and texturing stages. It will fire the .45 calibre round only. Did you know historically you could change the barrel on this weapon and use German 9mm ammunition? Talk about a great design decision.

Highly poly version of the M3A1 Grease Gun. The model is nearly completed and is currently being polished. Click image for more detail.


Naturally the German’s will be receiving the MP34. Once the above two weapons have been completed in 3D Art and Texturing this weapon’s development will begin. It will be firing the standard 9mm luger parabellum.


The M1 Rifle Grenade adapter, M9A1 HEAT RG and US M17 HE RG have been produced and textured, waiting on rigging, animation, sound and implementation via programmer. The US Rifle  Grenadier will be using the M1903 Springfield bolt action rifle. The M17 HE round will explode on impact like the German grenadier’s HE round.

Here are the high poly versions of the US Rifle Grenadier kit. UV map and texture to follow, these are a work in progress. Click images for more detail.


Similar to the Mas40 & Gewehr41 issues, we’ve had some rifle grenades ready to go that didn’t quite make it into the game. The French Brandt 50mm HEAT German GG-P40 HEAT rounds will be making it’s way into the game around the same time the US Rifle Grenadier is in. This also means the British will see the return of the Mills No.62 HEAT grenade, and all forces will have a rifle grenadier equipped with both High Explosive (HE) and High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) grenades.


Also known as the “Deuce and a half,” the American equipment list is in need of some serious beefing up. We’re going to start with this troop transport which will be the first new vehicle our new team starts from scratch, then ramping it up a bit by moving onto bigger toys. 3D art production of this vehicle has started.


As part of our roll out of high command uniforms the US HC officer is nearly complete with the 3D art side of it. Next up is rigging and animation, which takes a lot longer than infantry weapons (lots of moving parts). We’ll then proceed onto the next HC officer uniform, covering all sides.

Click the image below for greater detail.


This has been a hot topic of discussion lately and we’ve seen a really strong wave of positive with the return and also the few edits we have made to “spice it up a bit.” The city bunker will likely find it’s way into the game around the release of 1.35, sooner if we can of course but that should give us enough time to get the job done. What’s different about this compared to infantry, weapons and vehicles is this will actually require us to rebuild the terrain, big project, but we’re gonna do it!




Production of the fortified mobile spawn is underway. It will be using earth materials to create a field bunker from which players can defend and invest into their mobile spawn. We really need to do more with player placed objects, this is the beginning. A big thanks to all of you who recently put in your ideas in a survey, we have logged them and are using that as a guide for concepts.


VICTARUS has been digging deep into the air raid siren and learning how to make it a great feature, without the annoying factor of constantly playing. This still requires some more digging and testing but we’re making progress to reduce how long the siren audio plays.

Armor Audit


Over the course of the above development cycle we will be working closely with researchers and professionals to examine armor and ballistics data from a historical perspective and what is currently in-game. We want to be sure we’re doing our best to get historical accuracy as right as we can because that is fundamental to our brand and the customers experience. This has also been an important request of the players on both sides.




Our boys in the air are in need of some new aircraft (we hear you). We want to start out by examining which aircraft can receive a different load out. Eventually we’ll want to work into creating brand new aircraft but with this new team just getting its feet wet, we need to start small and gradually gain momentum.

We will also be looking into new uv maps and texture (paint work) for some already existing American planes in the French Air Force and start populating the US Army Air Corps persona.


Thanks to our Sailors in the “Harbor,” we’ve been able to collect an important list of fixes we need to bring to the Naval game. Some important things we want to do is make sure our Fairmile riverines can use the “net” to pick soldiers up and transport them. We also want to look at collider issues and see why the troops on destroyers and troop transports cannot walk around on them. We also want to dig more into why some areas of the river banks you can climb, and some you cannot. Note: Multi-crewing issues should be fixed at release of 1.35, that’s a global fix (fingers crossed, beta testing willing).

We’ll also be looking at increasing the speed of the FMB and perhaps the top speed of the Troop Transport ship.


When standard bridges are destroyed, or you want a unique tactical advantage… you go to your engineers to place, “pontoon bridges.” We’re still designing exactly how this would work but it’s a really great feature all around to make some big changes in tactical warfare. Fortunately the rivers are pretty straight forward to work with. Our immediate thoughts are to make sure placing these takes a bit of an investment on both the construction and defense. They will be able to be destroyed and engineers will spend time repairing them. We'll make each piece strong enough so a rifleman can't take it out however.


Since we already have the Paratroopers in-game we really want to bring in the iconic US Airborne. We would also take the existing c47 and re-work the uv’s / texture so it matches the right paint job. Once the primary HC officers are completed, we’ll be shifting gears to work on this.


We will be introducing a series of weapons in the future which will include:

  • M1 Carbine
  • FG42 (Fallschirmjaeger Only)
  • Sturmgewehr 44 (BAR equivelant)
  • .30 Calibre light machine gun (mg34 equivelant)

3D art development begins on these items after the MP34 has been completed (listed above).


For a long time players on the Axis side have been wanting another faction to work with them. They are after all going up against the British, French and now American forces, we think it’s a good time to start planning how we can roll in a little help for the Germans.

The plan to introduce Italian forces to WWII Online is on a small scale. Essentially we’re talking about an infantryman with 2-3 load outs and being embedded with the German army. History has shown that Italian forces did participate with the Germans on the western front but in a smaller capacity, not a full fledged Army as they were mostly in North Africa.

The weapons that will be brought in with them currently include:

  • Italian M1891 Carcano rifle
  • Italian Berretta 1938/42 submachine gun
  • Italian Beretta Model 1934 pistol
  • They will use Germany’s grenades, binoculars and knife


We are conceptualizing a medical system that is based around realism. If someone gets shot in the field, there is blood loss, most soldiers had the ability to at least clamp the bleeding and conduct basic life saving procedures.

What about medics? Medics should matter a lot, but they should not have magic “health packs” that suddenly bring people back to life, or max out their health. However, if a soldier has been wounded, they probably won’t be able to aim well because they’re in pain, maybe they can’t move? So we think how can we make morphine matter, bandages, maybe dragging soldiers to cover? All of this would really change the game play for infantry and give you all a new set of challenges.



The game as it sits right now is far too manpower reliant for HC officers to be online. When brigades were introduced, so were a lot of manual (and labor intensive) requirements onto this group. We’re looking for ways to reduce that work load from the HC while still maintaining a player driven game. We’re not quite ready to comment with certainty, but we’ve been meddling around with ideas on side voting for certain HC tasks that are currently required of them only to fulfill.

That said, until we have fix(es) in place, officers will be needed to man the lines for smooth game play operations.


This is the direction we are headed. There’s so much to do and we have a great community backing and an awesome team onboard getting things done!

This article will be available on our home page and playgate for you to review and to show vets who are wondering what’s happening here at WWII Online. You can answer, “BIG THINGS,” times are changing, for the better.

I’ll be scheduling a Rat Chat with you all in the near future to keep you posted on progress and answer as many of your questions as I can.

Please leave some feedback below, questions will be answered and I’d love to hear your response to this very important article. We can’t thank you enough for your support, thanks for believing in us, backing us up and supporting us throughout the “dark times,” we experienced not too long ago. We will go on to do amazing things as long as you continue that, SALUTE!


Most of these listed below are volunteers. With an increased number of people signing up to be a hero builder and vets re-subscribing, we can seriously increase the production of new weapons and hire more talent to force multiply ALL of our existing objectives.


  • Matt “Xoom” Callahan, Executive Producer
  • Steve “Bloo" Daniels, Producer


  • Camry “Aven" Summers, Lead Artist
  • Hector “Sadguy" Gonzalez, Weapons Artist
  • Alex “Osallivan" Golenishchev, Vehicles & Weapons Artist
  • Jeff “Netalyzer" Celentano, Environment Artist
  • Luis “Norvac" Irizarry, Environment Artist
  • Frederick “Kruggr" Tuita, Character Artist
  • Alexander “Dragonav" Vervaet, Animation Artist
  • Jason “TheStorton" Storton, Animation Artist


  • Dave “Tgunr" Carlton, Lead Programmer
  • Gwynne “Gadget" Raskind, Programmer
  • Tyler “Victarus" Millican, Programmer
  • Mike “Pilotmc" Carter, Programmer
  • Aaron “AaronZack" Zack, Intern Programmer



New Update - Open Beta

Posted by XOOM-CRS Wednesday December 17 2014 at 1:07PM
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Cornered Rat Software

WWII Online is currently in OPEN BETA testing phases and we're really excited about what has come together! The new update (1.34.10) will include several weapons and vehicles having their textures updated and we've got some new sounds that will make you duck your head!

You can participate in testing now by visiting our testing forum:

World War Two Online - Open Beta (readme)


  • Fixed a bug where the Tiger gunner had bionic ears
  • Fixed UAC issues
  • Increased knife damage
  • Fixed mp40 sound timing (rollback)


HE Rounds Data Audit:

The beta team under the direction of Scotsman has been working on improving the fidelity of our shrapnel model. Since computers have advanced so much since we first wrote this data we can now afford to calculate more realistic numbers of shrapnel pieces. Consequently, all HE rounds have had their explosive and shrapnel models adjusted. Once again our sincerest thanks for the time and dedication the crew ahas put in to make our game better for everyone. Thank you.

Vehicles (Tank / Truck / AntiTank Gun):

  • Adjusted truck windscreen thickness so they all function the same
  • New camo pattern for Panzer VI E Tiger
  • New camo pattern for Panzer IV G
  • New camo pattern for Pak40 ATG
  • New camo pattern for Pak36 ATG
  • Updated art for Opel Blitz truck
  • Updated art for 6 pounder ATG
  • Updated art for 17 pounder ATG
  • Updated art for M1A2 M5 ATG
  • Updated art for vehicle commanders and some crew


The beta team under the direction of BLOO has been doing research on improving the gunsights in many of our vehicles. The first part of that work is complete and ready for testing. Our sincerest gratitude for the devotion these players have to making our game better. Thank you.

  • Daimler Mk.I Main gun
  • A13 Mk. II Main gun
  • A15 Mk. II Main gun
  • A15 MK. III Main gun
  • Churchill Mk. III Main gun
  • Churchill MK. VII Main gun
  • Matilda II Main gun
  • 6pdr ATG
  • Panhard 178 Main gun
  • R35 Main gun
  • H39 Main gun
  • S35 Main gun
  • B1 bis Main gun
  • B1 bis Hull gun
  • M4A2 Sherman Main gun
  • M4A3(76) Sherman Main gun
  • M10 Tank Destroyer Main gun
  • M1 57mm ATG
  • M5A2 76mm ATG
  • Stu.G. III Ausf. B Main gun
  • Stu.G. III Ausf. G Main gun


  • Paratrooper turn rate increased to old school values
  • Revised Infantry Unit names in the spawn lists to emphasize the weapon name
  • Increased ATP burn rate for heavy weapon infantry units
  • PIAT has some new arts

Infantry Uniforms:

  • Updated art for British infantry uniform
  • Updated art for German infantry uniform
  • Updated art for French infantry uniform
  • Updated art for German Fallschirmjäger uniform
  • Updated hand arts for all infantry

Lightmachine Guns:

  • Updated art for Maschinengewehr 34
  • Updated weapon audio for Maschinengewehr 34
  • Updated art for Bren Mk II
  • Updated art for Fusil Mitrailleur 29

Submachine Guns:

  • Updated art for Thompson
  • Updated art for Thompson 1928
  • Updated weapon audio for Thompson
  • Updated art for Mas 38
  • Updated art for Maschinenpistole 40
  • Updated weapon audio for Maschinenpistole 40


  • Updated art for Luger pistole 08 9mm
  • Updated weapon audio for Luger pistole 08 9mm
  • Updated art for Webley .455 revolver
  • Updated art for Pistolet Automatique mle 1935A

Grenades / Knives / Equipment:

  • Updated art for German StiG 24 hand grenade HE
  • Updated art for French hand grenade HE
  • Updated art for British No.36 mills bomb hand grenade
  • Updated art for German NbHgn 39 smoke grenade
  • Updated art for British No.77 Mk I smoke grenade
  • Updated art for French fumigene smoke grenade
  • Updated art for Allied satchels
  • Updated art for German satchel
  • Updated art for Allied knife
  • Updated art for German knife

Rifles / AntiTank Rifles:

  • Updated weapon audio for Lebel 1886/M93 (both variants)
  • Updated art for UK & FR Boyes Mk I
  • Updated art for Panzerbüchse 39


  • Updated art for British SBML 2 inch mortar
  • Updated weapon audio for British SBML 2inch mortar
  • Updated art for French mortar
  • Updated weapon audio for French mortar
  • Updated art for German Granatwerfer 36 mortar
  • Updated weapon audio for Granatwerfer 36 mortar


  • Environmental lighting has been updated
  • Fixed a floating forrest corner


  • Added new game loading screens
  • Added new user interface screens
  • Added new upsell messages for all supported languages
  • Updated several vehicle manuals
  • Updated ingame credits for all supported languages
  • US guns and trucks now have alert distances that match other countries (3000m)
  • FRU threshold reduced so that some weapons that were inconsistant in damaging it now cross the threshold more regularly
  • The "4Gig Fix" is now included in the release (cheers for less crashing!)
  • Updated desktop icon art
  • Updated PlayGATE art
  • Updated installer art
  • added fix for ATI driver crash

New Free Play Upgrade

Posted by XOOM-CRS Monday August 4 2014 at 12:41PM
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Cornered Rat Software

Today we introduce our new subscription the "Starter Account." Designed to give new players a low cost but very important upgrade to their accounts enabling to do things like capture facilities, use binoculars, unlock the submachine gun and more.

We're using this account as the replacement to our previous "Basic" account. Based on feedback from our free players this seemed a bit more up their alley in terms of the access they wanted for the cost.

The terms are $4.99USD per month, it's a no lock-in month-month subscription only, no cancellation fees. It will include all of the free to play access and more.


  • Core game access means these items will always remain with this account. They will not be interchanged like the promotion access.
  • Earn rank level "Sergeant" in all branches.
  • Submachine Gun (including Airborne).
  • Infantry Binoculars.
  • Capture Strategic Points (CP's).
  • Player Placed Foxholes.
  • Paratrooper Transport Plane.


Promo access means these users will receive two (normally locked) premium items every month. This access may be a permission unlock or a weapon unlock. The Game Manager will decide what these items are and he will change them on the First Friday of every month. There will not be more than two promo items at a single time.

  1. Promotion item / weapon #1.
  2. Promotion item / weapon #2.

These items could be from any branch and you may require your top achievable rank of Sergeant to access them depending on the value of the weapon in game.

There has never been a better opportunity for free players to subscribe and get the highest in demand access according to community feedback. By subscribing you're not only getting game critical access, you're also contributing to the game's ability to develop further.


Ready to get the Starter Account? Click the image below to get started!

Get your starter account now!

Need help?

The Big One

Posted by XOOM-CRS Saturday March 29 2014 at 9:39AM
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Cornered Rat Software

What is a wargame ? Most gamers are familiar with shooter style games that run across a variety of era's and back-stories.

Traditionally, WWII (Second World War) is frequently a strong proponent of this genre of shooter games. Only one MMOG based on the "shooter" gamer has really presented a full on hard core wargame experience however.

More than a decade ago, a small band of gamers got together, formed a company and created World War Two Online. The object of the game was to take the shooter style game, on as many levels as possible, and combine them into a full blown war in which all players on many different levels waged a campaign to take over the world, as modeled in game. This meant tanks, aircraft, even ships, combining with the traditional shooter participant, the infantry to create a totally player driven war that functioned from High Command planning the strategies and operations all the way down to the rifleman, the mainstay of frontline combat.

Even supply was a factor, with Production Factories updating the weapons, tanks and aircraft to follow the evolution of the war over time. Players could manually run supply missions to bolster their defenses when attrition threatened to strip them of what they needed to defend against major assaults by the enemy. Extra supply could also be stockpiled in advance to prepare for a major attack planned for anywhere along the front-lines.

This war is fought over the single largest gameworld ever created for the purpose, including northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and parts of western Germany. Campaigns can last as little as 3 weeks or as long as 3 months. Victory is determined by the players and it is easily the toughest, scariest battle you'll attempt to win as a gamer. Starting out in 1940 with the Allies comprising British and French troops and weapons, if the time line reaches 1943/44 without a victory, the American Army joins the battle.

World War Two Online is still alive today, and still the most unique wargame experience of any MMOG currently available. The big news is that while the fans of this game are currently engaged in Campaign 99, the big one is just around the corner.

Campaign 100. The 100th war campaign of Germany versus the Allies. Tanks and towed guns, fighters and bombers overhead, all controlled by actual real time players, combine with infantry using machines guns, rifles, demolition charges, mortars and anti-aircraft guns ... fast armoured cars and mission supply trucks ... all determined to take over the world and wrest it from their enemies control.

The makers of WWIIOnline, Cornered Rat Software, are offering a range of 100th Anniversary specials to celebrate this huge event with their long term players and supporters. Accelerated experience and level gains are going to be in effect for all players. Weapons and equipment not normally available for low ranked players and Free2Play accounts will be available for this special campaign.


Come join the party. Old veterans of the game and new players alike, all in the biggest, baddest, most hard core war any game can offer. Be warned though, this one is not for the weak at heart. It's tough, and because the campaign game is so vast in the range and variety of tactics, strategy and the combat itself is so brutally YOU'RE DEAD BUDDY if you don't play it smart ... the learning curve is steep. Doing well at this game is a huge achievment, and perhaps why it's die hard fans have stuck with it for almost 13 years. Don't be afraid to tell someone if you're new, they'll look after you and teach you how to be one of the killers, rather than one of the corpses. Joining a squad is a good idea.

Campaign number ONE HUNDRED. Don't miss it. It took over a decade to get there, and that's pretty huge.



Join the many returning players and squads for Campaign 100. By resubscribing you are able to access your old account and records. Additionally you will help make more improvements to the game that has brought so many great memories to us all.

Need help?

100 Campaigns of WWII Online

Posted by XOOM-CRS Friday March 7 2014 at 10:19AM
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Written by XOOM
Chief Marketing Officer, Playnet Inc.


The Community is getting ready for Campaign 100 and it's time to unveil what the Rats have planned to make this an exciting celebration for everyone. We'll have weekend unlocks, increased experience earnings and exceptional campaign game play being carried out by all of our fans. Squads are reforming specifically for this special occasion, and by all means it is a celebration for the entire WWII Online Community past and present. Come join us for a great time, get in early to rally with your squad and shake the dust off.

Play WWII Online for FREE!


Campaign 100 will be a completely player driven campaign, there will be no special events occurring as this is what most of our players have indicated they'd like to see. So instead to make this a great experience for returning players and our new community members, we're opening some doors to give them a taste of the great equipment and game content we have available.


Each weekend we will have an unlock for our free to play customers. The caveat to this is previous week unlocks will follow. This means that if you are in Weekend 2, you will receive the unlocks from Weekend 1, and so on (they keep adding up).

In addition to these unlocks, rank restrictions will be set to their absolute minimum opening up the use of ranked equipment to all ranks.

Campaign 100 Weapon Unlocks!


Both premium and free play customers will receive increased XP earnings for the following areas.

Capture Facilities: Experience earned in association with capture, guarding or stopping a capture will be increased five (5x) times its normal amount.

Mission Leaders & Mobile Spawns: Mission leaders setting Field Resupply Units (FRU's) will receive a 5x bonus for each player spawning through their MSP/FRU.


The Rats will broadcast when Campaign 100 has started to the entire WWII Online player base via our newsletter mail, social media and other platforms.

We need your help to force multiply this message now to our friends back in time. Be sure to rally up with your squads by all means, mass forum e-mail, previous e-mail list, facebook, phone call etc.


Heads up, we'll be running another Rat Chat sometime shortly after Campaign 100 concludes to answer some questions and give you some intel on progress we're making. This will be done in similar fashion to our last one with a basic agenda going out first followed by a live Teamspeak discussion. - We'll report more on this after the festivities.

All of us at Cornered Rat Software Salute our Community and welcome returning and new customers. S!

WWII Online Official Trailer - 2013

Posted by XOOM-CRS Saturday February 16 2013 at 11:49AM
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Written by XOOM
Chief Marketing Officer, Playnet Inc.


We started our year off with crafting a new preview of what WWII Online looks like on the inside. If you've been curious about enlisting in the war for Europe, this is an outstanding presentation in less than two minutes of real time.

Battleground Europe Launches New Event: BLOODY BATTLES!

Posted by BEMotormouth Tuesday January 31 2012 at 2:54PM
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Public and Community Relations Manager, Playnet Inc.


Based on feedback from the last year of dynamically managed special events, Cornered Rat Software has designed a new and unique special event. Usually falling in between campaigns as a break from the regular “grind”, these events were designed to be different and exciting by focusing combat to smaller area and having specific and easy to understand objectives. These events are the model for the new BLOODY BATTLES special campaign: Time-limited, objective based battles focused on a specific area of the map.

What does this mean for players?


We're taking the best of WWIIOL:BATTLEGROUND EUROPE and delivering a whole new concept in campaign play.


The first Phase that will kick off the event is "THE BATTLE OF SEDAN". The French and British must hold Sedan from the Germans. This two day phase will play out until Wednesday when the victor will be declared and points awarded.

The BLOODY BATTLES campaign offers the potential for some incredibly intense combat for players old and new. No more run-of-the-mill Intermission. No one will be wandering around the map asking where the fight is. Specific and easy to understand objectives. Rapid access to the full equipment list. Less demand on the fine volunteers who make up the High Command. A shorter campaign with more unforgettable encounters.

Each phase will have a web page with the back story and the objectives clearly defined. A scoreboard is being created to keep track of each battles and the points tally.

We're trying something different using all the best that the Battleground Europe has to offer because we want you to have more fun playing. We're really excited to be offering this new campaign special event to you all and we're asking for your support as we work to improve the game you know and love.

Don't miss out on this unique campaign event! Get your fill of intense combat, a new persona and new weapons! Your High Command is excited to be focused on leading men into virtual combat! This event promises to have some unforgettable encounters, don't miss out!


10th Anniversary Announcement- WWII Online Adds U.S. Forces

Posted by BEMotormouth Monday June 6 2011 at 1:49PM
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Written by Al "RAFTER" Corey
Executive Producer, Cornered Rat Software


Today marks the 10th anniversary of continuous operation of WWII Online and we are excited and proud to announce the addition of U.S. Forces and a new scenario-based game play option called, "Rapid Action" (R.A.). U.S. Forces will first be featured in the "D-Day" Rapid Action scenario pack and as part of a campaign special event.

For the past several months we have been working on re-writing several of the key systems that make the game work behind the scenes. Many of you have read about this work in recent development updates. This work was required not only to improve the update (host/client) and scoring systems for campaign play but also expand our tools for running scenario/special events with unique rules.

In addition, we have been hard at work evolving our terrain system to create new, highly detailed play areas for R.A. scenarios. To kick-off these new systems and features we have produced the first of many unit and weapon sets that feature the U.S. forces from the WWII era.

U.S. Infantry

* M1911 Colt Automatic Pistol
* M1 Garand Semiautomatic Rifle
* M1A1 Thompson SMG
* M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
* M1903 Springfield Sniper Rifle

German Infantry

* GeW.43 Semiautomatic Rifle

Beginning with v1.34, a new game UI option will allow players to choose "Campaign" or "Rapid Action" (R.A.) game play. R.A. is our title for scenarios featuring new, custom terrain maps. These scenarios can be created any time using featured maps and can be joined at any time.

R.A. will offer games like Death Match, King of the Hill, single and two stage objectives and more. All will include the new scoring system with real-time events such as player/team points, streaks, objective points and more.

These custom scenarios, utilizing the same simulation-based play found in the campaign will provide instant and frantic action for players who want all the best of WWIIOL at a faster pace or as a break after those 4 hour siege battles found in the campaign.

Rapid Action- "D-Day Pack"

Our first R.A. scenario pack contains 3 unique maps designed around the Allied invasion in June 1944.

"Dog Green" - Relive the beach landing on June 6th in a huge terrain modeled from satellite data, Allied maps, German records and hundreds of photos. This map includes the actual landscape and every bunker, trench, minefield and beach obstacle found at "Dog Green". Will the Americans once again push the Germans back and capture the Vierville Draw? Now you can play either side as many times as you want to enjoy all the action.

"Le Pont du Mal" - In this scenario, an American infantry unit is trying to capture a vital bridge near a French town. The Germans make a hasty defense and are desperate to retain control. Can the Germans hold off the Americans until they are re-enforced?

"River Run" - With both the north and south bridges leading into the town destroyed, the Germans now must engage in a house to house fight with an American unit to see who will be victorious for control of the town. This map includes a special feature for the side that can keep someone alive in the church bell tower. This scenario will certainly earn the title, "Rapid Action".

Campaign Special Event- "The Battle for Aachen"

Our first campaign special event will be a recreation, "Battle for Aachen". The following is a synopsis;

The Allies have moved swiftly across France after their breakout from the Normandy beach head. The Germans, having been rolled back to the very borders of Germany itself, make their biggest stand to date at Aachen, the first major German city to come under Allied threat from the American forces readying themselves to invade Germany. The rapid advance of the Allied forces has stretched their supply lines to the maximum. The Germans have lost most of their equipment in the headlong retreat across France. Both sides will be depending on the upcoming attack at Aachen to influence their fortunes of war and their states of supply.

The schedule and details of this special event will become available in the coming weeks.

1.34 has been in extensive testing for several months and we will be providing a lot more information and updates on availability of this upgrade in the coming days.

We hope all players, past and present will join us in our excitement of this next milestone in the history of this wonderful project.

S! from all the Rats

1.34 Preview Video



Q. Americans!!! I see them listed for "Rapid Action" and campaign scenarios, when do we get them in the actual campaign?
A. We are committed to our long-standing game design of providing balanced play throughout our timeline tiers. Work is underway to complete more of the dozens of new vehicles and weapons required to accurately represent the U.S. forces in Battleground Europe campaign play. Until that work is completed, expect to see large-scale special events and "mini-campaigns" that include U.S.

Q. Do these new R.A. scenarios mean you are no longer focused on improving the campaign game?
A. NO! Much of the core system work and new features we're developing and first deploying in RA scenarios are a test bed for additions to the campaign. For example, an all-new real time scoring system will be ported to the campaign game once the systems are battle tested in scenario play.

Q. When will we see new R.A. terrain in the campaign game?
A. The path is not yet clear on migrating our terrain systems to support hundreds of square miles of play with the detail offered in the new RA maps. The work done in this area for R.A. scenarios is another example of a test bed for the campaign game. Expect to see additional discussion with our community on this subject in the coming weeks.

Q. Will other R.A. scenarios be available after the D-Day pack?
A. Yes we plan to deliver additional scenario packs, weapons and units to support both R.A. and campaign play.

Q. Are R.A. scenarios going to be free?
A. All scenarios will be free for subscribers to play at launch. We expect to offer some content "unlocks" in the near future for even more variety in play.

Q. Is R.A. signaling the beginning of "dumbed-down" gameplay for WWIIOL?
A. Not at all. We are retaining all the attention to detail, historically-based design, advanced physics and damage models that has made WWIIOL the premiere, hard-core combat experience. We are simply lifting that play and packaging it into a fast action style that may appeal to existing players and hopefully as an introduction to many more new players.

Q. When? How soon?
A. As soon as we have a date to announce we will. As you can see from the screen shots and videos, we are in the late stages of testing.



10th Anniversary Announcement Coming

Posted by BEMotormouth Friday June 3 2011 at 3:58PM
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Public and Community Relations Manager, Playnet Inc.


What news will June 6th, 2011 bring?

Think you can figure it out?

Join the discussion and see if you can solve our 10th Anniversary riddle on Facebook!

WWIIOL:Battleground Europe Development Update - May 2011

Posted by BEMotormouth Friday May 13 2011 at 3:46PM
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Public and Community Relations Manager, Playnet Inc.

2011 has been a big year for Cornered Rat Software when it comes to overhauling and updating WWIIOL. Our new infantry model hit the battlefield a couple of months ago and has had a big impact on the look and feel of the game. But we're not anywhere near done. In a continuing push to improve the game, the team has dug deep into the code to clean, update, kill and streamline the way the game works. Is this sexy? On the surface, not so much. But the new technologies and features that it let's us bring to our players is most assuredly sexy as all get out.

Most of what we're working now on is updating and refining Host and Core technologies as well as bug fixes. Eleven years have passed since the original coders sat down and started creating what was then something unique. Many of the issues we have today with CTDs and MR.P (Mission Results Pending) are caused by outdated Host code. Time to rip it out and build something spiffy.

Here's some stuff that's in development. Some is for 1.34, some is for later down the road.


    * New Battles Tab
    * New permanent MMHost connection which opens the door to many, many things including fixing MrP and the locked personas
    * Improved host performance for improved infantry updates and smoothing


    * Complete rework of the update system
    * Cell host efficiency / performance for US and China
    * Quality of infantry game lay experience for BE
    * Resolution of many long standing online issues (strange states, warping, stuck firing, etc)
    * Strat/map updates without clicking
    * CP and Facility messages Host -> Client directly
    * Replaced the underlying "Grid" system with clone of the Chat Grid system
    * Replaced the "biasing" system with a highly optimized version that processes an entire vis list at a time rather than a vehicle at a time
    * Vehicle "remove list" sent independently to client
    * Time and Weather updates sent independently to client
    * World Update packer on host is now single-pass rather than multiple-pass
    * Fixes stuck firing bug
    * Eliminates a number of potential state bug causes
    * Increases cell host efficiency by 10-15%
    * New system now working on dev cluster with other players visible, mobile and most importantly very smooth


    * OIC (Officer in Charge) changes:

Formalizing and coding in a new Brigade OIC role. A variation on the Volunteer Brigade OIC, it will allow interested players to run through an automated training and testing that grants them authorization to step into the Brigade OIC role without being in the HC. This eliminates the need for an HC officer to approve of a volunteer OIC over and over again. While not technically in the HC, it can be a jumping off point for interested players who can move onto more advanced training.

    * Bringing the HCTool in game

The current tool set is old and breaking down and is hosted outside the game. We'll be moving the essential tools into the game for ease of use and maintenance.

    * Improved Event and Scenario tools

The idea of bringing the events and scenarios into the UI and creating a whole set of events that can be quickly designed and executed is something we're excited about. With the help of BEGMs Xiper, we're getting close to having the ability to set up and run some kick ass events much easier than we can now.

    * New emote system

Stripped out of the recent infantry remodel, there is a new library of emotes we're looking at bringing in.

    * Increased performance from new compile as in 1.33.1

Always great news!

    * Future upgrade to OpenGL 3.2 (latest stuff)
    * Revisiting the PPO feature and evaluating what should be looked at next including more infantry PPOs and possible extension of the feature to include naval (boats and inf) play. Though nothing is slated for release on that we expect that the turnaround time will be pretty short for these

There's even more stuff in the works. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.