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MMO Big Game Hunter

I am often guilty of writing off a game before giving it its dues. In this blog I plan to 'put myself out there' and play some of the MMO's I passed up, to really see if they captivate my hunger as a gamer.

Author: Tsumoro


Posted by Tsumoro Monday April 1 2013 at 3:37PM
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Introductions are always in order, especially when addressing a person, or persons whom I have never met before. It is just a matter of politeness and something I feel is often missed in current MMO's. I recall when I used to log into an MMO and I would be allowed to 'roleplay' a little bit with these new band of heroes I had just met, coming up with a fantastic back story and passed adventures I had undertook and this was something before the introduction of roleplay based servers. 

Perhaps, before we get too far ahead of my ramblings I will simply say that my name is Tsumoro and it is my pleasure in our meeting and I wish to share, i fnot just a little my experience with MMO's over the years and what has brought me to here today. 


A Foreword 

I created the name, the persona of Tsumoro near 15 years ago, at that time I was also at the loving age of 15 and my passion for RPG's took me to the next level of the internet with a quaint Korean themed game called "Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds". This is where I moved from the somewhat square confounds I had found myself in with the lonesome journies I undertook in roleplaying and became fully intergrated with this virtual community. 

 Nexus, was a game that was completely player driven. It was a game that had a great sense of community and player interactions. There were no auction houses, only those looking to barter and spend their time within the markets. 

All classes had sub-paths, the warriors had the Barbarians, the Do, the Chongun and the Chung Ryong. All of these paths except for the Chung Ryong were player run classes, with quests, missions and tasks handed out by guides. Who instructed you all the way from being an initiate to the very possibilities of you becoming a guide yourself, even the elder. 

I honestly cannot stress enough HOW player driven this game was and I loved every freaking moment of it. Alas of course everything has its time and with the growing amount of MMO's out there the people of Nexus and all that live within it remain it seems to a dedicated few. 

Myself, I left when World of Warcraft came on to the scene. A gift at the time by my girlfriend (whom later regretted it) to which I allowed to completely dominate my time. From simple questing all the way to 40 man led raids in Molten Core. 

It was a bit of an adjustment for me, to go from a game wheres peoples names and the very language they spoke where that of pure poetry or Dicken-esque in their pauper like mannerisms to a game where the only roleplay I seemed to get was from a dwarf on the tram who insisted I was the lady of his dreams and wanted to 'cyber' with me. The fact that I was indeed a man in reality did not deter this beared fellow, it merely spurred him on with greater fervor. 

Since then I would say my roleplaying lust has calmed down a bit, but my thirst for community and immersion to these worlds I am to be invested into continues and I have been, for the most part over the years seem to be disapointed on more than one occasion. So much so, that I have retreated backwards from the PC to the dusty tomes of DnD based Campaigns


What is this Blog about?

I have played a lot of MMO's in my time and I would say that I have dropped as many as I have played. Sometimes I don't feel like I have been very fair in my decisions, perhaps not giving the games their dues. But, that is what this blog will be for.

I plan to document my journies whilst re-visiting games I once dropped to see whether I do enjoy them or if I was right to leave. Now, I do plan to be fair with this and I shall play the games from the start all the way until the finish (the end game so to speak) even if I am simply not enjoying myself and bored out of my wits, at the very least, you'll see if documented here. 


Anyhow that is it for one post from me and I look forward to interacting with you all :)


Tsumoro writes:
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