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Cabal2 Archives - Urza's Blog!

This is the copy of my blog from C2Archives as I want to share it with the MMORPG community!

Author: UrzaKeFrostgard

ArcheAge - Of Trolls and Chats

Posted by UrzaKeFrostgard Tuesday August 19 2014 at 5:39AM
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The first thing I want to do is to give you a small overview about my ArcheAge career:

Three days before the CBE2 I started rto gather every information possible about ArcheAge soon after the CBE2 I bought myself an Archeum Pack and started playing ArcheAge on the alpha server Omega. While my focus at this moment is to create the perfect headstart plan I've started playing CBE2 as Firran with a switch to Nuian as my first alpha character, in CBE3 I tried some thoughts about the headstart as Nuian again and at this moment I am playing my Firran on Omega as my final main character.


As the racial skills may have a minimum impact on your gaming I've chosen Firran > Nuian not as a racial aspect but the eastern faction in general. Maybe later I'll give you a complete overview about the diffrences I have experienced between the two starting factions but for now I want to focus on the community and the chat. One thing I may want to say before starting, the eastern faction is way lower populated than the western.


Starting with CBE2 and my first time on the eastern faction EU server:

There were so much trolls in the faction chat even I started trolling new players... well I could not blame some trolls trolling as some of the questions that were asked are... yeah well maybe you have heard that there are no stupid questions just stupid answers... this is so damn wrong... but yeah it is the 2nd beta event and most of the players even on release know nearly nothing about the game they are playing. While the trolling were strong these days the overall conversations were fairly friendly besides some comments on the every two hours occuring discussion about WoW beeing the first and best MMO. After a few hours the first trial started and, well, this spam after the "noobs" realised the could use the /trial without any restrictions... still the overall faction chat remained friendly.

Most of the chat, maybe 95%, were english about 4% were french and the last 1% were german and russian.

On Sunday I created a Nuian character on the same server. The first thing I noticed that a lot more germans were playing on the western faction as about 10%+ of the chat were german. Again the overall chat looked friendly you could notice that on the eastern chat a lot more questions were answered seriously.

As time was running out I do not stay for very long and finished my CBE2 with the shopping for the Archeum Pack.


On the alpha server Omega the first character I created were a Nuian again as I wanted to learn more about the western faction ingame. With just a hand full of trolls on the alpha server the chat were not only friendly but helpful as well.

A lot of people tried to calmy answer even the noobiest questions as clearly as possible and even for people that were not able to understand the first answer the people tried to explain it until the person got it.

But there were that huge contagion of goldspammers... gosh there are so many of them... at the moment you have to block about at least one person every 15-30 minutes due to gold spamming. Sometimes while logging in the first time of the day you have to block ten people before you are able to read the real faction chat.

As the chat were overall friendly some players not trolling just beeing toxic or "pro" came out occasionally and you were able to see that some hate is buried deep inside.


Some days ago I switched from Nuian back to Firran again (also on Omega). Not even one hour into the game I realised that a lot more people were playing the western faction as the easterns faction chats was noticable "slower", there are also less gold spammers on the eastern side! But the community of the eastern chat is just great, even the friendly and helpful people of the western chat did not stand a chance about the kindness and endurance of the eastern people. Well as the eastern faction seems a lot smaller than the western there a less trolls in general. I may switch to the Alpha Server and another CBE4 server to get more informations about the faction communitys but for now it seems the smaller eastern community offers somewhat more friendlyness than the western.

mrfool writes:

Faction chat is honestly pretty useless anyways. I have my own group of friends I play with and if I want to communicate with more people I use either Shout or I talk to people around me.


I made a separate chat tab with everything in it aside from Faction and Trial. It works well for me to just keep faction separate since it offers no help for me. Just newer players asking questions, older players bantering about whatever and a heap of trolls.


I sometimes switch back to Faction chat to see if there's any new player not getting an answer out of chat. But most of the time I stay far away from it.

Wed Aug 20 2014 11:02AM Report
d4rkwing writes: I will add, faction chat is just as bad on the NA servers. Yet somehow the newb questions and trolling of faction chat adds an atmosphere of activity. I leave it on so I don't get lonely when I'm questing and farming. Wed Aug 20 2014 1:04PM Report
UrzaKeFrostgard writes: A lot of beta trolls wont be there on release so heads up guys :) the alpha faction chat on both sides on Omega is really helpful! Thu Aug 21 2014 3:20AM Report writes:
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