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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

My Current thought's on MMO's & Back In The Land of Skyrim

Posted by Trionicus Sunday March 17 2013 at 7:20PM
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Sorta... I've been away from gaming for a while and wanted to jump back into playing online MMORPG's. I have a swtor account that I rarely use and to be frank, I haven't been motivated to login anyway.

Looking at whats coming up on the horizon, I see 2 large IP's that interest me. They are the 2 IP's everyone is looking at;


The Elder Scrolls Online

I'm not sure I could really "get into" either of them. I want to try though. Nothing that's out currently is really catching my eye (Sorry to all you GW2 Fans out there). Speaking of GW2, it looks like Neverwinter is going to be quite similar in terms of gameplay mechanics while TESO looks like some sort of GW2 & WOW hybrid.

In the absence of a an MMO I feel comfortable playing I have yet again substituted Skyrim. I haven't finished the Dawnguard questline yet so I have that AND the new Dragonborn DLC to finish before I have to worry about MMO's. (Link to my latest Skyrim excurision at the bottom).

I welcome any suggestions, I'd like to focus on a game that has a large community, whatever my choice for future MMO gaming may be, I can assure you it isn't going to be World of Warcraft.


Skyrim Video


P.S. I'm actually not that interested in playing any beta's believe it or not.

Trionicus writes:

Oh yea, forgot to mention I found twitter like new reborn christians found jesus.


Sun Mar 17 2013 7:27PM Report
Cap0John writes:


Hi Trionicus i share the same expereince as you with the mmo's i play online only at the movement Afterwind and Supremacy 1914.

I will not Grind or be forced to pay money to be leveled up by Level of Skills that i need to play (Eve Online) or the rest of the gaming online market forced to grind my preciese hours of life into grinding levels in an compitive world of other players.

In a Single player game rpg sandbox like the Elder Scrolls i am not forced to grind do anything by any time given order or some rank board as im playing like in the real world for my own interest of what i do when i do it and how fast i do it without any bondaries.

I might try out  Path of Exile as im a big fan of the Diablo 2 type games.

I've stoped playing LoL for my own reasons i just name one or two Riot are in just for the money not for the players at least on the Nordic server the forums is a mass the ingame the same and with the patches just new champions no balance pacthes well once in a time the game overall has many flaws just the thing that its a 1vs1 match system based on elo while the game is 5vs5 is a problem just some of the reasons why i stoped.

and Dota 2 at the state is better of playing HoN =D.

But yeah in any game where its 1vs1 ranking im doing fine top 500 position which for me proves that the match making system in LoL is broken flawed and the company is in for the money nothing else which is why they just make new champions and not improve the game balance fix issues.=)

Now to the Elder Scrolls Online im very dispointed i wanted to go to another providence of Tamerial instead we get the entire world be dumbed down un interesting mostly simple handled with combat of an hybrid of wow and guild WOW Hura the Elders scholls is on a dead line now its up to the modders to make the next Elder scrolls episodde. =) lolz

Now thats my opinion on this matter my mind set right now. =)

PS;sorry about my grammer =;


Wed Mar 20 2013 3:53AM Report
Trionicus writes:

I didn't want to rip the elder scrolls online a new one but you are not wrong. The Elder Scrolls game line is probably dead, there is no way they'll make another single player version until the MMO is dying and can't be revived. I hope I'm wrong in that assumption.

I might check out Neverwtiner when it is released but I hold no hope for any of these games. I spend half my gaming time playing Table Top D&D still.

I understand you just fine btw!

Wed Mar 20 2013 11:32AM Report writes:
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