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Not What You Expect

The thoughts and views of a girl gamer.

Author: Thradia

Suuuuure you did!

Posted by Thradia Monday February 4 2008 at 5:48PM
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This happens in all games....

Someone grinds and speeds their way to max level, then proceeds to head to forums of all kinds to complain that they are bored and have done everything in the game.

Suuuuuuuure you did!

No one who reaches max level in under a month has done it all.  Now, I understand some people like to play that way.  Nothing wrong with that.  But don't bitch to the developers and game companies that they didn't put in enough content. 

They did.

You chose to skip it.

In EQ2 for can go learn up a faction..lots of little don't tell me you have done EVERYTHING in the game.  We all know you are exaggerating...

Complaining really gets you no where.  No wait. Let me re-phrase that.  Complaining without constructive suggestions will get you no where.  In all my years working for fansites, I've found that if you have a complaint that is intelligent and you have a suggestion to make it better, they will listen more often then not. 

It really doesn't matter if you power level, or if you play casually....but don't run around spouting that you finished the game in 2 week and <insert company here> sucks because you are bored.  You chose to skip all that content inbetween so you deal with it.  Either backtrack and do some other stuff, or close your account and wait for the next expansion. 

Now not all games have a great end my guild...the people at max have been exploring their end game for a loooong time.  And still are not done.  Perhaps if you like it like this, find a game with a lot of end game content. Would be a better use of time then running around to forum complaining....

At least in my opinion :P

Feldron writes:

I disagree,

in all likely hood they are stating that there is no repeatable or competive end game content of interest.

most games you hit max lv and thats it for progression even though everquest years ago had AA's player could work on games being released today aren't taking even a small amount of time for end game play.

They can do it but haven't and more to the point its been done before and the game devs know they have players like this but they still and plan enough to launch with an AA system

Mon Feb 04 2008 7:48PM Report
Dhaeman writes:

If you've done it once you've done it before. These MMORPGs really all have the same content but in different settings.

Mon Feb 04 2008 8:37PM Report
ext1 writes:

I would tend to side with OP's sentiment. 


That being said, I  will say that there is one thing I think we CAN blame on the companies in this regard.   Is it me, or does the xp treadmill seem a LOT faster these days in games?  When I think back to my days in EQ and AO, it seemed like it took forever to level once you broke that "25% to the cap" barrier (usually lvl 20-40).   It seemed like you would put in looooong hours to gain levels.  These days however, it doesn't take much to fly through levels at really any stage in the game.   I think devs have embraced this sort of "instant gratification" mentality, that if they make players work too long or hard at gaining levels that they will grow bored, angry, and eventually leave because they are not "achieving" fast enough.


Now I'm not saying I like excessive grinding, I'm just saying that we didn't really notice it back then because it was the norm.  Today people expect nice little rewards every level, and they want every level quickly or else that much too common "A.D.D." kicks in and they whine.


It's a hard balance to strike for companies.  Provide achievement to quickly and easily; players whiz through it and complain that it's boring and has no content.  Stretch out the rewards and make leveling take hard work and time; players grow weary and bored and call your game a "grindfest" and dull.


Sadly I think developers have listened a little bit too much to the hyper grinder "A.D.D." crowd who rush to the "end" and then throw fits about being bored with nothing to do. 


EQ was a didn't quest, you grinded out levels just so you could continue some quest you started 10 levels ago.  Today games are spoon fed with no remorse.  Content used to be the community you fought with and the dangers you faced as a group.  Today, content is what the devs give you to solo through, or find a 10 minute PUG to grind through.

Mon Feb 04 2008 9:46PM Report
Anofalye writes:

I like you a LOT!


Rarely seen such wisdom in someone so young!


Ahh, you're already better than most devs!  If devs where like you, I am sure I wouldn't always see raiding, PvP or whatever lame place on me because I reach max level!


Going back to learn to speak a language?  Eh, sound like it it worth a try...and if I don't like it, I don't miss much as a maxed character anyway! :)


I like you!  Speak sense in those devs please!

Mon Feb 04 2008 9:56PM Report
VideoJockey writes:

I think the problem is that you CAN get to max level in a short amount of time. Back in the day, reaching that max level was a long, arduous process that one was to be congratulated for. You didn't need a ton of end-game content because by the time you got there, you were sick of your character and wanted to roll a new one.

When I beta'd EQOA it took me 3 days to get to level 12; in EQ2 you can do it in 2 hours.

These days, I have my buddy yelling at me to get my WoW character to 70 so I can "start to play the game." He took a character from 1-70 in the same time I went from 30-50.  At least the game does have some end-game content to look forward to.

Tue Feb 05 2008 1:23AM Report
alakram writes:

I agree with you. Sure you did!

Tue Feb 05 2008 5:24AM Report
Dionysus187 writes:

Your mistake is that your taking their "I've done everything" too literally. OBVIOUSLY no one has done everything to do in a game, massive is right in its name. They are usually saying they have done everything thats constructive or fun. Learning a language isn't fun for some people, doing every quest even ones that don't yield anything useful isn't fun to everyone.

Tue Feb 05 2008 7:32AM Report
mittsville writes:

What you're talking about is going to happen a lot with the design of most mmos. The natural aspiration for most players is to reach max level, a priority which is above other parts of the game. This means that players will try and get to the highest level, then move on to other content, by which time they may be bored of the game already.  However, in following this path a huge chunk of content is completely bypassed. 

What devs have to do is either try and convince players that reaching max level is not the point of the game, or find a way of fitting the optional content into the main game.


Tue Feb 05 2008 11:29AM Report
Thradia writes:

I do agree that it seems to be too easy to get to max level in most games these days.

But, there are still many who don't hit it within two weeks, so obviously there is content in between to explore. Many that I know will disable combat experience (when possible) in order to explore the area they are in, without becoming too high of a level for it.

And no, learning a language or doing side tasks isn't everyone's thing..but neither is grinding to max.  So why complain? 

I personally, dont' mind any playstyle.  It's a person's personal choice.  It's the persistant whine about how a game sucks that is hard to deal with.  It will never go away, but it's a reason that many avoid forums all together.

Tue Feb 05 2008 1:42PM Report
Arioc writes:

In part yes, but also remember that people want differant things from these games. Some want to see their character grow in combat, while others want to see them grow in tradeskills. When a person focuses on one sphere and completes it, they can stop and go back and do the other spheres but it isn't entertaining to them. Ultimatly if they run out of entertaining content for their preference they complain that the content is lacking.

EQ2 is a game with tons of content on every sphere, I've been playing for years and have invested all my time into one character. Tried to make and alt and realized how much Id' have to re-do to get all the access, flags, claymore rewards, titles.. etc. my main had and said heck with that. :) But it's totally possible to burn an alt to max level and get all the AA and say "what!? I did everything!" but they choose not to grind tradeskills.

MMO's are full of content, but not all of it is considered "FUN" to everybody. I don't find it fun to sit at a forge and TS for hours clicking the buttons, I need the scenery to change, the variety of mobs, to keep things fun and fresh. So yeah there's content, but not content that's "fun" for me.

Tue Feb 05 2008 2:48PM Report
WackoGun writes:

Who wants to grind for titles, faction rep or more languages, we want to get new gear and weapons!

Tue Feb 05 2008 3:18PM Report
Lizante writes:
  • I totally agree with the OP.

    I've played LotRO since early Closed Beta (Nov 2005).  I laugh every time I'm in a town and someone is spamming the trade channel selling their "power leveling services" for real money.  LotRO is about Tolkein lore and the richness of the game content based on that lore.  It's silly to power-level to 50 and thereby miss out on the real fun in the game.

    The problem with LotRO is, for me, once your characters reach level 50 and you've done the quests, the raids, achieved a few Grand Master Crafters and you've completed your end game build(s), there's not much to do except PvMP (Monster play PvP) and helping friends & kin mates. 

    LotRO -- Great game, great lore/content -- I still enjoy it, but with so many new MMOs coming out  (Age of Conan, Warhammer, etc.), Turbine needs to lift the level 50 cap and address the needs of the growing number of players like me who've basically "finished" the game.



Tue Feb 05 2008 4:45PM Report writes:
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