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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Putting My MMORPG Blog and Account On The Line

Posted by Teala Friday December 16 2011 at 10:35PM
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So, let's see...I have been called a liar on these forums, a hater, a bitch, a c***, full of sh...erm...poo, and berated, bad mouthed, belittled, and even sent death threats...over my opinion on games.   So it went with D&DO, Warhammer, AoC, LoTR's, Aion, Rift, and just about any game I have ever written about or commented on here on

SW:ToR is no different.  

With that said, I am going to put my blog and my account on the line tonight.   How you might say will I be doing this?   Simple - read on.

Too many times have I been told I do not know what I am talking about, and that I am full of it, and I don't know anything about MMORPG's, and you know what, let's see if that is true.

As someone that has played these games for many years I am going to put my experience, and knowledge, with this genre to the ultimate test - tonight for the first time ever here on a blogger and frequent user of these very forums will voluntarily be willing to admit they were wrong and delete their account, and no longer participate in this websites community by offering up this proposal.

I will freely delete my account, stop blogging, and never use this websites forums or services again - ever - if, by Dec 20th, 2012 the subscription rate of SW:ToR is, in the North American market, at 3 million, or more subsrcibers.

How did I come up with this number?  Simple I read the dozen or more comments here on these very forums that proclaim this game will have upwards of that many subscriptions or more! 

Wait...don't tell me that is too high of number, because I refuse to cut anyone(especially the zealot fans of this game) any slack on this.  You have constantly attacked me and called me a liar, and every other name and are constantly harrasing me with every and any post I make regarding this game.  So know it is time to either put up or STFU!

Either the game is as good as the fanboi's wish everyone to believe or it isn't.  I say it isn't.  I say the game is not even half as good as Rift even, and that isn't saying much since Rift isn't breaking those subscription numbers everyone was touting and throwing around on these boards awhile back, prior to its launch - anyone recall how the fans were saying that Rift was going to break all gaming records and would have 2 million subs after its first year?

Want me to rub in what you some of you said about Rift, and how well it was going to do? Want me to drag up the old post where some guy posted something I said here on these boards over on the Rift's main boards, where I was constantly attacked, and even threatened with my life, because I had the audacity to say the things I did about that game?   Well guess is your big chance!  This is your chance to shut me up for good.

If, in a years time, this game has 3 million subscribers in the US I'll delete my account here, and quit blogging about MMORPG's here on, and you'll never have to hear, or read anything I ever say about an MMO ever again, on this website.

With that said...if however I am proven right and this game does not have 3 million subscribers as the zealots would like everyone to believe - guess what - sign my blog with a comment below and if your name is on my blog - you have to do what I was going to do - delete your account and never come back to this website again.   Also, before you leave you must come to my blog the day of Dec 20th, 2012, before you delete your account, and say, "I am a douche' fanboy/girl(whatever the case maybe) and I do not deserve the right to make comments on MMORPG's, or make comments on this websites forums, because I am not worthy of even being on the same forums as Kristi, the blogger, and community members of".

What do you say?  You up to the challenge?  Willing to put your account on the line? 

I'll be waiting for all the people who wish to make a comment on this blog and take me up on the challenge.  By the way this offer stands for the next two weeks.  After two weeks it will no longer be valid.

Oh and do not post to this if you do not wish to delete your account, this is only for the fans of this game that are willing to stake their accounts on the line.   You post and I win, you delete your account and never use this website again to make comments on MMORPG's - ever.

I'll be waitng.

TheSkimDotNet writes:

Hmmm, can I be on your side? I think TOR is fail. So, I am going to go with the they are not going to get to 3 million. I doooo love a good contest though. Should be exciting!

Sat Dec 17 2011 10:08AM Report
t0nyd writes:

 I see little good coming out of this. I understand your frustration. Regardless if you are correct or not, it is a single game and what happens between now and dec 2012 will determine if this game has staying power or not and not its curret content. People have proven time and time again that they will pay for garbage games that do and will never actually cater to their style of play.

 In the end, entertainment is subjective. Opinions are opinions and we all believe that our own opinion is the best one. This post is a trolls dream. All you have done is give the trolls a minor victory because you and I both know that they will not delete their account and if they, they will simply create another one where as you have taken the time to develop an identity on mmorpg. A good critics views should polarize the community. Infamy or celebrity, either is better than apathy.

Delete this post to send a big "FU" to the trolls that angered you enough to post this.

(as a side note, sw:tor is an obvious failure. In 2011, the new big innovation in mmo's is spoken word? Are you fucking serious?)

Sat Dec 17 2011 11:14AM Report
Nlite writes:

Hallo Teala, 

                     your blog is probably my favourite column on this site being both very honest and astute and what you said about Skyrim is spot on.

I too am a TOR sceptic, I wish I am going to be proven wrong but I really doubt it. I'm a bioware fan but what I've seen so far seems not particularly original or ground-breaking and will hold out for Guild wars or secret world to deliver something different.

I do believe that it's easier to create a more satisfying single player rpg with better content. But it shouldn't be impossible to make a better MMORPG. I am not prepared to accept any mediocre and banal efforts but I do agree with Isabelle Parsley that the uique element of interacting with other players is what makes MMORPG's special and keeps me hoping for a good one.

Perhaps it's healthier for all those trolls to avoid depending on MMORPG's to validate their existence and have other outlets and perhaps face their own personal demons if that's what they're really escaping from.


Sat Dec 17 2011 2:23PM Report
slickbizzle writes:

That's a sure bet. Warcraft doesn't even have 3 million subscribers in the NA market, and they are the "top dog" so to speak.  I don't see a game taking every single one of their subs AND adding more on top of it.


Why would anyone think they could?  

Sat Dec 17 2011 8:19PM Report
wizyy writes:

I don't think (by the December 2012) they can pull off even 1 million in the global market.

Sat Dec 17 2011 8:56PM Report
lectrocuda writes:

I could care less about SWtOR, but you are awesome Teala.

I just had to say that :)

Sun Dec 18 2011 7:58AM Report
moosecatlol writes:

Clones gonna clone.



"I could care less about SWtOR, but ILOVEPOSTINGFIVETIMESINAROW!"

Sun Dec 18 2011 8:09AM Report
cirdane writes:

Woha, /rage quit is not the answer. I understand your feelings. I just love the flamers who think any idea other than their own must die.

You stand on top of the hill and that makes it easy for others to throw rocks at you, but if it helps I'm one of the other 90% who get somthing from what you write (indeed I was leaning aginst the game and what you wrote confirmed my fears and saved me another dead game in my collection of 30 day wonders. (warhammer, star trek online etc.). by all means if it's time to move on, then move on but don't let the know it alls push you before it's your choice.

In closing let me say thank you for being brave enough to stand up and say what many are thinking,but don't post because of the dimbulbs who are only brave while hiding behind a keyboard.

Sun Dec 18 2011 3:46PM Report
Toxia writes:

You go Teala. Since my time here i've seen your posts and opinions and have thought they were fair and thoughtful. One of my favorite posters for sure.

I've also been witness to the backlashing you've recieved for your opinions recently, and support you in your endeavor.

Two days and no names listed yet. Shame people have the gall to disrespect you in such a way and yet lack the balls to come on down and put their Name on this list. Just goes to show, even on the internet, the cockroaches will run and hide when the light shines on them.

Sun Dec 18 2011 6:34PM Report
toddze writes:

Well there will be 0 subs for SWTOR on dec 20th 2011 :). They will have some on jan 20th 2012

But anyways you shouldnt listen to the fangirls of TOR, they havnt  seriously followed the genre like you and myself have. If they have, like most claim, they would see the trend thats been going  for the last 5-7 years. Its immposible to overlook, It would be like overlooking a mammoth in the room. The trend is that obvious.

The only thing TOR has going for it, is Star Wars name plastered on it. This game is just as predictable as RIFT was, if not more. TOR's end-game is generic at best. Plain and simple its another 90 day'er just like rift and all of rifts predessesors.

Its really sad that this genre has degraded to nothing but 90 day'ers. But untill the mmo community says enough and stops buying into the hype of them, companys will keep making them because they are made cheep enough that by the time the seconds month subs rolls around they have already made their profits.

Sun Dec 18 2011 10:19PM Report
Codenak writes:

Happens with every new game, intense fanboism  leading to irrational attacks, accusations of haterism, lying and whatever else they can attack with. Makes me wonder at the maturity level of people on the interwebs (snort).

Don't let them drive you away however as they tend to count that as a win, there's a nice function called block make use of it on everyone that accuses you unfairly, they are incapable of rational debate and so losing their noise can actually improve the debates. Its amazing how fast that block list can grow on a site thats supposed to be for debates about rpg games and gaming.

I for one would miss your insights, even if i havent always agreed with everything you've said in the past :)

Mon Dec 19 2011 10:45AM Report
Nlite writes:

Hehe I got buried , I think I got too close to the truth when I trolled the trolls, so I deserved my bury. So this time  will try and do better.

Once more I reiterate my support for Teala's honest, astute and entertaining and experienced insights , and most recently about Skyrim and TOR. I am not part of the herd, I'm a wolf and I got my pride (Ben-to!).  I will have the conviction and guts to take a side and fight for my side and also accept critcism but people who are not prepared to discuss on a civilized basis do not get my respect.

I've played decades of MMORPG's from Meridian 59 onwards, I will probably try out TOR for a month but I'm not expecting any true originality or greatly enhanced experience. I enjoy interacting with other members of the MMORPG community -the social factor but if it IS mediocre I will probably not throw good money after bad like I used to. - Planning to play Xenoblade chronicales next.


Mon Dec 19 2011 12:25PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

lol nice way to keep your blog safe :)

unless bioware make something game breaking, so awesome they will keep all this people on, also not considerating all the zones they blocked (lets just hope they are doing this only for pre orders).

anyone who knows the genre knows even though its a star wars game made by bioware, it won't keep people over 6 months hell I doubt they will keep people over a month or 2 after they finish they history quest.


only reason I want to play TOR is i'm a quest whore and most of aion quests i'm done with and I just want to finish the history I started with my jedi knight, after that I doubt I will play much more, even so I took one weekend to get lvl 30, it will be faster then I did hit lvl cap in aion.


and gonna reapeat what some "fans" still ahte me to say, for a MMORPG SW:TOR is a nice single player with a multiplayer feature.

Mon Dec 19 2011 2:50PM Report
Teala writes:

Hey everyone, I really, really do, thank you all for the supportive comments being made on this blog entry.  I didn't know so many of you feel the way you is humbling to think that my little blog was something some of you really liked reading.   That means a lot to me.  Thank you, thank you, from the depths of my means a lot to me.

With that said, I ask...that you refrain from commenting on this entry.  It was meant to draw out those people that for some reason or another have decided that I am their enemy and that I hate MMO's and hate all games and am nothing but a troll know.   I am giving them an opportunity to get what they want.     I'll keep my word.  I am just waiting for one or more of these people to take me up on my challenge.  As of yet, none have posted.   I guess that means they must not think as highly about SW:ToR as they claim.   I mean surely this awesome game will have 3 million subscribers here in the US within a years time...many of them posted it would.   Some even said this game would be the death of WoW.   Not that we have ever heard that before, but the same people that ripped me apart because I said Rift would never see 2 million customers are the same ones doing it again with SW:ToR.   I am willing to stake my blog and account on the line - that is how confident I am that this game will never see 3 million subs by this time next year.   To bad the zealot fans of this game do not have the nerve to stand behind their game and their words.


Mon Dec 19 2011 4:17PM Report
Ares767 writes:

I think your prediction is dead on and sorry to get your hopes up but i see no reason to take you up on the offer since i agree with you whole heartedly and can see that your have been noticing the same problems with mmos recently that i have.  And as i posted on your other thread/blog or w/e..

a little fact of this genre that i found somewhere recently:

mmos recently have been sold at around $50-$60 on release to buy/preorder and within 3-6months it is down about $20, and some even manage to reach $20.  the next half of year to a year it gets even worse, just use your imagination or look up the little tid bit of info/research it yourself.^^

Tue Dec 20 2011 6:02AM Report
Stalkerous writes:

I agree with what you said 100% SW:TOR will not have 3mil subs from USA by Dec 20 2012, EVER.

Look at Rift, they're crying out for subs. They even put the game up for $5 sometimes now, and offer collectors edition upgrade for another $10.

LMAO, SW:TOR will meet the same end, or worse it'll end up like Lineage 2 F2P and AION which will be going F2P in 2012.

Wed Dec 21 2011 1:17AM Report
Yamota writes:

Forget about the idiots Teala, you are a great blogger who always have a well thought out and interesting things to say.

Fanboys are like children, they have a short attention span and will yell and shout for small things but they quickly move along. Dont let them get to you.

Thu Dec 22 2011 8:04AM Report
brnmcc01 writes:

Rift sucks, and SW:ToR looks lame, no need for a wall of text to point out the obvious to us :D

We love you Teala, and no need to delete your account.  (read: Please don't go! :))

Anyways, I doubt you will have any worries, GW2 should be out by that time, and even if SWTOR has anywhere near those numbers, if GW2, and Diablo 3 even live up to half their hype, expect to see SWTOR numbers drop precipitously.

Tue Dec 27 2011 8:58PM Report
wizyy writes:

I wanted to check on my comment from december 2011 where I predicted this game will have to go F2P by december 2012 or be shut down, but it seems it has been deleted. Pity, but I bet I haven't been the only one with the same prediction which is turning out to be so true.

Tue Jun 19 2012 6:37AM Report writes:
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