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Peering Into the Afterlife - VoZ Developer Blog

Visions of Zosimos is a Free-To-Play Online Strategy Board and Collectible Card Game! Join us as we discuss design decisions, tactics and art!

Author: VisionsofZosimos

A Game Like No Other

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Wednesday January 23 2013 at 6:23PM
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As previously mentioned on our facebook page, Visions of Zosimos is coming up on an Open Alpha Release! With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to showcase how truly unique this game really is! On the surface, Visions of Zosimos may seem like just another digital trading card game. This is far from accurate, despite the common elements that can be found.

The most obvious difference can be found in the game board. Unlike in other TCG’s, board positioning and tactics matter just as much as strategy in deck building or having powerful cards. Another element we borrow from board games is our use of various dice for attacking, defending, and playing cards.


Your struggle for the Afterlife will bring you into conflict with terrible foes.


Even deck building has an additional layer of strategy differentiating it from standard TCG’s. In addition to the time-honored tradition of deck-building (choosing which cards will comprise your deck and strategy) we change the formula by allowing you to create and customize your homunculus, choosing different components to grant it different abilities and change its appearance.

There is even a bit of standard RPG structure to be found in this game. Players gain strength over time by playing, their wins and losses contributing to the overall power and variety their army. This advancement comes with numerous benefits, such as granting the ability to use more powerful components for your homunculus, deck building options and more!

These elements are already enough to make this experience unlike any other out there, but there are other interesting aspects to Visions of Zosimos. We also incorporate social elements found in MMORPG’s. As with any MMO endeavor, players are encouraged to form groups of up to three alchemists to take on challenges and foes within the Afterlife.


You are not alone in your endeavor. Other students of Alchemy are there to support you.


It is common for games to draw upon real world history or mythology for inspiration. We take that to a whole different level. Since the lore for this game is inextricably tied to real world lore, we go to great lengths to incorporate as much as we can from our world, even as we weave a narrative with our own elements. For some games finding a name from legend is sufficient; for us, it’s just the first step.

It is not all that unusual for a game to borrow elements from other games out there. However, the way the myriad elements of Visions of Zosimos interact leads to a one-of-a-kind experience with more depth than the sum of its parts might suggest. Even better, this combination is just what is planned for the upcoming Alpha; there is far more to come.

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Return to Ashes: Fire

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday January 7 2013 at 11:47PM
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Fire is an element of creation. It brings light, and therefore life to every corner of the world. Much of the universe was created with Fire, and even now it remains the basis of nearly every form of life we yet know.

But that is not what most remember.

Fire is known as a force of violent change. Some call it destruction, but it is not true annihilation; rather it is a process of changing the form of both matter and energy. It is this which shows the element’s power. Those aligned with Fire bring this powerful force to bear, leaving piles of ashes and scorched earth in their wake.


Creatures of fire bring sweeping change and raw power to the battlefield.


What all remember is that fires Burn. Over time, the raw element strips away flesh and spirit alike, leaving grievous wounds. Though it grows no hotter as it consumes its fuel, the reaction lingers, and many cannot help but succumb to the flames.

When that energy is concentrated enough, it can Strike through even the most sturdy of defenses, dealing damage with no chance of rebuke. In this case the energy dissipates soon after contact, but the damage done is often considerable.

While these are the most obvious applications of Fire’s energy, there are more subtle ones. Though no less dangerous, skilled practitioners can Scorch their foes, leaving them wounded and weak. Although these wounds will heal in time, such a wound leaves a foe more vulnerable and easier to dispatch.

However, if an adherent of Fire makes up a lack of skill with raw power, some can Razewhole territories to the ground, stripping them of their elemental alignments and leaving them bare. Those who face fire would do well to harvest their terrain’s elemental energy quickly, lest they lose it in a conflagration.


Between ambition and desire for change, denizens of the lower Hells are often aligned with Fire.


The hardest skill for a student of Fire to master, is how to cause the change to spread. Best seen in Wildfire, those with enough talent can cause other applications of this power to jump from target to target on contact, potentially leaving crippling wounds or fatal injuries. Fortunately for its foes, few Alchemists have the ability to invoke this terrible power, and fewer still can use it well.

Beings aligned with Fire are as numerous as can be expected; the passion of even a single creature can incite fervor in others, though for some this does not last. For those who seek change, those with high ambitions, or those who simply seek power, Fire has great potential. What they say about using Fire remains true, however- if you grow careless, you too shall burn.

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