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MMORPGs Part 1: Systems of Equipment

Posted by TinyMooMoo Friday November 16 2007 at 11:49PM
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Simply put, many of the current MMORPGs have substandard systems of equipment. Why do all Dragon chainbodies look exactly the same? Why does a Broad Bladed Knife never dull no matter how many times you stab Onyxia with it? These questions forever ring in the minds of MMORPG players across the world.

Even if I wrote an award winning speech about the dire state of equipment in current MMORPGs, my listeners would be rather ignorant to just believe everything that comes out of my mouth. So instead of filling your brains with my personal opinions, I’ll give you examples of equipment from currently released MMORPGs. Let’s start with the most famed MMORPG on Earth, World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft has cool equipment with sharp edges and shiny surfaces, but that will only take you so far. Blizzard sure is eager to create expansions with new content that will take subscribers a few months to complete, but they put-down players who try to critique their core system. Weapons, armours and other equipment should physically degrade while fighting Illidan, not shine like there’s a photo shoot taking place. Runescape, one of the most loved and hated MMORPGs ever created, obviously has its flaws. Some of the simplest to point out are armours and weapons obtained from the Barrows. If the armours and weapons degrade as you use them, then so should their physical appearance.

One of the greatest additions to equipment is varying statuses. It’s great because it adds a whole new level of game play and makes everybody more of an individual. People will become known for having a perfect Shako or Bone Visage on top of any other achievements they've accomplished. Two MMORPGs that I’ve seen implement this system are Diablo II and Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu.

Times have changed and so should MMORPGs. Game development companies have to stop creating everything from scratch and need to start improving what others have already created.


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Hordequester8 writes:

I agree with degrading weapons wholeheartedly. It's just natural and helps alleviate staleness (ie You'll eventually have to replace that Shiny Uber Sword +2 with something else and it just might not be the same item)

I do have to completely disagree on randomized equipment. Why should I spend an enternity doing a massive set of quests only to be given a random item that MIGHT be a good one. This reminds me of Priston Tale and how all the other version of said item became shop food or sold at less than cost to newbies. Which, in turn, did two things: New players didnt need to purchase gear and even if they DID need to, no one was selling gear. Except for enormously overpriced gear due to all the shop food they had to sell to get that perfect item. It's a deadly cycle and it drives ones game into a monotonous series of letdowns. You know you had to sell millions of items on diablo just to find a decent one.

Having a wider assortment of items is the key, rather than randomized sets of a smaller assortment. It encourages people to hunt down monster X if they KNOW they will get a good item IF they kill it or if they accomplish this or that task. I get no large amount of encouragement from MAYBE getting a good item.

More emphases on creativity, Less on graphics and ooh look at my pretty action figure.

Again I have to disagree on improving other ideas as most of the ideas are flawed  from the ground up. They SHOULD reinvent the wheel and they SHOULD start from scratch. It's the only way to ever find a decent way to do it. Which I have yet to see one that does everything well.

You know what I'd love to see?

Combat System: Final Fantasy XII (Yes 12)

Equipment System: Anarchy Online

Character Creation: AD&D Character Sheet w/ CoH Costume creator

Quest System: CoH/AO On-demand system and Hand written constantly updated Story Line quests (Actual quests, not "Go Kill Mr. X" or "Get me 6000 Bat Wings in a Bag")

Graphics: Optional - Top-down, 3rd Person, or First Person. (Arianne had a 3d and 2d Graphic Engine that worked on a single server)

Skill System: A little AO in-depth with some CoH "get something every level" all while using AD&D Skills.

Level system: Experience=Age but theres also Skill Training


You want some good ideas for MMORPGs.

How about stopping this endgame crap and giving Maxed-out players a real challenge. Like an epic quest that eventually turns you into an ascended being in control of your own plane of existence that you gain levels and experience in while you build your realm into a nice place for other players that haven't ascended to invade and try to beat you. It's like rebirthing only wow look it's actually a new part of the game instead of the same crap over again.

Yeah for world events and quests: How about having the quests actually add to the world. Like, for example, imagine there's a quest in the game that only a Scribe can start and through this quest he eventually discovers the plans to building an Airship or some other flying device. He sells these plans to a builder who learns them (through rigorous training) and now he can build these ships and sell them to other players. But, he can also now train other people how to do this ship building. If they don't continue to train others, the skill will eventually die off as those players ascend or stop playing. These players that bought the ships can sell their travels to other players trying to get around or use it for exploration to find the next great artifact or quest.

Ok ok, I'll stop now. I just wish people would actually use their brains when they write MMORPGs. And don't give that lecture on "Well if you can do better" because point of fact - I HAVE done better but as I don't have the time to publish or maintain my work (that has the ideas I mentioned implemented) and I am not happy with the functionality yet, you most likely will never see it. (It's called Abandoned Fantasy - pun intended as I figured I'd never finish it)

I just miss old school single player console RPGs where you actually DID stuff in-game instead of constantly grinding to get to an end-game that is disappointing. Seriously, why even play a game after your character stops it really that fabulous to have Purple Platemail Uber Edition on that guy that can't even develop (level) anymore?

Sat Nov 17 2007 8:48PM Report
ShadowMog writes:

Diablo II was not an MMORPG.

Diablo II was a multiplayer RPG with a in-game chat room lobby.

Although, I hate, HATE, HATE randomized stat items.  Why would you make loot even more luck based?

I always wanted to be able to design your own items based on whatever the developers formulas were.  (Get a certain amount of item points to distribute based on the developers Item Level&Rarity balance formulas.

They're magical items anyway, what's so strange about it "conforming" to your needs?  Besides, it's more logical than a boss having loot for every class in the game.


Sun Nov 18 2007 2:43PM Report
Anofalye writes:

I degrade (age) in RL.  I don't want my toons, or their equipment to degrade.  I don't want to manage another declining system.  Progress is FUN.  Regression is not.


Levels are popular because it is a is FUN to see stuff advance, evolves, to asset it.


Maybe I could bear some maintenance, degradation, but honestly, why would you want to focus on what I could bear rather then on what I would enjoy?  Endless progression is a LOT better then fighting degradation.  Put caps on zones/gear or whatever to make it so that the casuals can rule most of the game, but 1 open-ended area wouldn't be much to ask, would it?

Mon Nov 19 2007 12:15AM Report writes:
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