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Tert Comments on MMOs

I have my ideas on what the perfect MMO could be and I'd love to see what everyone else thought. Thanks!

Author: Tertiary

My Dream

Posted by Tertiary Monday August 6 2007 at 8:27PM
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What I want is a game without boundries.  I want a game with at least the same landmass as Earth where you can create your own mines, houses, cities, whatever you want.  I want the players to be able to invent new structures, items, magic, etc.  I want the NPCs to be almost impossible to tell from PCs and able to do everything that a PC can.  I want all creatures to evolve and to adapt to their surroundings.  I want NPCs and PCs to have real diplomatic relations.  I want the players to have a real family lineage and create real history in the world.  I want the fight to be real - NPCs and PCs starting wars between cities and/or nations, death that is more than a slap on the wrist, battles that can reach a truly epic scale!  I want the player to be able to experience the game however they want - I want crafters to never need to pick up a sword, I want fighters to never need to glance at a mining pick, casters should not need to glance at either.  I want gameplay that can keep all play styles interested indefinitly.  If you want to beat things up with a sword you should never need to look at the other aspects of the game to find a new experience if you don't want to.  I want there to be rewards for going the extra mile instead of penalties for skimping.  If you sleep in an inn you get a bonus, you don't get a penalty for not - same with eating, using the bathroom, and other 'realistic' things that are never added because they detract from gameplay.  I want real application for mundane activities - composers and other musicians, dancers and actors, all forms of entertainment that are not strictly necessary but add an amazing depth and community to the game.  I want players to help other players!  To ensure that, the game should have incentives for helping less experienced players or characters.  I want story and storyline!  I want a game that you don't have to be a history or literature major to understand most of, but also one that is so in depth that you could make your goal in the game to discover the whole story and need to spend years to do so!  I want more than just some crummy horse, I want sea ships and air ships, I want to drill through the ground and dive under the ocean.  I want the world to be seamless and I want everyone to play in the same world.  I want massive to reach a new level!  I want to discover new places first then start a new character and do it all over again.  I want to be able to map unexplored territories and sell those maps to my friends, or mess those maps up before I sell them to my enemy.  I want control over every aspect of my experience in the game.  I want to choose how simple or advanced my UI is.  I want to control every facet of my character's appearance from start to end.  Everyone is tired of cookie cutter character classes, but we're more tired of cookie cutter appearance.  We want to be different!  I want someone to look at my character and know who it is without having to look at the name floating above its head.  I want to customize my socials and idle stance, I want to create my own combat manuevers and visual effects for my spells, I want to tweak my armor to have spikes and skulls decorating it.

In summation - I want a lot.  All the above and much more than I'd have time to write in a single afternoon... thus this blog.  I'll start picking apart individual desires and expanding on them soon.  Thanks for yer time.

destinystar writes:

thats new making maps and selling them. i like ur ideas so for i think alot of ppl feel that way to.

Wed Aug 08 2007 11:39AM Report
steuss writes:

Good lord would i love a game like this.... Perhaps someone is making it now...

Sat Aug 11 2007 12:18AM Report
Tertiary writes:

Thanks for the support!  Let me know what you think as I post the details - for instance I already have a question for the readers of my blog on character creation (What visual physical attribute would dexterity modify.)

The map-making has been knockin' around in my head since the early days of Horizons - I loved their mapping, but I thought that it would be so much cooler if those people who put a lot of work into their maps could get something out of it.

Steuss: My game is impossible right now. :(  If someone is working on it then it will be probably a decade before it is released.  It's sooo much more in depth than the above indicates...  that was just a rant about what I want - all the details knockin' about in my head will prolly take months to get down on cyber-paper. :)

Sun Aug 12 2007 4:20AM Report
Freon41 writes:

*wall of text hits you for 289 damage*


Being recognized based on appearance rather than your floaty names would require being in first-person view or magnified view of some sort. Can't wait to see your views on all the aspects of the game.

Fri Aug 17 2007 8:54PM Report
Tertiary writes:

Not at all - if you look at my later post (Which you did) then you'll see that I hope to have facial characteristics customizable to the point that all you need is a portrait (found by selecting the character) to recognize someone.  Further, body and equipment will be customizable enough that very few people should have the exact same appearance even at a glance...  and, it will be easy enough to customize the visual aspects that a character can keep the same basic visual appearance all the way to epicness.

The problem is actually with knowing someone's name to send them a tell... or with remembering exactly how to spell someone's name.  Honestly, I don't see that as too large a problem as random tells are seldom worthwhile tells.  But, there could easilly be an option to turn on/off your floaty name.

Sat Aug 18 2007 2:22AM Report
ironore writes:

What visual physical attribute would dexterity modify?

What physical attribute does it modify in actuality?  I'd actually say you ought to do it the other way around.  Your physical build modifies the max potential for dexterity.  For example the largest, bulkiest, strongest frame is obviously not going to be able to move as quickly and perform the most acrobatic of moves.

Sun Aug 19 2007 12:15PM Report
Tertiary writes:

Awesome idea!  I don't have time to change my update right now - but, be sure you'll see that in the next one!

Sun Aug 19 2007 2:26PM Report
Freon41 writes:

okay, on the subject of attributes...

Attributes are balanced among themselves. kinda like a wheel that is balanced on it's center point. place a weight on one edge and it leans that way.

For the purpose of illustration, the Wheel of Attributes is comprised of DEX at 3 o'clock, INT at 6, WIS at 9 and STR at 12. Place your focus on STR at 12 and your ability to focus on INT at 6 decreases significantly and your focus on DEX at 3 and WIS at 9 decrease not as much but still affected nonetheless.

Say a person logs out at training center, when he returns some time later, his STR has increased a bit and as a result his character looks a bit buffer. However, his dexterity has decreased as a result. Same thing with logging out at the Scholar's hall to increase your INT/WIS. Your STR would decrease as a result.

So, if this were in a game, would people be frustrated by having to ensure that they remain buff or w/e? Kinda like the way GTA:SA was, where you had to go eat regularly or to the gym, etc. Would this frustrate more people than just having their style of play dictate how attributes automatically allocate themselves?

Sun Aug 19 2007 2:27PM Report
Tertiary writes:

This game is based on options - players will have the OPTION to do things like that... but, if they don't like it, they can lock their attributes (in the case of your example) and then they don't have to deal with it.  Players who -do- worry about it receive small bonuses.

I like that idea too, Freon, no time to talk about it yet, though.  I'll be back later in the day, or tommorow.  Thanks for all the interest!!

Sun Aug 19 2007 2:35PM Report
Tertiary writes:

Crap, I just realized something - how would Charisma (Character Appearance/Character's Leadership or Persuasive Abilities) fit in?  If you use too many top tier appearance traits then your charisma gets jacked up and you don't have enough points for things you need?

Mon Aug 20 2007 4:23AM Report
Tertiary writes:

For those of you who were curious, here is the thread I posted most of my Perm-Death ideas in:

Hopefully I can get at least the gist in the next update or the one after.  Sorry its taking so long - should be another update by this Sunday (26 August 2007)

Thu Aug 23 2007 6:09PM Report writes:
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