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The Audience

A Blog, Focused On The Community Aspect Of MMORPGs

Author: ThriceShy

The Audience

Posted by ThriceShy Thursday February 19 2009 at 3:52PM
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Hello. This is my new blog, mainly about the community aspects of the mmorpg community.

What makes a community? In my eyes, there a many parts of a community, some are boring, but some are also exciting. One of my favorite aspects of the community is the drama. You gotta love it. Drama makes the game seem.. More fun. Watching people fight over an item, or fight over the new patch. Just silly things people do, to start a conversation, or a flame. I will admit, i've joined in a few fights myself, but who hasn't really?

Of course people love a good decent community, thats where the friendships come in. Games get very boring without friends, i have learned this the hard way. Games are way more fun, and enjoyable when playing with a party with friends, or random strangers. Either way, your communicating with people, and sometimes meet generally nice people, though not everyone you meet is as nice as the few people you do meet that are nice. It's a game, you will have the ups and down of a community. We all pray that the games state will stay balanced, but who knows? More and more people join the game, looking for a good game, and meeting new people. Sometimes the community makes or breaks the game. Games that have World chats, are commonly abused in a way, spammers, and such sometimes ruin a game. Your always going to have people who annoy the hell out of you with spamming, or begging for gold. It's a part of the game, they want to make it easier for themselves, while there are some people who actually make the game very pleasant, and enjoyable. In my experiences, people have generally annoyed me with spamming, and other nonsense. Usually with the same "GOLD PLZ, I NEED GOLD NOW" Or something very simalar to that. It's their choice, but it annoys me to know end. One of the best communitys i have seen in a game is City Of Heroes/Villians. When i first joined that game, i was helped right away by a level 50. The game couldn't start better, they were very kind and helpful in any way they could. I am not saying it's perfect don't get me wrong, there was a few annoying people, but the pros beat the cons in this fight.

I will have to admit, the "bad" side of the community can sometimes be very enjoyable. Watching people fight in-game, and on the forums, is pretty entertaining. Just over very silly things, or sometimes very serious things. Sometimes the issue gets resolved after people get bored of the same fight, or they keep packing on more issues, like fuel to the fire. Which makes it so worth it to watch it. As i stated before, i sometimes join the fight, but for sometimes certain reasons. I love to see people's reaction to what someone else stated, that puts up a fight to someone's previous statement. It's kind of intresting to see how people react to certain things, small or big. From time to time, i have seen developers, GM's and etc, join into the arguement, to try to calm the fight, usually never works, unless someone is silenced, or the thread is locked.

Community makes up a lot of the game. Community is sort of the structure. Companys are making a game that hopefully the players will love. Some will love the game, some will hate the game. I haven't see a game yet, that doesn't have haters. For me, haters fuel me. They make me wanna prove them wrong, and sometimes embarass them. Don't get me wrong, i don't want to be mean, just revenge in a way. Haters are a big part of the community, i know that sounds confusing, but sometimes it's true. Sometimes i think developers love haters, it makes them want to improve their game so they may begin to like it, while also giving the good playerbase what they want also. We also help make the game. We give bug reports, we give structured comments on how the game could be improved. E.x. Fix this quest, make this change, etc. The developers sometimes listen, and fix the issues at hand, which they should do.

One of the bad things about a community is the "kiddies". It's a love hate relationship with this situation for me. Kiddies annoy me to no end, but they also get me laughing. They do silly things, and sometimes annoying things. Most of the time they get people angry, or annoyed to the point of extreme anger, very understandable, people get annoyed so easily. I will admit i get annoyed a lot, thats a true statement. People's real maturity is proven on how they handle certain situations, for example, how they handle a kiddie, or spammers. It shows their true colors in a way.

Annwyn writes:

Glad to know there's some people who do focus on the community aspect of MMOs. The community is one of the main reason why I never stick to a game for too long (which explains why I only play games in Closed Beta, less "kiddies").

How many times do I hear : "BUFF!" or "BUFF MEEEE PLZ" "I NEED GOLD" etc. It really pisses me off to see people act this way and it really kills the community. Same goes for Gold Spammer, I really hope companies will start acting like Blizzard and do some skull bashing on bot or gold farm companies.

It is also true that there's a lot of "kiddie" in game, mostly due to the fact that gaming is more accesible. And of course, they annoy me. Am I a kid hater? not really. But people must have a certain level of maturity in them or else I don't even bother replying. Still.....this is something we find common in F2P and less common in P2P BUT it still exist. My guess is that games like DarkFall will indirectly destroy those kiddies. The game requires a certain level of understanding and intelligence in order to act, attack, raid and defend efficiently in a team/guild. Something I doubt they would be able to achieve.

That reminds me.....seeing people use names like "xXx-NaRuTo[insert number here]-xXx" is extremely annoying.....must find a game that forbids such atrocious things.....break the whole community aspect for me.

Thu Feb 19 2009 7:06PM Report
ThriceShy writes:

Agreed, thanks for that comment, and reading!

Thu Feb 19 2009 8:56PM Report writes:
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