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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

The Trinity... Replace it.

Posted by Trionicus Sunday July 1 2012 at 12:19PM
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A member here named Azmundai recently created a thread titled “If The Trinity were to expand…

I liked the idea of the thread so I decided to write a little blog about it.


First, to discuss the expansion of The Trinity we have to look at it in a little detail. The reason why it exists isn’t as important as how it works. The Trinity – 3 main roles, Tank, Healer and DPS. To expand the Trinity to include more roles would definitely change its name, we would have to call it “The Quad” or the Penta- lol anyway the only other MAIN roll we have in today’s gaming is the CC’er aka crowd control.

Usually CC’ing is done by a rogue or a wizard, that just seems to be the nature of the class design, I think DEV’s are stuck on a certain stereotype /shrug.


This Trinity is forced gameplay, you cannot perform these boss fights without people claiming these very specific main roles, were one of these roles absent from your party you absolutely could not complete these boss fights. By asking to expand The Trinity you are essentially asking for them to REQUIRE that more roles be NECESSARY to complete fights.


In some WOW boss fights as you all might know, some of these alternate roles become necessary to defeat specific bosses, some mobs must be CC’ed because it is not an option to kill them too early, or they weren’t killed fast enough so they have to be controlled. Usually the control takes the form of hampering their movement, stunning them, or turning them into a chicken or whatever, mostly it means they can’t move like their usual selves. By the end of WOTLK I don’t even think mind control was an option in any major fight, it was all about movement control, IF CC was demanded at all.


Some of the ideas AZMUNDAI threw out there were, having specific classes that pulled mobs, buffing classes, Cloth tanks etc.. You get the idea. So did WOW. In Burning Crusade there were types of fights that made a mage tank necessary and even in WOTLK kiting was still necessary if you didn’t completely out-gear the encounter. The bottom line, I suppose, is do you want to have to NEED these roles performed in every fight, or even the majority of your boss fights?


It is hard enough to get competent players together to perform a single raid, don’t believe it? Go ahead and check your friend’s achievements. WOTLK was herald as the easiest WOW raiding in the history of the game, now go check the date on when your friend got the Kingslayer title, chances are he didn’t get it anywhere near when the expansion was new. Not even within the first year most likely. So if WOW was so easy, why didn’t everyone have an ironbound protodrake from Ulduar hardmode achievements? Easy answer, it wasn’t so easy.

To add more necessary roles and mechanics into a system that most people can’t even accomplish now would be, uncomfortable I think. This is not to say that The Trinity should reign the supreme combat mechanic of MMO’s forever, but adding more required roles for the majority of boss fights isn’t the answer.


My proposition, and this one is a freebie, fights don’t have to take a certain length of time. In real life when opponents of equal skill enter combat, they cannot beat on each other infinitely, and I do discuss certain issues I have in another blog. Combatants of equal skill have the potential to end a fight very quickly or not, it varies by situation. The important thing is that a group or a player feel a sense of accomplishment and joy after completing the encounter, having a drawn out choreographed dance isn’t the only way to achieve this desired result.


Playing a good hard ladder match in SC2 for 15mins and winning gives me the same joy or even more than fighting a boss for 30mins - 1hr in a raid environment. What is more important than the roles is the quality of the fight / encounter. I don’t think there was ever a “Golden Age” of MMO’s. Whenever I think epic I certainly don’t think required gear and minimum DPS, I think about Kratos jumping on some god, giving him the most awesome and gory beatings in the history of game violence. All that and more could be ours for $15 a month + the box cover fee and I think we should have it.


You might be thinking, well.. uuh.. that’s a single player game and my party wouldn’t be involved and… STFU ok! THINK! How about they add more enemies more often than a single VERY large boss, how about multiple people putting the Kratos whoopASS on a single boss AND just as well as people can kick ass and look awesome killing a boss, the same can be done to every player, just to even things out.


There really doesn’t need to be a Trinity if the fights are generally more dynamic, plus, do you really think a guy in medieval armor can take a hit from an elephant, much less giants with weapons.  I AM NOT promoting this pathetic dodge button bullshit from GW2 and these console games, if I have to roll on the floor 1 more time… If I’ve trained it, give me auto dodge that looks matrix cool, make it passive and I’ll be happy. Allow my warrior to shield bash a guy’s jaw off and I’ll be happy.


Even having different classes assume the roles isn’t better than having more entertaining and intelligent fights, so what I can use my mage to tank with the right spells, or use my rogue as an “evasion tank”. Not that those are bad ideas but having better fights is… better.


Not going to proof read this thing so I apologize in advanced for grammatical errors and incoherent ideas. My hope isn’t that you agree with me, what is important to me is that you understand what I’m trying to say.


Skyrim video’s incoming tomorrow! Can’t wait for the PC version of Dawnguard


<|Trionicus|> writes:
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