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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

Funcom's The Secret World Unhides in 2009

Posted by UnSub Wednesday January 21 2009 at 2:34AM
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Ragnar Tornquist of Funcom has revealed in his blog that his pet MMO, The Secret World (TSW), will be getting a lot more information released about it this year. This is good, because a title that started work in 2002 probably should start releasing information seven years later or really shut up shop.

Personally I'm excited about TSW - I want a dark modern MMO title to try out. It's a genre that really hasn't been touched on yet but one with a lot of scope. Of course, the fact that 1) Funcom are developing it and we all know what happened with their last title, and 2) the blog entry itself boils down into "we'll release more information, but given you have very little information now, any info release will be 'more' by default, plus we are changing systems you never knew existed', so perhaps I'm getting excited over very little.

However, Tornquist promises the right things to get me interested - interesting professions, conspiracies to uncover, a modern setting with a dangerous twist. I may still end up with a lvl 35 Crytpozoologist who is on a quest to Kill 10 Bigfoots, but I choose not to be so cynical at this point.

Death1942 writes:

i honestly dont know why you poeple cling to a game to quickly.  Let it lie and develop for at least a year then check on it.  If you start following a game right after its anounced then all your going to do is wait for the next piece of information (months away) and then spend the time inbetween speculating.

This goes on until you get so hyped up that you have unreal expectations of the game, play it, then quit because you (emphasis on you) thought it would be better.

Wed Jan 21 2009 3:50AM Report
Razephon writes:

I heard about this game ages ago as well. Frankly, Funcom's reputation has been tarnished thanks to age of conan. They will have an incredibly difficult time in generating pre-orders IMO.

Sure its a different team, different people etc. But people have lost faith in the company. Its like SOE and all the people that complain about it. They boycott their games etc. I can definitely see this happening with TSW.

Personally the idea was intrigueing when I heard of it years ago and I hope it does well. I know I personally am not going to follow it closely though.

Wed Jan 21 2009 6:56AM Report
jinxit writes:

The reason I think nothing has been heard of this game is that it was shelved, held in development what-so-ever because they favoured what they thought would be a much bigger project and that proect was AOC.

Now that AOC has finally got it's footing in the mmo market they now have resources to to take it out of limbo.

I do think it should have been round the other way though....AOC held in limbo and WOD getting the attention it deserved.

Wed Jan 21 2009 7:39AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Hopefully they have learned yet more from AoC, like they learned from Anarchy Online and this game will be better, and by better I mean more of an MMO. But we'll see.

@ Razephon, Funcom's reputation was already in the so-so department because of Anarchy Online, at least with AoC they have proved they can improve given the time. People who were majorly disapointed with AoC only had themselves to blame imo. Given the disastrous launch of their first MMO... lol.

Wed Jan 21 2009 8:05AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

It's going to be a tough sell for anyone to trust Funcom after the AoC debacle.  Hopefully they will be using a good game director right out of the gate this time.

Wed Jan 21 2009 12:44PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 Honestly, people should likely focus less on trying to compare this to AoC and think back more to Anarchy Online. Ragnar Tornquist was the major contributor to the backstory for Anarchy Online, which even if you hate the game itself, you have to admit, the premise and amount of work they put into the lore was pretty awesome. Personally, I'm interested in The Secret World because with Tornquist behind the wheel for the story, it's likely going to be top notch. The question is of course if the gameplay will follow suit. Personally, I suggest just letting things progress as they will, and hope it turns out well in the end. 

Wed Jan 21 2009 3:25PM Report
Mykell writes:

AO, AOC, Funcom's proven track record for releasing games speaks for itself. I know my entire guild of 30 people wont ever play a game by Funcom on it after AoC.

Just wait till they try and release this game. Forums will be overflowing with AoC rage towards Funcom. I'd dare say it will be even more negative than Darkfall.

Wed Jan 21 2009 5:29PM Report
UnSub writes:

@Death1942 - I'm interested in TSW, but I think I spelled out the reasons why my interest is also tempered. :-)

Thu Jan 22 2009 1:21AM Report
Tatum writes:

Damn, nearly forgot about this one.  Between TSW and WoD we must at least have a small chance of seeing some thing interesting in 2010/2011...right?

Thu Jan 22 2009 9:33PM Report writes:
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