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Provocative idea's for the mind

Taking seriousness to a whole new level, analyzing current MMORPG's, and idea's for MMORPG's in the most logical ways possible.

Author: TenchiMuyo

Now for a game, that's not so great

Posted by TenchiMuyo Saturday February 21 2009 at 12:12PM
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Well, my last post here didn't seem to go too well, so I'm going to post a blog early. This time, I'm going to talk about a game that's not so great. I couldn't bare to play it for long, but I did so long enough to 'get the jist' of things.

This game, is made by Akklaim/Acclaim. It's called 2Moons. And it is one of the most horrible things I've seen before. The game is rated M for Mature apparently, and I can see why. So I'll start with the beginning.

Character Creation. I knew from looking through the website before playing, that the game was likely to be terrible. So I decided to do the only sensible thing. Play the skimpiest looking girl I could find. Which in this game, is the 'Segita Hunters'. They're basically the ranged + melee hybrid of 2Moons. They wield bows, and they can switch to a dagger-like sword. Their three sets of skills, are based into Archery, Combat, and 'Hunter'. Archery of course focuses on long-distance fighting. Which you can choose to wield a crossbow, which is slower, but more damage, and focuses on strength to wield them, or Archery bows, which are faster, less damage, and focus on Dexterity. Combat is melee, and Hunter are Buffs you get over a Looooong time.

So, I get this Segita Hunter (No male option, only female), and begin to play her. It seems confusing and clumsy at first, to move around. The camera control isn't that great, and there's no way to change how it works. I manage though, and start my first quest, which is to find my classes trainer. I go to her (She's rather skimpily dressed as well, at this point, I don't mind). I go to her, she gives me enough exp to get to half way to level 2, then tells me to go hunt some lvl 1 creatures outside the city. So I go do that. By this time, I'm already bored, and about to turn the game off. The clumsy walking, the camera, and the fact the rendering is only 5 feet distance, and, like the camera, can't be changed, has started to wear on my nerves...

So...I do the only sane thing. Try to see what the death sequence looks like. I see this giant deer like creature, glowing all around it's legs, horns, wings, all that good crazy stuff. It's name is in red, meaning it's a lot stronger than me. I decide, hey, no problem, this will kill me, and I'll be able to see what the death is like. So I start firing my bow, and use my one skill I have. My barely dressed character begins firing the bow she pulls out of thin air, and begins firing upon this strange sin against nature. It of course aggroes, and begins trying to come near me. But it can't. For some reason, my arrows keep knocking it back. I'm not using any special abilities, or special arrows, or anything. Each arrow hit knocks it back  a few feet. And I'm firing so blindly fast, that I'm actually pushing it further away. It takes a few hits, 15 at most, to bring it down. But I'm completely unscathed.

DING! Level 4. I jump from lvl 1, to 4, just from this single creature I shouldn't of really been able to beat. Out of sheer amazement, I decide it must of been a fluke, and decide to keep playing a little, till I find another. These aren't everywhere, but they are certainly not as hard to find as some bosses in some other games I know. I level up my character, as is the fashion in MMORPG's, I dump everything I can into dexterity. I upgrade my one skill a little, and go on with the quest, killing little bugs, which now die in one or two hits. I finally stumble across another sin of nature (Which by the way, drops over 100 'DiL', while the normal bugs I'm fighting, drop 4 DiL, and also drop many potions, and armor/weapons), and begin firing. The same thing happens. Same with the bugs, same with every other mob I meet. My arrows simply knock them back a few feet, they stall a moment, then start coming back at me...and pow, another arrow knocks them back. Now, this game may be rated Mature...but it's CERTAINLY not at the difficulty level for 17 year olds.

But not even to the best part yet. My character has been nude the entire time. No armor at all. Her avatar shows her wearing a skimpy thong, boots, and what can basically be termed as a bikini top. There's some metal on it. But mostly, it looks like cloth. So I decide, on the offchance I actually do get hit by something, I might want some protection. I go to my classes armor maker, and buy a full set of armor, that I can wear at the level I was at. So I put it on...and I notice something strange...




Now, like any sensible, heterosexual male, I like something good to look at...And that's why I chose her, atleast have some nice jiggly rump when I'm running. But when your character looks more naked, when they're clothed, than they were 'naked', there's something wrong there. By the way. The pictures may not be in exactly identical poses, though they are close...but her breasts defy gravity, and float up and down randomly, I wasn't able to control that.


No real question at the end of this blog, just my...thoughts, on this game. If any of you have played 2Moons, feel free to comment. As well, still wanting feedback on my icon :p

Edit: And can someone explain how I can get the pictures to resize themselves, to show correctly? For now, just right click, and select view image.

Sargoth writes:

Ouch, glad you did it and not me.  You do know that according to the female AC guide, she's has tons of armor right? :) 

How do you play with a 2000ms ping?  I would have quit right then.

And if your gonna give some nice pics, why not spin er around a little?  Gravity defying breasts, nice....  Sex sells. 

Sat Feb 21 2009 8:22PM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

Haha, didn't even notice my ping was that high at the moment. I think it lags when you take a screenshot, that's all. The rest of the time I was between 90 and 105.

Sat Feb 21 2009 9:49PM Report writes:
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