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Provocative idea's for the mind

Taking seriousness to a whole new level, analyzing current MMORPG's, and idea's for MMORPG's in the most logical ways possible.

Author: TenchiMuyo

What can we do?

Posted by TenchiMuyo Monday February 23 2009 at 4:03PM
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I spent the last two blogs talking about a game I liked, and a game...well, I hated. Well this blog entry is actually a 2 parter, The first section is an announcement about a small experiment I'm going to try. The other is about a MMORPG that is related to the experiment.

Do our comments, our idea's, and our desires, fall to the wayside when it comes to game companies? A lot of popular games have established idea's, established goals, in their games. Games like The Sims, are popular, but pretty much, it's all the same thing, each time, no? Just new clothes, new animals, new housing items. GTA, pretty much the same thing, different storylines, some new weapons, and new quests, and area's. But same goal.

What's the main goal in a MMORPG though? What main focus can every player aim towards? Well, there's crafting, adventuring, PVP, dungeons, arena's, weapons, armors...the list can go on and on. Each person has their own goals, their own idea's, of what makes a MMORPG great.

Is this part of the reason, most people's idea's don't get heard, or read by MMORPG developers?

I'm going to test this theory, over the next few days. I'm going to write up a proposal for a MMORPG, Specifically one that got talked about a little bit around here, and send it to three major MMORPG companies, and three minor MMORPG companies, and see what they happen to say about it. And we'll see where it goes from there.

What about you, viewers, have any of you ever sent an idea in to an MMORPG company, and had it integrated into a game you play(Or don't play, I suppose)?


This section, is about a little in-browser MMORPG, called Lands of Hope. It's website address is It starts out with your character as a slave at a mansion, where you perform some small quests, to learn about the game. Eventually, you earn your freedom, and move on to the main map. The reason I mention this MMORPG, in relation to my experiment, is because in this MMORPG, all suggestions are taken seriously, and voted on by the community.

You can submit an idea, as descript as you please. Other users can go in and vote for, or against it, And the devs decide within 24 hours or so, whether it can or will be implemented. It's a very fun game, though can be quite tedious at times. There's lots of character customization. It's based on a level/skill/exp system. Your gain experience by killing mobs, or using skills. You raise skills by using them. Your levels raise your skill caps (Your skill cap is measured by lvl*5, so at level 5, the max skill you can have in any skill is 5).

The game can be quite long as well, as the maximum level is 1,000. There are several skills you can learn, including crafting, and gathering skills, which all cap at 5,000. There are many items, and spells to utilize as well, and is sure to keep any person busy. And due to being in a browser, you can play it anywhere.

Have any of you played this game before? If you have, what do you think of it, and did you ever submit an idea? Was it accepted?


Sargoth writes:

No, I have never sent and idea in.  I also do not feel that my input matters much while testing a game either.  I'm alpha/beta testing one game and hate 1 particular mechanic.  I have seen no feedback on the subject for over a month and do believe that it warrants attention.  Ehh either way.

May I suggest that when you go to submit your proposal you do one of those petition things where you can show a list of people that support your idea so you don't seem like just another WoW junkie with a half baked stoner idea. 


Mon Feb 23 2009 7:34PM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

Thanks for your input Sargoth, and I do plan on doing that. This is going to be a project for a few months actually. I'm not going half-assed :p

Mon Feb 23 2009 8:59PM Report
dcostello writes:

visit  It has helped me understand how to put together my game idea, which I intend to eventually pitch.  Read lesson 1, 11, 21 (i think...) and any other lessons that interest you.  This is a professional sight that will help teach you the formalities of pitching an idea(s).

Mon Feb 23 2009 9:00PM Report writes:
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