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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

Gods and Heroes Part II: The PR Strikes Back

Posted by UnSub Wednesday December 12 2007 at 12:47AM
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In an ironic follow-up to my post yesterday, Kohnke Communications Inc (Kohnke) - G&H's former PR company - is suing Perpetual Entertainment (PE) for a number of things including breach of  contract and other sleight of hand things that come from PE selling itself to itself. On the surface of it, Kohnke is going after money owed for the work it did up to the point G&H was cancelled -they only billed around a third of the $15k per month on the agreement that when G&H was launched, the outstanding amount plus an incentive up to 400% would be paid based on the number of G&H subscribers after 90 days after launch - which seems fair enough for at least the first $80k. I'm sure a secondary objective is to dissuade any other MMO companies from trying the same trick on it in future.

I say 'ironic' because i predicted that STO would not ship from PE, with the project dying before launch. I certainly didn't expect such a large potential reason for this death to appear so soon. Plus their would certainly be irony in PE dumping shelving G&H for STO, only for G&H to ultimately be behind the death of STO.


Enahowae writes:

Kohnke levels some very serious charges in their complaint. This is going to get ugly for PE...P2...whatever they call themselves now. Get the popcorn!

Wed Dec 12 2007 3:21AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

What ever one wants to know is how this will affect Star Trek Online?

Wed Dec 12 2007 5:00AM Report
NightCloak writes:

My bet is STO is either sold or the IP is yanked. If the charges are true, PE just committed suicide. If they are not true, PE mismanaged themselves into looking bad enough that no PR can save them... Kinda ironic actually. Getting screwed by PR no matter what happens.

Wed Dec 12 2007 6:16AM Report
Unshra writes: Honestly the STO IP should be yanked and given to a company that is not as shady as PE. They already tried passing renders as screenshots and to cover their arse they came around and said they were now going for a different look which is more WoWish. I honestly wonder if they even have a working game. Anyways PE should not be trusted with the IP they will just ruin it in the end. To make matters worse they will have a hard time finding funding for STO after all that has happened. Oh and is it just me or does this remind anyone of Horizons history from dev to release? -Unshra Wed Dec 12 2007 10:26AM Report
ssnautilus writes:

Hmm.. lets experiment with the IP-yank flavors today....

1. Blizzard + STO....

2. SOE + STO.....

3. ArenaNET + STO......

Wed Dec 12 2007 10:35AM Report
logicbomb82 writes:

Blizzard is too busy to take on another project.

SOE takes on anything this could happen.

ArenaNet  this might happen as well but I'd rather see SOE take it on.

Wed Dec 12 2007 11:22AM Report
sweetdreams writes:

omg.. i thought i read on the side bar with the tags ANAL HEROES . i need to sleep..

anyway... when i was playing G&H beta it seemed way old and not like it was being created during this year.

Wed Dec 12 2007 1:42PM Report writes:
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