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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

Fallen Earth Announces Alpha Sign-Up, Sign-Up Fails

Posted by UnSub Tuesday August 12 2008 at 11:15PM
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After about 7 or 8 years since it was first announced, Fallen Earth (FE) has finally announced it is going into public alpha testing. FE has been very public in saying that the game is feature complete and coming up on content complete, so the actual alpha experience should be more of a bug-fixing and technical exercise prior to launch rather than stuff being added on the fly at random.

Of course, god help FE if players find the existing experience isn't fun, or lacks perceived necessary features. MMOs should wait until they are at a 'launch complete' level before they open the game up to the public, but the risk is that systems that don't work well with a large audience will be too far along to fix prior to launch. But anyway...

FE is using Gamespot as the base to sign up to the alpha. Now, why Gamespot? No official reasons have been given, but it probably comes down to 1) it's a great way to get Fallen Earth known, since the game to date has been practically invisible, 2) it means that someone else handles some of the logistics - this is important for a company running an official forums supported by Google Ads, and 3) it gives FE the chance of future attention from Gamespot editors, who will do probably do exclusive hands-on previews, pre-launch reviews and so on. For a small MMO (it's been small to date, anyway), getting this kind of assistance for promotion and recruitment could be invaluable.

The irony kicks in when a number of players complain that they don't understand the sign-up process, followed by the announcement that the Alpha registration process has been suspended due to "technical issues".

Not quite the coming out party FE wanted, I suspect.

Oh, and I find it interesting that Gamespot currently lists Icarus Studios as the developer and publisher of FE - Icarus publically spun Fallen Earth off into a new company (Fallen Earth LLC), but the fact they haven't even got Gamespot to update their information makes me wonder exactly how separate the two companies really are (in my opinion: not very).

ZtyX writes:

Yea, well. It doesn't matter. The ALPHA will start tomorrow and I think youre reading too much into this.

Wed Aug 13 2008 5:08AM Report
downtoearth writes:

yep there was only like 50 keys and most went to forums members

Tue Aug 19 2008 10:52AM Report
UnSub writes:

Given that indicating you have an alpha invite is a violation of the NDA and can lead to banning from the alpha, it's easy to say that "most went to forums members" because it can't be proved.

Tue Aug 19 2008 11:00AM Report
Sirmaki writes:

And so what if they did? I mean some of the forum members have been there since opening day and many were on fansites (like .se) before that. If you don't know what .se refers to, then you aren't a serious follower of the game. Even if it pre-dates you, you could have picked it up by following the forums.

Ok, I am ranting here, but my point is this. Why are you whining? So you didn't get picked? Whining about it just proves that we all dodged a bullet that you didn't get in to spend your time whining about the game instead of helping make it better.

All that bile aside, Unsub you are the only one of the "bloggers" here that I actually look for. I occasionally will read another one, but that depends on the subject. Yours I read due to the tagline :)

Mon Aug 25 2008 8:04AM Report
WisebutCruel writes:

They just let in more alpha testers, pulled from those who signed up but didn't get in. And more will be let in shortly. So I'm sure all the forum members who were smart enough to go sign up instead of sitting around bitching are in or will be in soon.

Wed Sep 17 2008 5:58PM Report writes:
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