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Peering Into the Afterlife - VoZ Developer Blog

Visions of Zosimos is a Free-To-Play Online Strategy Board and Collectible Card Game! Join us as we discuss design decisions, tactics and art!

Author: VisionsofZosimos

Join the Visions of Zosimos Development Team !

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Friday June 6 2014 at 2:17PM
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Want to be a part of the Visions of Zosimos Development Team?

Forever Interactive is excited to announce that we are currently looking to bring on a few new members to the project! We are looking for motivated professionals with diverse talents.

Click on the link below for information on how to apply !

Visions of Zosimos Available Positions

Journey onward...

-The Visions of Zoismos Development Team

The Inclusion of Victory Points

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Tuesday June 3 2014 at 12:30AM
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Visions of Zosimos is clearly a rare breed of video game.  It is the first true MMO CCG and board game. It is also one of the few games that is both a tactics and strategy video game. Tactics, dealing with the how a battle should be fought within a given board and how many minions and wandering monsters they must face.

Strategy, planning out your strategy to achieve certain goals is more long term planning than tactics. With the inclusion of Victory Points, Visions of Zosimos will have a whole new layer of strategy that we haven’t had in the game. Victory Points will ultimately determine the winner of each battle. Victory Points will change depending on the map making players rethink their strategies as well as their tactics. Killing the enemy homunculus is still the main goal but may not always claim victory. With the Victory Point system, players will earn points for defeating wandering monsters. The strength of the monster will determine the amount of points you will earn with the homunculus always being the most. In addition to this, games will have bonus objectives like conquering a boss’ territory after defeating it or collecting objectives on the board itself, such as bits of lore or relics that could be fought over. Be careful with enemy territories though, because bosses may re-spawn! Another thing to keep in mind is that objectives are long term and the points are gained at the end of battle. Victory points are currently under testing, both the points above and other objectives like achieving first blood from killing a minion.

Victory Points allow players to shape decks based around earning certain Victory Points. We also believe that they will create a sense of randomness so games are always new and exciting. Victory Points also create new strategies for team battles. For example, a three vs three match could mean one player goes for collecting lore pieces while the other two go after wandering monsters and lore pieces. Some teams may even try to end the game as soon as possible and go straight for the enemy homunculi.

Special Announcement for those who wish to join us!

For those who are trying to log in to old clients or players who wish to become part of our Open Alpha. The client that is downloaded is out of date due to a recent engine upgrade. It is in the process of being fixed. In the meantime, you may use a generic player client available for download here:

Inside are two files. First, run LnchInst.exe to install the Launcher. Then double-click the heal file to begin the client installation. After you login you will need to choose a world (there should only be one choice). Enter the world called “Forever Interactive Beta”. The client will likely need to stream the art assets which can take a while. So please bear with us; once you are able to get into a game with that client, future loads will not take nearly as long.

We will keep you posted when there is a new official player client available.

Visions of Zosimos Developers Blog

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Thursday May 29 2014 at 12:56AM
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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out our site here at MMORPG !

If you are interested in what we have been up to lately, why not hear it from the developers themselves !

Please follow the link to our Developers Blog if your interested !

Visions of Zosimos Developers Blog

What's that? You have not received your Open Alpha Key? No problem, feel free to contact us for one !

Follow us here, Tumblr, Facebook, and on Twitter or our website for News, Updates, and more  as we move forward towards a Open Beta!


See you in the Afterlife!

- The Visions of Zosimos Development Team


Click the links below to take you to our web pages

Visions of Zosimos

Forever Interactive



Claiming the Afterlife

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday March 25 2013 at 4:08PM
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In this blog, we have covered a number of subjects. We’ve described dice mechanics, the four elements, both realms, and delved into some deep lore for Visions of Zosimos. Today, however, we will be telling you about one of the most important aspects of the game – how to win!

In every game, victory is achieved by defeating any opposing homunculi on the game board. However, depending on which game board you choose, there may be other objectives as well. On a PvEvP board, you must not only defeat enemy homunculi, but also powerful monsters appropriate to the board. Defeating these monsters help advance the story and reveal the mystery and lore of the Afterlife in Visions of Zosimos.

Currently, there are three types of monsters on a given game board. They are Wandering Monsters, Bosses, and the Final Boss. All of them are considered adversaries, and they grant bonus dice to the homunculus of the player that defeats them. This bonus applies until the end of the current game. Bosses and Final Bosses may also give various other rewards, such as cards to add to your collection, as well as other surprises planned down the line.


The Bog Slave is a Boss Monster. He won’t go down easily!


Wandering Monsters are free roaming monsters that make their way around the board until they get close enough to a homunculus or its minions – then attack, doing their best to wound or destroy any they can. There are several kinds of Wandering Monster per game board, and each are specific to their realm. The number of Wandering Monsters increases the more players there are per team.

Boss monsters are considerably stronger than Wandering Monsters and possess special abilities. Unlike their wandering counterparts, they do not change in number based on the number of players, rather they gain strength as their opposition becomes more numerous, forcing a team to work together to defeat them. The number of Bosses varies from board to board, but there is one of each kind available to each team on the field. Boss Monsters are generally not visible on the game board until they are drawn out from specific lairs, marked on the board by specific tiles.

Once a team defeats all of its Bosses, it may draw out a board’s Final Boss. Between its raw power and potent abilities, a Final Boss will take a considerable amount of effort to defeat, but unlike normal Bosses, there is but a single Final Boss per board. It is only once the Final Boss and all opposing homunculi have been defeated that a winner can be declared.


As a Final Boss, the Spawn of Fenris may take several players’ concerted efforts to defeat.


It is here a decision must be made. The Final Boss grants bonus dice as well, but only to the team that has defeated him first. However, any other rewards are split amongst any teams still on the board. This means you must find a way to handle both the powerful Final Boss, and any opponents that seek to defeat both it and you.

This confrontation is inevitable, but how will you handle it? Will you work together with your opponent to try to take the advantage before destroying them, or will you attempt to bring them down first to gain all the rewards? The choice, as they say, is yours.

Alchemist Spotlight: Saint Albertus Magnus

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday March 4 2013 at 3:01PM
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I continue to dream. They do not fade like the dreams of sleep – rather, they linger like the dreams of a higher kingdom. I no longer confide in my brothers, for they report all aberrations to the Cardinal. I do not blame them. They are concerned for my well being. But they do not understand – they cannot understand – that God is granting me these dreams for a purpose beyond conventional understanding.

I find my thoughts going back to “boots the bishop” – Albertus of Cologne. A Bavarian and a practitioner of the sciences, his ideas weren’t any more foreign to the fathers of the church than mine. He had visions, as I do – the Virgin Mary came to him and convinced him to join our Order.




But where I shy and hide my visions and my desire to expand my mind for fear of persecution, Albertus embraced them and proclaimed them for all of Europe to see. He defended our Order against attacks from those who wish to remain closed to the Glory of the Kingdom of God as observed through the natural sciences. He studied all aspects of nature, science and mathematics and beyond.

Where did he find this courage? This strength? Did he ever doubt the vision that put him on the path? When people criticized and attacked the work of the Dominicans, did his conviction ever waver?

He not only studied these disciplines through the works of others, he researched on his own. Experimenting with chemicals and reagents, he expanded upon the labor of others by carefully working within the scientific method. He discovered the philosopher’s stone and witnessed the creation of gold by transmutation.

With his vast scientific knowledge, what did he do? He preached for peace. For understanding. He dreamt of a world where science and religion could co-exist, peacefully, so that all might understand the glory of the work of God as they see fit.


And he did not find himself censured by a cardinal. He did not find himself dreading to sleep for the dreams he might have. He did not question his own sanity and reason.

Contemplare et Contemplata Aliis Tradere. Our motto. Albertus’ life put into words. Is it my curse? To be taught lessons I can’t fathom by beings that subsequently enthrall and terrify me?

I hope for a dreamless sleep. But I dream of a world larger than conventional understanding.


Padre Gasparo Barbarigo

2 Marzo, 1418


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Eternal Tundra: Ice

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday February 11 2013 at 5:50PM
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In the beginning, there was only Fire and Ice. Fire is endless change, and thus the light of creation. Ice is far more than simple frozen water; it is preservation and a lack of change. Old hatreds, enduring empires, ancient principles- these things are all influenced by Ice. As such, it makes sense that those who channel Ice excel at preventing change, and maintaining the status quo.


- Creatures of Ice direct what change they cannot prevent outright.


The first thing an Ice disciple learns is the ability to render creatures Impervious to a specific type of change. It is simplest to prevent change from sources that are not physical, but such immunity is impossible to maintain for all types. Instead, each is aligned with a particular element; even a mighty bolt of lightning can do no harm to a creature rendered Impervious to that element.

For physical sources, from the blow of a weapon to the strike of a homunculus, it is necessary to expend energy actively to Block such attacks. If you are prepared to offer up such elemental power, such attacks can be prevented from having any effect on you or those near to you. Be warned, however, such power must be given each time if such violent change is to be prevented.

A more advanced technique is to use Ice’s namesake for both attack and defense, while preserving range of motion and movement capabilities. This brings with it great power, but such frozen creatures eventually Thaw, slowly reducing their increased power until only the creature itself remains.

It is possible for talented alchemists to delay violent change for a time, rendering a creature Numb to its effects. Note that this protection only lasts for a time upon receiving such an attack, but it allows a creature to continue to act normally no matter their grievous wounds. Sadly, after this protection runs out, the full effects of the damage are felt by the creature.

Only the most skilled of practitioners can go beyond preventing change, to directing it. This can allow a creature to Deflect a blow, causing another willing creature to feel the effects. This may seem like a detriment, and indeed one cannot reduce the damage redirected in this way. However, it can allow a less important creature to take a powerful blow. Creatures already Numb to their wounds can be Defected to with impunity, though they still feel the effects when their protection fades.


- Though many are built for power and defense, some Ice creatures are made for speed.


Ice creatures can be found in any place far enough from the light of creation, often in the old forgotten places of the world. As such, they are far more numerous than one might expect, and alchemists with talent can draw them from their hidden places to do battle in the Afterlife. The element holds great appeal for those who wish to achieve and then maintain power, its effects felt long after it is but a memory. Any element can bring you strength, but mastery of Ice can make you a legend.

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A Game Like No Other

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Wednesday January 23 2013 at 5:23PM
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As previously mentioned on our facebook page, Visions of Zosimos is coming up on an Open Alpha Release! With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to showcase how truly unique this game really is! On the surface, Visions of Zosimos may seem like just another digital trading card game. This is far from accurate, despite the common elements that can be found.

The most obvious difference can be found in the game board. Unlike in other TCG’s, board positioning and tactics matter just as much as strategy in deck building or having powerful cards. Another element we borrow from board games is our use of various dice for attacking, defending, and playing cards.


Your struggle for the Afterlife will bring you into conflict with terrible foes.


Even deck building has an additional layer of strategy differentiating it from standard TCG’s. In addition to the time-honored tradition of deck-building (choosing which cards will comprise your deck and strategy) we change the formula by allowing you to create and customize your homunculus, choosing different components to grant it different abilities and change its appearance.

There is even a bit of standard RPG structure to be found in this game. Players gain strength over time by playing, their wins and losses contributing to the overall power and variety their army. This advancement comes with numerous benefits, such as granting the ability to use more powerful components for your homunculus, deck building options and more!

These elements are already enough to make this experience unlike any other out there, but there are other interesting aspects to Visions of Zosimos. We also incorporate social elements found in MMORPG’s. As with any MMO endeavor, players are encouraged to form groups of up to three alchemists to take on challenges and foes within the Afterlife.


You are not alone in your endeavor. Other students of Alchemy are there to support you.


It is common for games to draw upon real world history or mythology for inspiration. We take that to a whole different level. Since the lore for this game is inextricably tied to real world lore, we go to great lengths to incorporate as much as we can from our world, even as we weave a narrative with our own elements. For some games finding a name from legend is sufficient; for us, it’s just the first step.

It is not all that unusual for a game to borrow elements from other games out there. However, the way the myriad elements of Visions of Zosimos interact leads to a one-of-a-kind experience with more depth than the sum of its parts might suggest. Even better, this combination is just what is planned for the upcoming Alpha; there is far more to come.

Interested in learning more about Visions of Zosimos? Join our facebook page and follow us on twitter for an invite to the alpha and more!

Return to Ashes: Fire

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday January 7 2013 at 10:47PM
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Fire is an element of creation. It brings light, and therefore life to every corner of the world. Much of the universe was created with Fire, and even now it remains the basis of nearly every form of life we yet know.

But that is not what most remember.

Fire is known as a force of violent change. Some call it destruction, but it is not true annihilation; rather it is a process of changing the form of both matter and energy. It is this which shows the element’s power. Those aligned with Fire bring this powerful force to bear, leaving piles of ashes and scorched earth in their wake.


Creatures of fire bring sweeping change and raw power to the battlefield.


What all remember is that fires Burn. Over time, the raw element strips away flesh and spirit alike, leaving grievous wounds. Though it grows no hotter as it consumes its fuel, the reaction lingers, and many cannot help but succumb to the flames.

When that energy is concentrated enough, it can Strike through even the most sturdy of defenses, dealing damage with no chance of rebuke. In this case the energy dissipates soon after contact, but the damage done is often considerable.

While these are the most obvious applications of Fire’s energy, there are more subtle ones. Though no less dangerous, skilled practitioners can Scorch their foes, leaving them wounded and weak. Although these wounds will heal in time, such a wound leaves a foe more vulnerable and easier to dispatch.

However, if an adherent of Fire makes up a lack of skill with raw power, some can Razewhole territories to the ground, stripping them of their elemental alignments and leaving them bare. Those who face fire would do well to harvest their terrain’s elemental energy quickly, lest they lose it in a conflagration.


Between ambition and desire for change, denizens of the lower Hells are often aligned with Fire.


The hardest skill for a student of Fire to master, is how to cause the change to spread. Best seen in Wildfire, those with enough talent can cause other applications of this power to jump from target to target on contact, potentially leaving crippling wounds or fatal injuries. Fortunately for its foes, few Alchemists have the ability to invoke this terrible power, and fewer still can use it well.

Beings aligned with Fire are as numerous as can be expected; the passion of even a single creature can incite fervor in others, though for some this does not last. For those who seek change, those with high ambitions, or those who simply seek power, Fire has great potential. What they say about using Fire remains true, however- if you grow careless, you too shall burn.

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Landslide Victory: Earth

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Thursday December 6 2012 at 4:29PM
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The Earth is timeless. It has provided for all life since before recorded history, and it will remain long after the last of us has passed. It nourishes, protects, and provides. With such strength, it is little wonder that it is harnessed both to nurture and to destroy.

To choose Earth is to choose stability, strength, and endurance. While its adherents may lack some mobility, they make up for it in durability, and given time, can bring forth power sufficient to lay waste to their foes. As with Lightning, Earth too has special abilities it wields against its foes with impunity.


- Creatures of Earth are known for their extraordinary resilience.


The most common of these abilities is, in fact, a pair utilizing inertia. Hulking minions use their added bulk to deflect blows and remain unharmed, gaining additional defense dice. Minions with Momentum use their mass as well, gaining attack dice to inflict punishing blows. In both cases, new bonus dice are added whenever an Earth spell is cast by their controlling Alchemist, and the bonus dice are permanently used at the first opportunity. In other words, once Hulking or Momentum dice are used, successful or not, they vanish and must be earned anew.

But Earth is not merely known for its mass; the bounty of life it supports has an energy all its own, and users of Earth learn to Replenish that energy. This allows a skilled alchemist to heal the wounds of their minions or even their homunculus, though this effect cannot make them stronger than they began.

More than just supporting life, however, Earth helps to Shelter it. Even if it cannot withstand the full fury of an assault, the resilience of these Earth minions helps to reduce damage taken from any source, dramatically increasing their longevity.


- Though known for defense, do not underestimate Earth’s offensive capabilities.


As life grows upon the Earth and becomes more complex, occasionally something wondrous happens. Sentient beings can form incredible bonds of Camaradarie, their underlying connection bringing them great strength. In fact, the more of these comrades there are, the stronger each one of them becomes, striking terror into the hearts of their foes as the legion becomes unstoppable.

Unsurprisingly, creatures and beings aligned with Earth are found everywhere. Those that strive to protect others, those that make use of their surroundings, those that withstand the fury of their foes- all these exemplify Earth. If you, too, wish to endure and build your strength until none can stand against you, Earth will take you there.

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Shock and Awe: The Element of Lightning

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Sunday November 18 2012 at 1:43PM
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A crash of thunder, a whiff of ozone, and a patch of scorched earth; these are all that remain in the wake of a lightning strike. With such power, it is little wonder the forces of the Light chose to use it in their endless struggle. For this reason, too, talented Alchemists harness the fury of the storm.

As you can imagine, Lightning has a number of benefits going for it. The most obvious are that it strikes fast and hard, but there is more. Its unpredictability allows it to catch its opponents off guard, and take advantage of each opening it creates. Like all elements, there are a number of abilities that Lightning has at its disposal. Other elements may use them here and there, but Lightning is the undisputed master of these.


- Lightning users harness the fury of the storm to swiftly destroy their foes.


Among the most common abilities is Backlash. While Lightning is not known for its stalwart defenses, it can make sure that those who dare to strike back pay for it. Some minions innately store electrical power, ready to lash out at any who create a link to ground. Others simply have reflexes so incredible that no strike goes unanswered. For those that lack either, there are spells that grant the power or speed necessary.

Lightning’s ability to appear where least expected is made manifest in many cards’ ability to Teleport. Though this transportation requires some form of power (often in the form of Elemental Power Dice or a Terrain where Lightning is strong), the advantage it can bring is undeniable.

Instant travel is not the only movement advantage Lightning can confer upon its adherents, however. Some minions are able to move with great Haste, seeming to fly across the battlefield to bring the fight to their foes. This often has fewer restrictions than Teleport, so it adds considerable maneuverability to those units that benefit.

Rarer still are those units which Bolt from skirmish to skirmish, making a strike only to be gone to the next fight. With this ability, units may move again immediately after successfully attacking, taking themselves out of danger or moving to a better position from which to strike.

The most powerful weapon Lightning has in its arsenal is the ability to Stun an enemy minion or homunculus. If hit by this surge of power, a target is unable to move or attack for one round, rendering them docile and potentially vulnerable. It should be noted, however, that it cannot prevent a player from casting other cards.


- Blitzkrieg tactics are favored by many who channel the power of Lightning.


Creatures and people aligned with Lightning come from all corners of the world, from those that embody the physical qualities of the element to those that embody the spiritual aspects of the element and its realm. Among humans, there are many who strive to bring swift vengeance to their enemies; those with the necessary discipline and strength are often Lightning aligned.

Do you wish to strike with the fury of a thunderstorm? To see your enemy scattered before your might, to give them no chance to fight back? Do you wish to see them stunned by the fury of your assault? If so, seek Lightning; it will serve you well.

Interested in learning more about Visions of Zosimos? Join our facebook page and follow us on twitter for a chance to win a beta key and more!

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