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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

My Issues With MMO's And Outlook On Their Future

Posted by Trionicus Sunday April 7 2013 at 5:16PM
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I've been trying to make better judgement calls about what games I want to play and how much time and money I want to put into playing them. Hardware isn't a problem, I upgrade my PC often, even side-grade for optimized gameplay and graphics. i.e. I'm about to cop a GTX 660 so I can experience Physx on the 600 line (I've been using mainly ATI / AMD only for the past 7-10 years on all my PC's). I don't want to dive in on a 680 or 690 just yet.

Truth probably is that I won't notice a difference in graphics or performance, I'm usually on single monitor configurations. I could probably be running cards from 5 generations ago and still have a decent MMO experience so this particular side-grade is mostly for Single Player games.


My Real Problem

I think I can honestly blame the games or game devs by default. I completely understand that we can't have the best gfx in an mmo environment and I'm not going to continue hounding them for that... Aion was pretty...pretty and Tera, oh my Tera.. is a hot piece of A5$ too!




Gameplay is the issue here. Lifeless worlds, linear everything, wack ass combat systems etc.. I'm going to skip the debate about the "twitch skill based" vs numeric key rotation spamfest and say that both are inadequate systems of combat. In short, I find all mmo's fall short, even the ones from the past. I no longer romanticize SWG or similar older games with their atrocious bugs at launch or tedious crafting systems. I have come to grips with the fact that I want more from an MMO and that some company should package and deliver it.


My Solution

If you've every heard of "The 4 Hour Work Week" you might appreciate my solution. I also believe it is THE most effecient solution to the problem of weak ass games, which is...Patience. I'm just going to wait it out until DEV's come up with something awesome. There are other solutions such as;


Learning to program my own MMO

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars

Those require wasting time or spending massive amounts of  time which is = to money or spending money that I don't have which requires winning the powerball... who wins the powerball? Ofcourse 38 Studios is a great example of what can happen when you decide to spend your own money AND time. Why do all this when I can simply wait. The industry won't die because of one man, I'm fairly certain that leaves 4 other outcomes. Games that are made become really shitty, mediocre or awesome OR a combination of all 3. Probability is on my side, eventually 1 or 2 MMO's will be pretty awesome and tada!

I didn't have to bitch about shitty games

I didn't have to learn how to make an MMO

I didn't have to spend shit tons of money

All I have to do is wait some years and pay $59.99 roughly and PROBLEM SOLVED ~ WIN!


I see MMO's on the horizon, games might become even better than I anticipated. Maybe something will actually impress me. Who am I to need impressing you may ask... I'm the guy with the $59.99 AND SO ARE YOU!

Star Citizen

Word on the streets is that Star Citizen and EQ Next WILL be those impressive games I'm talking about, only time will tell. I'm glad to be young though, I have at least 20-40 years before my time is supposed to run out. As for that older generation who will croak before awesome MMO's hit the shelves (now mostly digital shelves) Sorry old folks, you got humped. Father time is like an Ahole crackhead, he'll never stop running.
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