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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

Kickin' it with Diablo III & Skyrim

Posted by Trionicus Saturday June 9 2012 at 11:32AM
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I've been putting some decent time into each game lately. D3 being new I've put a bit more into that. I will break down each game for a self review later but I'm of the belief that Skyrim is a significantly better game in almost all respects. Even after beating Skyrim I haven't lost interest.

The first normal playthrough of D3 resulted in a massive drop in interest. I've never been the grindy type so going over and over harder difficulties for gear wasn't and will probably never be much of an appeal. Not after doing it in WoW for a couple years. I remember long nights in WOW mostly for the purpose of remaining 1 Tier set behind elite guilds. On my server we had "Drow" and "Con Brio" to "admire". That meant getting heroic 25man gear to keep up, or in my case, at least 25man normal.

Repeat the process with D3? Nah I don't think so, I'll play to max level but very casually. All the while during that time I'll be making sweet love to Bethesda's jewel of a game Skyrim! While looking over the bedpost eagerly awaiting Dawnguard. I will ofcourse be cheating a little on my second major playthrough, visiting dungeons I haven't prevously found, trying new fighting styles and of course using the editor which wasn't out at release.

There are a  few hot titles coming out that may distract me from Skyrim, but seeing as I'm primarily a PC gamer I don't know how I'll manage to play "The Last of Us' or the new God of War game. I'f anyone recommends getting a PS3 that'll give me the excuse to get one, I mean, I was dumb enough to get the New iPad :\

Speaking of "The New iPad" they really need to give these things real names. Visually there is a difference, and if your used to watching late night Netflix or YouTube HD videos on the iPad 2 then you'll really get a kick out of the upgrade. The retina display makes Netflix full quality look like BluRay. It's also noticeably faster at just about everything. Doing a PDF word seach in iBooks will prove this to you.

Watching Starcraft 2 Gameplay vids on this thing is also pretty amazing, looks just as good as the game.

Ok, no longer salavating over the new gadget, wait, I just want to say one more thing about it, I really hope iOS 6 gives us Siri on it. Ok done!

I am running Skyrim and D3 on 2 machines right now, both with ATI cards (6770 1GB & a 6950 2GB) Both run it at max res with max AA and AF and all the other candy. Haven't had a reason to upgrade those 2 cards yet so I'm sure I'll be ok for the expansions (Crosses fingers it's not some 10hour DLC for Dawnguard) but it probably is isn't it?

Since I didn't do any reading up on D3, nothing significant anyway, and I wasn't dissappointed per say I've decided to actively not watch or read anything about up coming games, other than the usual preview videos. I think it may help to stave off crushing dispair, I haven't been very happy with games lately and a man can only play so many hours of Skyrim and I don't have tons of people I like to play games with so D3 is kind of a loner game for me too.

With my lack of game diversity I could be reinstalling SC2. I may even attempt to regain my 1v1 position in platinum league or maybe I was gold 1v1 and plat 2v2.

The 1 thing I noticed is that none of these games I've mentioned are MMO's, I'm still looking for the right one to settle down in. Don't think I will be trying GW2 afterall. I'll wait for the next sandbox, maybe World of Darkness, it sounds pretty interesting and I do like the idea of EVE but I'd never start now, not so late in the game.

Now I'm off to go watch the Legend of Korra


Until next time,

<|Trionicus|> writes:
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