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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

DCUO To Be Delayed Until 2010; Champions Online Will Launch With Lvl 40 Cap

Posted by UnSub Thursday March 26 2009 at 3:01AM
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A short post before a very long one later this week:

  1. DC Universe Online delayed until 2010. As is The Agency, which seems to exist in a perpetual "almost finished, really, but we haven't decided to announce any beta / launch dates yet".
  2. Champions Online will launch (still Spring 2009) with the level cap set to 40, not 50 as was originally indicated in a Game Informer (March 2008) issue. Which probably means the Omega System, ChampO's secretive end-game system, is off the table for launch too.

DCUO's news isn't that surprising but is still disappointing. DCUO will need a lot of work despite the attractiveness of the small areas they've demoed.

ChampO's news is surprising AND disappointing. Cryptic dropped the launch content of CoH/V from lvl 50 to lvl 40 as well (lvl 40+ content was later patched in and it was pretty good) but you would think they'd have learned from that.

t0nyd writes:

Both of those games are hard to get excited about. Both lack PvP and I wish we could replace the DC universe with the Marvel Universe.

I know, not everyone is into PvP, but I thought Cryptic learned from CoX, that patching in PvP just doesnt work. I assume that they will make the same mistake...

Thu Mar 26 2009 4:17AM Report
chrisleko writes:

T0nyd, what are you talking about.  One of the major focuses of DCU is going to be PVP.  They've been adding a lot into it recently.  Also MU just got optioned for another shot at the big time.

Thu Mar 26 2009 9:28AM Report
biff10426 writes:

Uh, I read that CO will have pvp, where did you read that it would not?

Thu Mar 26 2009 9:34AM Report
Hhussk writes:

t0nyd is incorrect. Both games focus on PvP.

Thu Mar 26 2009 11:08AM Report
UnSub writes:

ChampO has PvP at launch. Since there are no villains, I'll have to assume some kind of hero vs. hero contest.

DCUO is offering open world PvP around PvE objectives, so that villains might try to rob a bank while heroes have to stop them.

Thu Mar 26 2009 10:18PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Quote from an article... Bill Roper

" The heroes aren't really there fighting each other because they're trying to hurt each other. It's more a contest of skills. We've got other PvP that is designed to be what we call Apocalypse scenarios, which are heroes training for potential end of the world scenarios. The one we're working on right now to get in when we launch is, what if heroes were made criminals and thrown in jail, in a super prison? In that training mission one side is trying to break out of the prison, the other is trying to keep them in. The concept of that is that the heroes are training to be like, what if there is a huge super villain outbreak? This is what you would be training to do. On the other side of that Apocalypse scenario, heroes are training for, what if heroes became outlawed, but you had to get out to save the word? There's fictions that make sense within the superhero genre even built into the PvP."

Read that article. My guess is that if this is correct, when speaking of Champions online PvP, I dont consider Heroes training in some prison arena, PvP. No Villians pretty much equals no substantial goals. You might consider, Heroes fighting each other for "training" purposes, PvP, but I dont...

Either way, either you build your game with PvP in mind OR it becomes a mini-game that no one really takes seriously. Obviously, PvP in Champions is set up as mini-games...

With DC online, 3 things bug me.

1. I can not get into the DC Universe.

2. SOE...

3. So its a playstation 3/ PC game. Usually this means it will play poorly on the PC to compensate for lack of option on the console. I also assume that it will not be on the 360 or Wii and you pretty much have a tiny console player base mixed in with the PC player base. I pass...

Fri Mar 27 2009 4:01AM Report
Sirmaki writes:

@ t0nyd: So if you had PvP based on Villains trying to escape and heroes trying to stop them that would be PvP?

I mean come on, since when does the average PvPer care about goals and RP type stuff? You are fighting against other people, why do you care what the background setting is?

And if you do care, then it's a perfectly plausible way to fight againts PCs in a game that doesn't have villain PCs.


Fri Mar 27 2009 9:37AM Report
talonsgrasp writes:

"Yanagi recently was involved in a melee where his aim wasn’t true and missed the guy he’d thrown it at entirely. At first, he was annoyed, but then it ricocheted off a wall and into the hands of one of his companions who immediately used it to beat the guy he was fighting into a blood pulp.

Even in my limited hands-on time, I saw this in action. While locked in an epic PvP duel with SOE PR man Matt Slagle, he thought he’d be clever and rip a chunk of rock out of the earth and bash me with it. “Not so fast,” I said (well, I didn’t but I should have!) as I smacked him around until he dropped his rock.

Next thing he knew, I had grabbed that stone he had just ripped out of the ground and beat him into submission. Victory newbie!"

I got this quote from the article: DC Universe Hands On Preview.
I suggest you bother to read more than one article before claiming a game does not focus on PvP.  I forget where I read it, but I've been following this game closely and somewhere I read that in those senarios it may be easier to eliminate the opposing team than actually completing the scenario.  So t0nyd if you for some strange reason don't consider scenario based PvP to be PvP in your own little world, there you go.  You have an opportunity to run around and just kill your opponents.

Fri Mar 27 2009 2:03PM Report writes:
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