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Provocative idea's for the mind

Taking seriousness to a whole new level, analyzing current MMORPG's, and idea's for MMORPG's in the most logical ways possible.

Author: TenchiMuyo

Just another one of my idea's.

Posted by TenchiMuyo Tuesday February 10 2009 at 10:39PM
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I've had an idea in the back of my mind for a while now, and looking at this 'Deadly Creatures' game for the Wii, it got me thinking on it again. I was trying one day, to figure out the things that make up current MMORPG's...and what's completely wrong with those things. Today's MMORPG's are just clone after clone after clone of each other...and like scientists theorize with real cloning, each clone is weaker than the last.

I remember my first experience with an MMORPG. I'm sure 99% of all people who have internet, know of it. Runescape. I played that game for years. There were many aspects of it that kept me hooked. The quests, while simple and easy, were new to me. I'd never experienced 'Go grab this item, this item, and that item' before. It was something all new, and it hadn't become tiresome. I completed all the 'Free to play' quests, and had realized the character I built, wasn't that great. He wasn't strong. He wasn't powerful. He was, in all ways of the word, weak. I paid the consequences for my choices. My decisions of what skills to raise...

So I did what everyone else did, I built a mage. All powerful, all knowing, wise mage. And I pwned. It was costly to play, but luckily, my prior character was a miner and crafter. Soon, I was out pvp'ing like never before.

Sometimes, simplicity in an MMORPG, is golden. You are who you are, what you do decides what happens to your character in the long-run. In a way, Runescape is actually more advanced than linear leveling games we have now, like World of Warcraft, and Everquest. If you made poor choices in Runescape, you paid for it. If you make poor choices in pay 2 G or so, to respec.

So it comes down to the idea I spawned a year or two ago. And back to the mention of 'Deadly Creatures'. A game, revolving around the world of an insect. If you think about it, in one single ecosystem, there can be hundreds, or thousands of insects, with tens, or even hundreds of different species. In the Jungles, you can have 10 different types of spiders, ants, beetles, roaches, and many other types of insects one doesn't commonly think of. And what do insects do? They fight, they defend, they live, they die, they gather, they reproduce...It's all things that define an MMORPG...except maybe the reproduce part.

My idea comes together as this...different servers available, with different ecosystems. Swamp, Jungle, Desert, Urban, so on and so forth. Each server having different species to play. Different techniques you can use to battle. Ants, believe it or not, are a form of ranged-attackers. They can basically vomit up stomach acid onto their enemies, to melt them. They also have incredible mandibles, extra-sensory, and come in huge, mass numbers. Spiders, are durable, poisonous, fast, and can set traps like no other animal we know. Some spiders, even dig holes underground, and hide under a rock, till it's victim comes near, then drags it into the dark abyss of the earth.

All insects have defense mechanisms, and offensive tactics to fight with. Why not bring this opportunity to a game? Leveling up may seem like a difficult thing to do, but it's truly not. Carapaces can be shedded, thickened, you can increase in size over levels, becoming stronger, or faster. You can gain experience in your traps, or tactics, and become a better fighter than before. Quests could be given by your 'empire' leader, such as going to collect dirt grains for your nest, or harvesting wood pulp for your hive. Spiders, being more solitary creatures, could start out as a hatchling spider, and work with it's other hundred or so siblings, eventually finding it's own place to make a nest.

It seems like in the idea of fantasy worlds, and macro-universes, we forget to look at the interesting possibilities that the small insect world can accomplish. You wouldn't have to be constrained by 'where do we place this tree, or where can we fit a building' everything, and anything in an insect's world, is simply there, and is accepted. It is utilized, and gathered.

What idea's do you have,, and what might you be able to say, to expand, or speak of my idea?


Edit : Oh, and I hope I get some decent views. I plan to try to write a blog every day for a week, then every other day from then on. I often play a MMORPG for a week or so, then give up after becoming bored with it. I'll try to speak of the ones I play, and give my honest opinions on them.

Quizzical writes:

I guess that's one way to make sense of people and monsters constantly dying without the world ending up depopulated.

Tue Feb 10 2009 11:04PM Report
Teala writes:

Cool ideal.   Keep writing.   I look forward to what you ahve to say.  ^_^

Wed Feb 11 2009 3:00AM Report
ianonmmorpg writes:

Hi TENCHIMUYO, you said reproduce wasn't something that probably didn't fit, but I've been using evolving bloodlines in my paper RPG (and now my developing MMO) for years. And lets face it, insects evolve.

You can have your little guys (big from their perspective) earn 'evolution points' and spend them upon new versions of themselves.

Also you have the question of Social or Solitary insects, and even social have the further question of family-Hive or simply friendly. The repoduction system as well as their abilities should be shaped by these choices.

Wed Feb 11 2009 6:30AM Report
ianonmmorpg writes:

Edit: double negative in first sentance... please read as "reproduce was something that didn't fit!

Wed Feb 11 2009 6:31AM Report
Hathi writes:

What a good idea! You should check out my blog .


Tue Feb 17 2009 2:03PM Report writes:
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