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Provocative idea's for the mind

Taking seriousness to a whole new level, analyzing current MMORPG's, and idea's for MMORPG's in the most logical ways possible.

Author: TenchiMuyo

Innovation in recent games, What do you enjoy seeing?

Posted by TenchiMuyo Friday February 13 2009 at 7:51PM
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This one is going to be relatively short; as I haven't had much to say about it, it's more of a way for me to see what other people's idea's are on it.

In the wake of the most recent MMORPG's, we've begun to see some new features added. In World of Warcraft, we saw the arena built, where players could achieve objectives by running to certain places, taking control of things in a king of the hill style mini-game. Rewards are given based on cumulative performance over many many plays. Warhammer Online has 'neutral grounds' with mission objectives, castles, and are rewarded, similar to a mini-game.

MMO's are coming out with new ways, to make themselves different from everyone else. Some are successful. Some, people endure. Some, people hate. Do people really go into the arena for fun; or only to get the points needed for the armor, or weapons given as reward? I remember before I quit WoW, the arena was difficult to get people together for, at lower levels. People didn't care about it, because they knew they wouldn't be able to get the weapons and armor for a very long time. So they waited, and left it for 'another day'.

We've started to see hybrid MMO's, including MMOFPS, MMORTS, MMOTBS, MMOTCG's, and probably a few others I can't think to mention. These hybrid genre's give way to new types of gaming, new genre's that weren't thought of years ago. It's given people chances to merge their favorite genre's into one game. Sure, they're not perfected yet. But they're improving.

What sorts of things have you seen recently in MMO's, that weren't there a few years ago? Does it work well? Is it entertaining? Are they mere features, or things that the game focuses on as a main thing? And what sorts of idea's do you have; that would allow these features to be improved, or do you have something new altogether?

I personally, would love to see 'homes' like in EQII and SWG more often. I enjoyed being able to hang trophies, and decorate my room to look different, and show off my accomplishments. I enjoyed finding new ways to use items, in order to make the room look different, and to have my pets roam around the room. I would love to see multi-level houses too, houses which have a second, or even third floor. Or a balcony you can decorate. It offers a way to realize that even in a world of turmoil, and constant random respawning of monsters, there's a place all your own, and a place to relax, that is peaceful.

Sargoth writes:

I don't see most of it as innovation.  I see it more that the developers are coding ideas that they have had for a long time into games now that were not possible before with the earlier coding languages. 

What we are ending up with it seems are games that are more computer science homework then fully fleshed games.  Of course blame it on the marketing departments that games are released way too early and we end up with games that do one thing but not another since it would take either 10 years for a few people or 5 years for a group of people to incorporate all that we want into a good game.

All these games have been thought of before.  It's simply that the people with money have not thought of them. 

Homes are nice in games but I want to build them where I want.  I don't want to build them in some side plot of a city where the programmers decided. 

Games need to be written with high end computers in mind.  Start utilizing processing power instead of graphics power.  Start requiring more from internet connections and leave the modem people behind.  Only when we have games that challenge our hardware and our minds will we have good games.  Till then we are left with one game that does this, while another game does that and no conglomeration of them all.

Fri Feb 13 2009 10:40PM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

I agree with what you say; we need to have developers focus on encorporating everything we want...but sadly, some people want one thing, while others don't want that. It becomes a real burden, and that's the tough choice marketting and developers face every day. Personally, I think if we utilized console systems more for MMORPG's, in better ways, the MMO world might be changed drastically. Infact, that's going to be tomorrow's blog.

Sat Feb 14 2009 12:54AM Report writes:
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