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My views on the industry, current games, technology and everything else I want.

Author: Vindicoth

Why do I keep trying old MMO's?

Posted by Vindicoth Monday January 28 2008 at 3:30PM
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I've been finding myself doing a lot of this lately. I tend to find myself wondering how old MMO's i've played in the past are doing now.. and entirely forget why I quit them in the first place.. but then shortly remember afterwards.

I have tried going back to DAoC.. went back and leveled a Friar to 50 with 2 friends, we made it the entire way with only 3 people. Pretty quickly too, like less than a week.. but we get to 50 and try to do RvR and find it extremely boring.. how dissapointing that was.. I mean I liked the classes and skills and some of the things they added, but I found the lack of people in the frontiers disturbing and how little action there was reminded me of how much fun I had in WoW battlegrounds.

Then I tried going back to EverQuest 1.. I even *gulp* bought platinum. I mean 1,000,000 plat for 20 bucks was hard to resist. Thats all that game was to me anyway was a way for me to get high enough level to farm plat and twink out a character I've always wanted. I went back and tried the new newbie zone.. made some sick twinks.. but in the end it was still just single button press combat with long down time and lots and lots of grinding.

So I tried going back to WoW, this is the one that held me the longest. I went back to WoW several times and had a blast each time. I quit the first time for several months just before Dire Maul came out.. I had a level 60 warlock and was one of the top 5 Warlocks to hit level 60 on Argent Dawn. Anyways I quit because .. well my friends quit and I didnt want to play by myself. We came back after a bunch of changes had gone through, mainly battlegrounds and such, and we made a Druid and Warrior combo. We got to level 60 pretty quickly and quickly became one of the best 2 player combos on the server for our gear bracket. We played maybe 3 or 4 hours a day on the weekdays and sometimes 6-10 hours a day on the weekends. This was a short amount of time considering the last games I've played.

But we got bored of the same boring content.. and.. quit.. again.. and went on to try EverQuest 1 again.. with the same result.. ended up quitting again after buying plat and reaching about level 30..

A couple more months went by and we went back to WoW, this time 2 months before Burning Crusade came out.. got involved more into the raiding scene but casually, trying to gear up for BC. BC came out, we quickly got to level 70 and created our own guild to start raiding. We did good.. but started to feel burned out (being guild leaders is tedious)

We ended up quitting after beating Karazhan and not having much time for Arenas and BG's.
 Our true love still resides in PvP/RvR.

So why do we keep going back to MMO's? I have no desire to go back to any of them before but I do have a desire to try games like EverQuest 2 and some other older MMO's I never did, while waiting for the next best thing, Warhammer Online or Age of Conan.

How often do you go back to old MMO's? 

BadSpock writes:

Dude I feel your pain!

When I *quit* WoW this last time, I ended up buying 3 new MMOs (Tabula Rasa, Everquest 2, and Final Fantasy XI) but never got past the free month.

I've demo'd, tested, free-trailed, etc. just about everything else on the market.

They just didn't "capture" me and hold onto my attention like WoW, SWG, and UO did....

So I resubbed to WoW and am playing very casually. No more raiding, just some battlegrounds here and there and leveling up a Pally alt...

I too am waiting for the "next big thing" either AoC and/or WAR. I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect, trying to get all the achievments...

Mon Jan 28 2008 3:48PM Report
Vindicoth writes:

Yeah I just recently purchased an xbox 360 and I've found myself playing that a lot more now. Just because theres things I can play on it that i can't play on the PC. Don't get me wrong I still think PC gaming is > than console gaming.. I've just run dry on MMO's.. and I love me an MMO.


I still play PC alot too though.


Xbox 360 games I've bought since I got it in December..

Halo 3
Rock Band
Guitar Hero 3
Viva Pinata (for my little sister, though i have played it a little)
Gears of War
Assassins Creed
Mass Effect
Dead or Alive 4
and it came bundled with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I've beat most of them except Forza 2 and Ultimate Alliance and viva pinata..



Mon Jan 28 2008 4:44PM Report
jasthemity writes:

Yeah I have the same problem. Stupid wow never lets me go...

Mon Jan 28 2008 5:11PM Report
Drmccoy writes:

You know the saying "Your only a virgin once". Well this applies to people's first MMORPG. They have fond memories of it.  When you try this genre of game for the first time everything in it is a wow effect (i dont mean the game) You are amazed that you are in a persistent world, character progression, chatting with others, playing in groups, trading items etc. Your first game will hold you longer because everything in it is fresh and new.

Once you leave for a new MMO they share the same principles and hence"been there seen that" effect happens and you get bored much quicker. People will tend to go back and try to rekindle the magic they remembered from their first games. However, once they go back they see the flaws in the game of it's old technology or gameplay as well rehash old tired things they have done in the passed and grew tired of in the first place. This makes you quit pretty quickly.

I remember my first game which was Asheron's Call and soem new player asked me, "How do I save the game?" This really hit's you because at the time we only knew single player games and it's a relevant question. "What do you mean it saves me automatically?" these things alone blow your mind.

It can never be the same and really you can never go back to the way it was. New MMO's while far better in everyway will not rekindlke this feeling or us as long.

It's an unfortunate phenomenon of the genre.


Mon Jan 28 2008 7:50PM Report
Vindicoth writes:

Well I musta been lucky because it happend to me 3 times in the same genre.

EverQuest 1 back in 1999
Dark Age of Camelot
World of Warcraft

Mon Jan 28 2008 7:58PM Report
noodlesan writes:

yes drmccoy, you hit the sentiments exactly.  now, will someone please re-light my mmo fire?  ...okay, just touch me a little...

Tue Jan 29 2008 12:01AM Report
Zycie writes:

EverQuest was my first MMO. Every once in a while, I'll suddenly hear the theme song in my head and get the urge to train my alcohol tolerance in Kelethin...

I actually really enjoy older games and don't mind crappy graphics at all. So when I'm looking for a new MMO, it doesn't necessarily mean I'll find a "new" or shiny game.

Tue Jan 29 2008 12:18AM Report
rsreston writes:

Interesting your Blog. I'd like to strongly recommend you City of Heroes/Villains (CoX) - totally original, easy gameplay, beautiful, great community... If you ever give it a try, look me up at @empresss.

Tue Jan 29 2008 5:33AM Report
krindorf writes:

I've just had a slightly similar rant over on my new blog mate.

I think the desire for more satisfying PvP/RvR is driving a lot of us to try older MMO's, and in some cases games we had never even contemplated trying.

Age of Conan looks like it could be pretty satisfying...

Graphics don't mean too much to me personally, as long as I can believe the environment I'm in I don't tend to mind. Of course if the content you're doing or the PvP you're engaged in isn't that good, average graphics will look like poor graphics as your mind starts picking holes in the game.

Tue Jan 29 2008 8:38PM Report writes:
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