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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

Which MMO Will Fail Next?

Posted by Trionicus Tuesday June 26 2012 at 11:07AM
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The answer is DRUMROLL  .o.o.o..o.o.o


Who cares! None of these new MMO’s have World of Warcraft subscription levels, they don’t do WOW box sale numbers, statistically very little of the gaming population actually care. Less than 1% of Americans bother to play any single MMO mentioned on this website, obviously WOW is the exception, that means over 99% of the gaming population just don’t give a flying FUzzle. Most likely this means that most of these games suck balls, even the ones you give a 9.0 out of 10 rating, even the games I like.


There is no one arguing about how awesome it is to have clean water, and everyone likes to drink the shit out of clean water, statistically if you ask everyone on the planet, only a less than 1% will actually say they don’t like drinking clean water. It is also likely those less than 1% are bat shit crazy as well. The point I’m making? When there is an awesome good thing, everyone wants it, or a lot of people want it. Maybe it doesn’t have to be awesome, but it has to work.


As much as I hate raiding, it is the most efficient way thus far to promote cooperative online gameplay. Even in real life it’s hard to get a large group of people together to do something, without paying them. If you try to counter that argument, check a statistic first, such as; how many people do volunteer work… compared to the entire population of their country? If the answer is less than 10% which it very well is, WOW raiding whooped its ass. Close to 10% of WOW’s population raid, maybe more.


WOW also covers its bases, they also promote a very controlled and polished competitive gameplay system in the form of arena gameplay. I won’t go into details but, it’s just as structured as their raiding environment if not more so.


Now think, what other game has a polished cooperative AND competitive gameplay environment that can be participated in at up to a professional level to the point where people can even make a living doing it? It’s not a rhetorical question and I understand that barriers such as a game’s population hamper any such activity but that’s the point.


If someone offered WOW with better graphics then it would be a no brainer, people would jump ship and play that game instead. So why don’t they? I have no clue, a game like SWTOR comes out with less focused cooperative content, a severely lacking competitive structure with fancy voice acting and some graphics updates. The core reason behind why people play online is missing from this entire game. No shit Sherlock that’s why the game isn’t a runaway success.


I won’t argue the profitability of SWTOR, I’m convinced it hasn’t made any investors any profit thus far but since I didn’t personally invest in EA or their latest game I couldn’t tell ya. If they did indeed pay 1.3billion for Bioware including the cost of SWTOR’s development then they better hope to shit ME3’s box sales and DLC’s can cover it… Doubtful.


Summary, no one gives a shit which MMO will fail next, even less give 2 cents about this blog and if they offered just a better version of what WOW offers then I wouldn’t be writing this.


I stand by computer gaming and video gaming in general, it’s a great invention in the whole, it has less users then say, cell phones and clothes but it’s still pretty high up there in all time used inventions. MMO’s just don’t generally make the cut in anywhere but china.


Off Topic:


Speaking of making the cut, Mass Effect 3’s DLC should be out today. Redoing or polishing their very sub sewer gutter trash ending. I won’t even download it, I may not even watch the endings on YouTube. Meanwhile since I’m on the June 26th update news. Skyrim DLC is supposed to be out today too, coincidence, I think not. Either way between the 2 games I’m not especially happy today, ME3’s ending sucked so now I don’t really care so much one way or the other, except for Sith level hate that they wasted my time building up to a sucky ending. As for Skyrim’s DLC, not out for PC and I don’t have an XBOX 360 so I have to wait unless I go through other channels.


I’m out and I leave you all with this image 


Skyrim Adventures

Posted by Trionicus Saturday June 23 2012 at 8:33PM
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Killing 32 mins so I thought I'd throw up a quicky. Got Part 1 and Part 2 for those who feel like chillin out and watching a few mins of Skyrim gameplay.


Actually I've been addicted to instrumentals lately... again, and I remember the "Meets Metal" guy. He did a nice one on Skyrim, <---so thought I'd share that too. Otherwise I've just been playing D3 and waiting for GW2 to come out I guess. Not really interested in beta weekends or anything, just show me a finished client and we'll see what's what.


I was thinking of going that blog / article style with the semi unrelated pictures in between my paragraphs but decided against it this week. I refuse to conform! No, not really, I'm just lazy. I'll conform to anything, a glass of water, D3, swtor...well not swtor but..anyway this has truly become a ramble.


Ok, cutting this short, about to watch that UFC event I missed last night, Maynard Vs. Guida. I'll drop an actual article style blog for my next post, I swear!

Flash not working in FIREFOX! F-F-FLASH

Posted by Trionicus Monday June 18 2012 at 10:50PM
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I've been trying to watch videos of online gameplay and I see a popup, flash update blah blah. I clicky and update, and now my shit doesn't work. Well, not in Firefox. So I try uninstalling and reinstalling the new update file 11.03 or something, doesn't work, I restart, doesn't work, I sacrifice a goat, doesn't work.


Finally I end up reverting back to 10.3 or some such similar flash version and POWOWOW! works like a charm. I hope html5 becomes standard soon because I don't like this flash shit anymore, and if I didn't like watching certain websites I would have already uninstalled this shit a long time ago. Well, maybe not but I'm just saying that because I'm a little upset, I don't have any major issues with flash per say, other than this problem right now.


If your looking for old flash install files you can find them at adobe's offical website right here->


You don't have to comment or even thank me if you've been having this problem, just buy me a famly guy Tshirt and visit my other blogs.

SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS!!! Except my Dovahkiin is a Redguard

Posted by Trionicus Saturday June 16 2012 at 11:03PM
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I'm back at it again, playing 2011's GOTY Skyrim.. eer it won GOTY right? So anyway, I've got another installment of killing bandits and the like you can check it out on the YouTube if you feel brave enough or want to watch some footage, it's a two parter. I may need to start recording on the 6950 again but not very important, point is, it's watchable lol... if in 720p


I'm still waiting on an MMO to be released that I would feel comfortable playing long term but so far no luck. Single player RPG's are in no short supply and there is always D3 for the quick group fix. I am considering playing a first person shooter again, just because I'm having so much fun with the Bow in Skyrim.


Anyway, you know me, not very long winded so i'll leave you with that while I go watch the new Avatar cartoon. Well, one thing I wouldn't mind asking of you guys. I want to start using twitter and kind of get away from facebook, I wouldn't mind having a list of cool people / whatever to follow, any suggestions?


Links here-> Part 1 & Part 2

AGE OF WONDERS: Shadow Magic I miss you QQ

Posted by Trionicus Friday June 15 2012 at 8:28PM
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One of my favorite games of all time Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic has given me thousands of hours of gameplay. Its slow paced turn-based nature makes it quite annoying for me to play online, but over LAN with a good friend or 2 this game becomes a weekend of fun.
Initially I started the series with Age of Wonders 2 which I bought randomly while browsing. This was back when EB Games actually had PC titles on the shelves to browse. Anyhow I had tons of fun with it Age of wonder 2. I started playing it late in its release so it wasn’t very long before what was supposed to be its expansion Shadow Magic, was released. I was a little confused as to why it wasn’t just an expansion rather than a stand-alone but I didn’t care much.
I remember introducing my girlfriend to the game, she hated the tutorial. I think she quit halfway through it. She didn’t like the turn-based style and something rubbed her wrong (lol I’m such a kid) during the learning phase. I remember telling her to skip it and just play a LAN game with me. Some months later she did, and dum dum dum… ended up playing the game solidly for a few years.
What really drew me into the game was:
  • The magic system and assortment of spells
  • The units / races and their diversity and uniqueness
  • The maps
  • The economic system (which was quite simple)
  • The general strategic gameplay elements
  • Hero unit customization
The way all these elements blended together really made the game feel awesome to play. Having one of my heroes go off exploring for items, treasure or an easy city to take over, then being cut off from reinforcements when in grave danger. Or holding a city with insufficient forces just long enough to complete the construction of a teleportation gate and having backup pour through. Even the annoyingness of having my party’s movement speed decreased because they were underground, it was all very tasteful. It did help that the game provided solutions to every problem, such as enchanting that party with the ability to float for example.
I just remember having a great time with the game and wishing they would make a part 3 with some added elements like further visual and skill customization of your heroes, units and wizard. Basically just more of what they already had. It was a very slow paced game most of the time and it might be an acquired taste, but that extra time really made for the most strategic gameplay I’ve experienced. It was like the chess of the future.
The game has some weak elements but I completely overlook them lol. Hero unites being glued to their horses like Heroes of Might and Magic, unit animations for some spells and abilities could be better. Actually animations in general could be better but hey, were talking about a game in 2003. There are a few other things I didn’t like or wished the game had but it’s mostly what they didn’t do, not what they did wrong if you catch my drift.
The studio that made the game has now moved on to more lucrative projects I assume but I will never forget and will always have my copy of Shadow Magic ready to reinstall… Until a new version of windows comes by and screws that up with incompatibility.
Until next time, as in Skyrim Highlight video #3 incoming ETA 2hrs.
One Love!

Skyrim Highlights

Posted by Trionicus Tuesday June 12 2012 at 11:52PM
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I logged into steam recently and had a fairly large update. I came to conclusion that either I haven't attempted to draw my weapon mounted for some time or, Bethesda's newest patch added horseback combat to the table. Either way I made a couple of highlight video's of some good ole' Skyrim.


Enjoy :)


P.S Working on getting better quality, all my settings were lost when a certain shipping company destroyed my fav computers.

Kickin' it with Diablo III & Skyrim

Posted by Trionicus Saturday June 9 2012 at 11:32AM
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I've been putting some decent time into each game lately. D3 being new I've put a bit more into that. I will break down each game for a self review later but I'm of the belief that Skyrim is a significantly better game in almost all respects. Even after beating Skyrim I haven't lost interest.

The first normal playthrough of D3 resulted in a massive drop in interest. I've never been the grindy type so going over and over harder difficulties for gear wasn't and will probably never be much of an appeal. Not after doing it in WoW for a couple years. I remember long nights in WOW mostly for the purpose of remaining 1 Tier set behind elite guilds. On my server we had "Drow" and "Con Brio" to "admire". That meant getting heroic 25man gear to keep up, or in my case, at least 25man normal.

Repeat the process with D3? Nah I don't think so, I'll play to max level but very casually. All the while during that time I'll be making sweet love to Bethesda's jewel of a game Skyrim! While looking over the bedpost eagerly awaiting Dawnguard. I will ofcourse be cheating a little on my second major playthrough, visiting dungeons I haven't prevously found, trying new fighting styles and of course using the editor which wasn't out at release.

There are a  few hot titles coming out that may distract me from Skyrim, but seeing as I'm primarily a PC gamer I don't know how I'll manage to play "The Last of Us' or the new God of War game. I'f anyone recommends getting a PS3 that'll give me the excuse to get one, I mean, I was dumb enough to get the New iPad :\

Speaking of "The New iPad" they really need to give these things real names. Visually there is a difference, and if your used to watching late night Netflix or YouTube HD videos on the iPad 2 then you'll really get a kick out of the upgrade. The retina display makes Netflix full quality look like BluRay. It's also noticeably faster at just about everything. Doing a PDF word seach in iBooks will prove this to you.

Watching Starcraft 2 Gameplay vids on this thing is also pretty amazing, looks just as good as the game.

Ok, no longer salavating over the new gadget, wait, I just want to say one more thing about it, I really hope iOS 6 gives us Siri on it. Ok done!

I am running Skyrim and D3 on 2 machines right now, both with ATI cards (6770 1GB & a 6950 2GB) Both run it at max res with max AA and AF and all the other candy. Haven't had a reason to upgrade those 2 cards yet so I'm sure I'll be ok for the expansions (Crosses fingers it's not some 10hour DLC for Dawnguard) but it probably is isn't it?

Since I didn't do any reading up on D3, nothing significant anyway, and I wasn't dissappointed per say I've decided to actively not watch or read anything about up coming games, other than the usual preview videos. I think it may help to stave off crushing dispair, I haven't been very happy with games lately and a man can only play so many hours of Skyrim and I don't have tons of people I like to play games with so D3 is kind of a loner game for me too.

With my lack of game diversity I could be reinstalling SC2. I may even attempt to regain my 1v1 position in platinum league or maybe I was gold 1v1 and plat 2v2.

The 1 thing I noticed is that none of these games I've mentioned are MMO's, I'm still looking for the right one to settle down in. Don't think I will be trying GW2 afterall. I'll wait for the next sandbox, maybe World of Darkness, it sounds pretty interesting and I do like the idea of EVE but I'd never start now, not so late in the game.

Now I'm off to go watch the Legend of Korra


Until next time,


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