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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

The Reasons I Did NOT play GW2 Early

Posted by Trionicus Saturday August 25 2012 at 3:26AM
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Number #1

I react opposite to peer pressure. If a bunch of people are telling me something, it's likely I will auto feel the opposite. This WILL fuck me over in the end, when they come out with that eternal youth pill, I'll end up not taking it. 


Number #2

Even if I wanted to (FML!) I'm pretty sure I didn't buy it early enough to get early access, which was a day or two ago if I'm right?


Number #3

I didn't really think it looked all that impressive. Maybe more impressive than most games out now but, like I've said before, nothing was significantly improved for my gaming style. I will play COD:MW3 if I was to twitch around.


Number #4

My gf doesn't like it at all :\ AND, she is usually the one to make most of the gold, ridiculous amounts of gold, so much gold that I never have to do SHIT. Just ride the mounts and all that other fancy shit the game has to offer financial over achievers.


Number #5

I subbed to Rift not that long ago. If I throw GW2 into the mix, then there would not be enough hours in the week to play both. Simple math I think.



EDITI've just decided. If 10 people message me or comment telling me that I SHOULD play GW2 then;

1. I'll be amazed and

2. I'll do it because random strangers have just went out of their way to say the game is THAT good.

Maybe not random strangers, we're all in the family ;)



I am playing Rift

Posted by Trionicus Wednesday August 22 2012 at 10:25PM
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For the past 20 days I have been playing Rift very casually. So casually that I'm only level 49, maybe for some that is normal play, for me, I've never played a game this casually. It's been sort of refreshing not racing to max.

This is something I could have done in SWTOR I suppose, especially being a Star Wars fan. It makes me feel like I judged SWTOR too harshly but oh well. I'm having fun in Rift, even with the lower than WOW population I can still afford to get the fastest level 50 mount even though I'm not 50 yet.

So far and without digging deep, Rift end level content has seemed somewhat of a mystery to me. There aren't people pugging in the equivalent of trade chat letting me know what raids are popular and there isn't a massive amount of item linking. This could also be due to the fact that the main chat channels seem segregated, possibly not allowing a "trade chat" scenario between inappropriate levels.

Closing Rifts are getting a little repetative but still enjoyable for now, It REALLY beats doing something like dailys, but you all already probably know all this so time to get down to the meat.


1. Female character models have nice asses especially when they are wearing something short and are swimming under water... it's hot, even compared to real life booty.

2. Character models look nice in general and so does the outfits / armors... in general.

3. Different crowd. I'm not going to say it's better than the WOW crowd but they seem different. So if you're looking for a different speed / type of community.

4. Everything seems convenient, you can have like 6 character specs if you have the gold / plat for it. That's stupid nice.

5. 1 / 7 people in Rift smoke weed, that only comes in handy if your a casual player, as dedicated players don't like to tolerate tom foolery.


MMO's are quickly becomming not my type of game, not my preferred genre. Even as a hold over game I'd much rather be playing high level single player RPG's, or gettting my _____ grinded down by a nice _____.

As a WOW replacement I think Rift will do though.

Journey Quest Season 2 I'm Ecstatic!!!

Posted by Trionicus Thursday August 2 2012 at 10:49AM
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I know, I know. I should be blogging about games, and more specifically MMORPG games but, for the past few days it's been grim news and arguments. SWTOR F2P failure, GW2 fanboys and haters going at it about the trinity or the broken trinity. Well, she died in the last matrix movie and so I moved on.


I found some time today, right now as a matter of fact, to search YouTube. I found me a present just waiting on me. Journey Quest Season 2!!! I haven't checked how many released episodes there are or any details, I just see'em up and ripe to be watched.


If you're unfamiliar with Journey Quest, well, I'll sum it up since I don't like long blogs. Journey Quest is a fantasy based comedy about a group of adventurers. It is a very low budget project but I find it has charm. It was made by many of the people involved in creating the lower budget movie "The Gamers" and "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising"


I found both movies to be extremely enjoyable and if you give it a chance and get past the low production quality, I think you may like it. You can find both movies up on their website if I'm correct, and possibly up on the Tube. I suggest purchasing a copy as the online versions seem to be edited down a bit, I'm not sure why, and I could be wrong, I haven't watched either in a while. ANYWAY! It's out and ready to be watched AND... It's a happy day.