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Author: TenchiMuyo

Rohan Review

Posted by TenchiMuyo Thursday February 26 2009 at 9:16PM
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I've stumbled onto a little game, called Rohan.

It seems like a pretty good game so far. My FPS is a bit choppy, but if I'm not running anything else at the time, it runs pretty decently, on my IGMA X3100. It's still a game in Open Beta, but it's rather playable at the moment. It's a little challenging, and offers a lot of character-customization, as you level. I currently have two characters, a lvl 16 Dark elf (Which is a Mage class), and a lvl 4 Dhan (Which is a rogue class). So yes; this will be a review from my first 16 levels in the game.

Your exp is viewed as a percentage, 0.00% to 100.00%, much like any other MMORPG we play. It has some interesting additives to the leveling system however, including a feature dubbed 'M. Kill' or 'Multiple Kill'. With M. Kill, each kill you perform, regardless of exp gain, increases your M. Kill counter. Which runs from 0 to 100. Every 20th kill, that kill gains a multiplicity bonus. For example, your 20th kill on your M. Kill counter, gives you a 700% increase in exp from that kill. So if you get a monster that gives you 100 get 700 that one time. It increases, all the way to 100, each 20th kill giving you a higher and higher multiple. If I remember right, your 100th kill gives you a 2,500% increase. It can make grinding a lot more interesting, and fun, if you're focusing on your M. Kill guide.

As far as Character Creation goes, your character has several stats. So far, each level gives you 4 attribute bonus points that you can align to a certain stat. The stats are, Strength, Intelligence, Psyche, Dexterity, Agility, and Vitality. Most of these are rather self-explanatory, but I'll go over them anyways, as there are some minor differences. Strength increases your melee attack score, and the amount of Weight you can carry. Intelligence increases your Magic Attack score, Magic Defense and your elemental resistance scores. Dexterity increases your Ranged attack score, and your accuracy with melee and Ranged weapons. Vitality increases your health, and physical defense score, Psyche increases your mana and Magic Resistance, and Agility increases your evasion rate.

It has a lot of sub-stats though, some mentioned above. Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Health, Mana, Resistance, Accuracy, Evasion, Mobility (I think that's your walking speed, though I'm not sure!), Attack Speed, Hp recovery, and mana recovery. They're all very self-explanatory, so I won't go into them in detail! Just suffice to say, Melee need Melee attack high, Archers need Ranged attack high, and Mages, need Magic Attack high.

As a Mage, I found very quickly that the game doesn't utilize skills the same way we use them in other MMORPG's. It uses a skill tree, and each level, you get a skill point, which you can use to raise your skills/spells. I was able to figure out right away what spells were best for me to use! I dumped all my points into a spell called 'Energy Sphere'. It seemed to be the Mage Classes main offensive spell. It basically channels mana into your wand, or staff, and increases your damage with it. At the 'Mastered' level, which was 5, it increases your damage by 170%. I've hit upwards of 500 damage now with it, and can take out a good half of my enemies hp in one strike.

I noticed a few buffs that would come in handy too. One such buff, increased my health and mana points by ten times my level. So, right now, at level 16, it increases my hp/mana by 160 points. To give you a good balance view, that Mastered Energy Sphere spell, needs 69 mana. My other two main spells, need 144 (It's lvl 3/5), and 176 (5/5). So it's a pretty useful buff, and it lasts for 21minutes (Why 21, I don't know.) Another good buff I noticed, only has 1 level to it, before it's mastered. It's the 'Dark Eyes' buff. I can use it to automatically detect rogues within 30 meters of my character, and it gives a +15% bonus to my magic attack score. Pretty useful...but it automatically puts my mana regeneration at -3. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but my natural mana regeneration is at 48.

I found some other good spells, ones I wouldn't probably be able to survive without. Health Coil, and Mana coil. These deal large amounts of damage, and turns a good portion of that into health, or mana for my character. Currently, my Health Coil adds 90% to my magical attack score, and gives me 60% of the damage as a heal. It's very useful, and I'm trying to level it up as fast as possible. It's currently at level 3 of 5. The Mana Coil, is devestating however. It gives a 150% bonus to my attack, and gives 90% of that as mana back to me. When I hit upwards of 500 damage with it, I can fill up more than half my mana bar in one attack.

There are a few bugs still, that need some heavy fixing (And they seem to have been there for quite a few months now). One major bug, is located in the Dark Elf's main city, Mortt. There's a large castle in the back of the city, vital for some quests you run. If you try to enter the castle however, it places you underneath the map for some reason; and the only way to get out is to use a town scroll/rune, to teleport you back to the city. So sadly, there's some quests you just can't finish.

And that brings us to a second problem with the's lacking in quests! Currently, I'm simply in a grind fest, as the only quest available to me is a lvl 13 quest, that doesn't quite give a fair enough reward for the work in my opinion. I'm not sure when I'll get a new quest available, but all I know, is I can't PvP till I'm lvl 30, and there's very strong monster's blocking my path out of the first zone. Thankfully, due to the M. Kill system, leveling can be fun, and fast if done right (For example, fighting 19 monsters that are = to your level, then fighting a monster that's a few levels higher, to get a nice bonus).


All in all, I definately think Rohan is a game to test the beta for, it's playable right now, and it seems if you play a character other than a Dark elf, you won't have much problem with quest linear-ism. Just pretend that's a word, and we'll do just fine.

Let me know what you guy's think about it, and how your adventures were. writes:
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