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Author: TesterNGS

EVE Player Record - What CCP Didn't Tell You

Posted by TesterNGS Friday December 14 2007 at 4:51PM
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EVE Player Record - What CCP Didn't Tell You

I think I was logged in when EVE broke its concurrent player record. It was an impressive jump, going from their previous record of about 38k players to around 42k, but there are a couple things that weren't mentioned in the blurbs CCP released to the media.
Popular locations in the game were unplayable. The trade and newbie hub of Jita, always a lagpit, swallowed players like a fat kid swallows cake. You would literally wait minutes for actions to register. This turned Jita into a prime spot for suicide griefers who would take advantage of the lag to blow up a few helpless players. Smart pilots avoided Jita like the plague, but Jita is an important hub for trade and Agent-given missions, so passing through Jita was almost unavoidable for many new players. Why didn't CCP shut down Jita or turn off missions going to that area in light of the player surge? See the next point.
Much of that record-breaking number was made up of trial account players checking out the new expansion. This doesn't invalidate the record, but it should be mentioned. I imagine that many of the trial accounts were former players checking out Trinity to see if EVE is worth subscribing to again, and brand new players wanting to get in on hype of the new expansion. CCP knew that many of its concurrent players were trial accounts, and they knew that once the initial gotta-see-the-graphics surge was up, that the number of concurrent players would drop. This may be why they didn't take any steps to make Jita playable during the surge. When I logged in yesterday, EVE had a more typical count of around 34k players.
I'm not saying that CCP is a bunch of liars - Trinity is a great expansion and deserves all the good press it gets - I just didn't want anyone to be fooled by a one-sided press release.
Kordesh writes:

"Why didn't CCP shut down Jita or turn off missions going to that area in light of the player surge? See the next point."

Actually they sent out a message during that something to the effect that either they were locking out Jita or to avoid it as a mass message during that time. Really, the issue with Jita is all the people in one place. The universe could handle the population, they just can't handle all that population crammed into the same spot.

Trial accounts were of course a big factor. This was a semi-organized event with the players however. There were forum posts made encouraging people to log in and the word got out people were trying to break the past connected user cap.

Really though, it's only what you make it out to be. Population numbers are nice and give the community a sense of achievement, but overall, unless they're drastically low or astronomically high, they're meaningless.

Fri Dec 14 2007 5:16PM Report
TesterNGS writes:

I recall seeing those, but it seemed that many players ignored it. But anyway, congrats to CCP for the record. I just wanted to point out that it didn't go so smooth for a few players.

Fri Dec 14 2007 5:27PM Report
alubob writes:

wow.. when i used to play eve they had just broke the 8k players online barrier :/...

Fri Dec 14 2007 6:27PM Report
andychen writes:

i read the fine lines, "the software is provided AS IS", and although it saddens me, i do see eve dev keep on developing and updating content, free of charge.  with limited dev resource, i don't really blame them when my petition is ignored, in the end at lease u can troll / flame it on the forums, unlike couple games i've heard, the company just shuts down and close the game... *poof


Sat Dec 15 2007 1:26AM Report
maimeekrai writes:

Sounds like business as usual for Jita...


Sat Dec 15 2007 4:41AM Report
TesterNGS writes:

Yeah, Jita is typically a crowded place. But I guess I labored on the point about Jita too much. Other placers had similar, but not as severe, problems. And, again, the post isn't to knock CCP or troll/flame...just pointing out that the EVE player record wasn't all roses and baby kittens.

Sat Dec 15 2007 8:12AM Report writes:
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