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Tert Comments on MMOs

I have my ideas on what the perfect MMO could be and I'd love to see what everyone else thought. Thanks!

Author: Tertiary

Changes are in bold - Several updates including: Race, Death, World Enviornment, etc.

Posted by Tertiary Sunday August 19 2007 at 2:28PM
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Funny story; my 'list o' features' is now far too large for this blog to contain.  Updating it appears to be an excersise in futility... and thus, for several years now, it has remained out of date.  I have it saved on my HD and once I find an alternate method of presentation, I will repost it here.


For those of you who had my post archived, I have begun considering several of my ideas in a new light.  Four or five years have resulted in several MMO innovations, and "Wow, Dwarf Fortress."  Seriously, anyone who is looking for inspiration for their sandbox MMO needs to start there.  Anyways, maybe I'll get back in to this soon, we'll see.  Just wanted my current body-of work preserved and not on display looking like crap.


Thanks for listening.

Freon41 writes:

::cracks knuckles::

"All content created out of game must pass cursory inspection by GMs before allowed in game"
Hows about an official site where members upload their content and it is judged by their peers. Every week or so, the highest ranked submissions are then judged by the GMs as a last line of defense before being implemented. This takes the load off of the devs to peruse through hundreds of useless junk to find the good stuff... All votes are linked through your memberID / Account name so someone cannot just make a bunch of fake accounts for the purpose of voting their own submission up or taking down a rival.

Statistics (Strength/Dexterity/Charisma/Constitution)-
So are these simply your External attributes? Are these set in stone for your specific race as they are seperate from your "Ability Scores"? For example, a Dwarf would have a higher STR rating thereby allowing a more stocky appearance than Elves who have a higher Constitution? And because the Statistics are seperate from Ability Scores then you could have Dwarven Mages?

†Ability Scores - Standard, Derived, and Sub.
I like this area but it needs more detail and how it would relate to your statistics.

†Races - Looks good at first glance but I was never a big fan of numerous races. Usually end up going with whichever had the best overall-appearance instead of ability to play certain classes. *which is why I was an Elvaan Mage in FFXI*

Anyhoo, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I'll post more when it occurs to me...

Sun Aug 19 2007 3:28PM Report
Tertiary writes:

Perfection!  I love the new content idea.  The first statistics bullet is to say that statistics are linked to your appearance, the second is an explanation of the actual statistics.  Everything on the whole list needs additional detail!  I want about a paragraph for every bullet there, and most of everything there still needs additional bullets at that...  so, there will be more detail on how all the statistics work and affect each other - but, honestly, I haven't even figured it all out yet. 

So far as the races - with a single server and a world with landmass equal to Earth's... you need something to populate it with.  I feel that the more options you have available, the more fun you'll have playing the game...  "Well, I've played all seven Human factions/Starting locations...  lets try a few of the Elf ones."  The players starts over, and over, and over and still has a completely unique play experience.

Sun Aug 19 2007 5:24PM Report
Maquiame writes: Sounds good here is what I would add There should be two world factions, and two sides of the planet, Magic, and Technology, two factions work well for pvp, and with having a magic vs tech angle you can please both sets of players at the same time. One side being magic powered, the other side being tech powered. Other races should include Lizardmen, all good mmos should have Lizardmen, I would say three types, Desert, Swamp and Jungle Wolfmen, I liked the Vulmane idea in Vanguard alot, too bad it sucks Catmen (Tigermen, Lionmen, Cheetamen) Vampires: There should be an all out vampire race, everybody thought about playing them once, put them on a separate dark deep north or south continent barren with a huge underdark for themselves. Dragons should be a prestige race, given to uber players or uber rp players, something like veterans credit can trigger them and it takes much longer to level them for the extra power they have. Mermen, the underwater area should have at least two races, Mermen and Sea Elves I think would do nicely. The Mermen should be beautiful, like brilliantly colored humans with fins, scales and gills. Different types depending on starting area, ie a merman from a tropical region will be very colorful, as opposed to one from an icy region may resemble an orca in color. Ogres, preferably two headed Tue Aug 21 2007 1:09PM Report
Freon41 writes:

I'm sorry, but I'll have to object to the idea of players having access to the race of dragons....
Dragons should be as gods for the game if they were to be implemented. It should require nearly a full squad/raid to defeat a hatchling. Dragons are ancient, wise and well-oriented with most, if not all, areas of magic. If anyone should be able to play as a dragon, it should be a GM if the AI isn't enough.... Is that to say that Dragons are invincible mobs? No, but close to it. Fighting one of the Ancients should be nearly impossible for a few raid groups....

Normally I would balk at the number of races that you are throwing out but with the proposed statistic/ability point divide, then it should all fall down on appearances and starting locations/quests that will diffrentiate between the races. Even so, I'm not sure I would play anything other than human if there were no advantages to playing other races aside from those things... Vampires, maybe, but that'd be asking to be annoyed with the emo-freaks....

Wed Aug 22 2007 1:05AM Report
Tertiary writes:

Okay, lets try this for the third time.  Bah!  And, what's up with the formatting?  Anyone know what happened?  It was just fine when I posted it...  anyways...

Unfortunatly I am not trying to make Arcanum Online...  I wouldn't mind playing it, but I wouldn't want to design it.  Further, in my opinion two sides is not an ideal number of factions.  I believe that three factions are much better, as seen in Planetside.  That way, if one faction begins having success, both other factions will team up against them...  The chances of one faction winning are very small.  You may say, "What's wrong with that?"  Well, if one faction wins then the game is over for the other faction.

Further, I am designing a fantasy based campaign.  The history will be created to imply post-apocolypse, and some of the terrain and the things players will discover will reinforce that... but, the main theme is fantasy.  See Terry Brooks' 'Shannara' Series for an example.

I'm looking for races that have a higher potential for quickly creating an advanced civilization.  Animorphic races, in my opinion, do not have that potential...  in most settings they are magically created, or something, and little removed from their ancestors (instinct still playing a large part in their decision making processes.)

Thank you, though!!!!  I completely forgot I had an underwater area I had to fill up with something!!!  Mermen and Sea-Elves would be perfect, though Sea-Elves are a subrace of Elves...  Can you think of any other likely suspects to put down there to round the number out a little bit?  Triton, perhaps?

Vampire:  Vampirism is an affliction or curse, not a race.  Vampirism is a part of my vision, but it will also not be available upon game release.  Vampirism will be a sort of way around the permanent death system and a means of enabling PvPers to go 'Hardcore.'  Vampires will not permanently die by any means other than PvP.  There will be other ways to enjoy 'Hardcore' PvP than becoming a Vampire as well.

Giants (Two-headed Ogres)/Dragons:  I want every sentient race seen in game to be available to the Players... so long as they can figure out how to unlock them.  Giants and Dragons, being epically scaled as they are, will be the most difficult to implement... and, as Freon pointed out, Dragons especially will be a difficult case to handle because of their epic ability.

I believe the way I will handle it is that most races will be available to the general public as soon as a group completes the quest to unlock that race... Dragons, Giants, and perhaps a few other prestige races, must be unlocked individually...  That is, quests must be completed by each person who wants a dragon or giant.

For Freon:  Remember that this game will have age...  Consider how that would apply to a dragon. ;)  Players who expect to create a dragon and be instant gods -will be- dissapointed.  Dragons will start out as hatchlings and be required to advance into their power with age...  the truly epic ages being likely unreachable by a normal player.  A very hardcore player might reach an adult dragon (by DnD standards) at most.  Is hatchling power formidable?  Yes - Dragons would start a few leaps and a couple bounds ahead of the rest...  Hoewever, that is the point of the game... each successive character starts a little bit ahead of where your last character started.  Giants are actually more difficult to balance than dragons. :(

Dragons and Giants do not qualify as starting races, though.  In the beginning giants will not be much more advanced than Mountain Giants in DnD, and Dragons are too individual to form a large society.

I hope to accomplish more than just statistical diversity by creating so many races... I hope to create a world that is truly alive.  Where it means something to be of a specific race:  Perhaps your race was the first to discover some important magical theory, or perhaps your race instigated some national alliance....  Then you can have pride for being a part of it.  I want the players to truly shape the world, and I think they can do that best by being able to create whatever character they want.

However, because the standard player sees statistacal diversity first and lore second (if at all), I do plan to create a large statistical diversity with more than just ability scores.  Racial abilities, starting 'designs' for crafting, etc. will also be available to encourage a player to lean one way or the other.  Also, the fundamental design of how certain races interact with the world may cause players to desire one race over another.  As mentioned earlier, vampire have a very unique place in the world...  There -will- be an unlockable race that will interact with the world in a similiar way.

Golems have already been mentioned and they interact in a -very- unique way.  Golems -build- their offspring.  No other race does that...  Golems can be built in any way imaginable (three legs, four eyes, seven...  eh, you get the point. :) again, something that no other race can boast.

Elves lifespans are infinite.  Elves will probably be the only race immune to the effects of aging.  Some players won't want to age and might have chosen another race if not for that.

And then, again as mentioned in my outline, the true power-gamer will look for the least played race... because that one will receive statistical bonuses above and beyond the other races.


Thanks again for responding!!

Thu Aug 23 2007 5:08PM Report writes:
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