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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

Which MMO Will Fail Next?

Posted by Trionicus Tuesday June 26 2012 at 12:07PM
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The answer is DRUMROLL  .o.o.o..o.o.o


Who cares! None of these new MMO’s have World of Warcraft subscription levels, they don’t do WOW box sale numbers, statistically very little of the gaming population actually care. Less than 1% of Americans bother to play any single MMO mentioned on this website, obviously WOW is the exception, that means over 99% of the gaming population just don’t give a flying FUzzle. Most likely this means that most of these games suck balls, even the ones you give a 9.0 out of 10 rating, even the games I like.


There is no one arguing about how awesome it is to have clean water, and everyone likes to drink the shit out of clean water, statistically if you ask everyone on the planet, only a less than 1% will actually say they don’t like drinking clean water. It is also likely those less than 1% are bat shit crazy as well. The point I’m making? When there is an awesome good thing, everyone wants it, or a lot of people want it. Maybe it doesn’t have to be awesome, but it has to work.


As much as I hate raiding, it is the most efficient way thus far to promote cooperative online gameplay. Even in real life it’s hard to get a large group of people together to do something, without paying them. If you try to counter that argument, check a statistic first, such as; how many people do volunteer work… compared to the entire population of their country? If the answer is less than 10% which it very well is, WOW raiding whooped its ass. Close to 10% of WOW’s population raid, maybe more.


WOW also covers its bases, they also promote a very controlled and polished competitive gameplay system in the form of arena gameplay. I won’t go into details but, it’s just as structured as their raiding environment if not more so.


Now think, what other game has a polished cooperative AND competitive gameplay environment that can be participated in at up to a professional level to the point where people can even make a living doing it? It’s not a rhetorical question and I understand that barriers such as a game’s population hamper any such activity but that’s the point.


If someone offered WOW with better graphics then it would be a no brainer, people would jump ship and play that game instead. So why don’t they? I have no clue, a game like SWTOR comes out with less focused cooperative content, a severely lacking competitive structure with fancy voice acting and some graphics updates. The core reason behind why people play online is missing from this entire game. No shit Sherlock that’s why the game isn’t a runaway success.


I won’t argue the profitability of SWTOR, I’m convinced it hasn’t made any investors any profit thus far but since I didn’t personally invest in EA or their latest game I couldn’t tell ya. If they did indeed pay 1.3billion for Bioware including the cost of SWTOR’s development then they better hope to shit ME3’s box sales and DLC’s can cover it… Doubtful.


Summary, no one gives a shit which MMO will fail next, even less give 2 cents about this blog and if they offered just a better version of what WOW offers then I wouldn’t be writing this.


I stand by computer gaming and video gaming in general, it’s a great invention in the whole, it has less users then say, cell phones and clothes but it’s still pretty high up there in all time used inventions. MMO’s just don’t generally make the cut in anywhere but china.


Off Topic:


Speaking of making the cut, Mass Effect 3’s DLC should be out today. Redoing or polishing their very sub sewer gutter trash ending. I won’t even download it, I may not even watch the endings on YouTube. Meanwhile since I’m on the June 26th update news. Skyrim DLC is supposed to be out today too, coincidence, I think not. Either way between the 2 games I’m not especially happy today, ME3’s ending sucked so now I don’t really care so much one way or the other, except for Sith level hate that they wasted my time building up to a sucky ending. As for Skyrim’s DLC, not out for PC and I don’t have an XBOX 360 so I have to wait unless I go through other channels.


I’m out and I leave you all with this image 


sfossil writes:

I think the main point, why many new games fail, is that MOO's as well as other games are very time consuming and no one can effort it to play really more than one at a time. And it's hard to leave a game were you convenient with.

Tue Jun 26 2012 4:09PM Report
Trionicus writes: Of course you might be right about that but I think usually when a product is drastically superior, take the Netflix and Blockbuster scenario, people will abandon their accounts and loyalty for the superior product or service. Tue Jun 26 2012 7:50PM Report
darkhalf357x writes: Well written opinion. Tue Jun 26 2012 10:39PM Report
Trionicus writes: TYVM Darkhalf357x Tue Jun 26 2012 10:59PM Report
daltanious writes:

I do not care for company if I'm playing mmo. MMO games are simply the best playable. I would have no problem at all playing single player mmo even if with online sub if they provide constant patches and of same quality. I'm altholic and I do not care for pvp. 

Saying this my top game of all times and all genres is SWTOR. no doubt about. Second is now Wow, which was long years absolute champ. And third (but not far behind) is Rift.

And in some way they have a lot of things in common, complexity, fun, great performance even on low computers, many at least evolutionary things (I do not care for copycats, why to reinvent the wheel if it is already there, is enough make it slightly different or better).

Wed Jun 27 2012 6:42AM Report
Trionicus writes: @Daltanious, I think you can always reinvent the wheel, just look at Wed Jun 27 2012 9:04PM Report writes:
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